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Adam Lambert: Booze Before Babes

6/13/2009 2:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Adam Lambert's a smart guy -- despite the fact that he's openly gay, he's still giving the ladies a shot at a steamy make-out session.

Adam Lambert: Click to watch!

Lambert's revelation came at the end of last night's 20/20 interview. For all those ladies wanting to lock lips with their "American Idol" all it takes is a "couple of drinks."


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Yep! I believe that remark about sexy being universal. I am a straight gal, but I like to look at beautiful sexy people both sexes, Brad Pitt and yes Angelina Tomb Rader. I 'knew' Adam was gay before the Rolling Stone issure but i think he is sexy, he turns me on, and it is fine with me whatever his private life is. I think it is interesting to read, but I really don't care, I just want to watch everything he does, sing, interview, breathe, wak , anything. He turns me on, and he is our new rock star, so let's put him on the stage where we can all watch him asap. And , as for being the 'lucky woman', I don't doubt he is bi curious, he is a male and even if he says he is gay, being bi-curious gay is probably as far as we gals got a chance in that department . But, i don't care, Adam is smokin sizzling hot turn-on when he is performing and the lucky guy I am with has said he's gotta thank Adam someday. (I'm lucky too)

1936 days ago


He/She is a wacko!

Gay's suck--literally!

1936 days ago


Gay, straight, bi- I like this guy!
gay or not- he is sexy hot
We are more than our seuality though
Adam shines as a person
so if he is a blazin homo
He is a blazin superstar too
and, get in line
this gay guy is fine
Adam Lambert
Glam Rock Star
Thanks for comin
We have been waitin
A long time for You
You are refreshing
guys and gals love Adam

1936 days ago


Which club, where, the drinks are on me. I want you.

1936 days ago


Hi %@ pfd You are right on. Adam has a high voice, the high female backup singers should be placed with some gusy in the range between tenor/baretone. He needs ot get ome deep bass sound.too. I hated the sound of the AI band. I hated the sound of the backup singers. Adam sounded best with minimal backgroud.
Adad, our gay glam rocker, name your drink and come on by.I am crasy for you.

1936 days ago


I want you, I need you, i love you! But, i can't have you, I know you're gay. So here's the deal, I like you anyway. Your rock my world and my honey Danny boy likes you too, so enough of all your sexuality talk and lets get focused on your CD and music videos. It is what got us interested. It is all we really care about anyway.

1936 days ago


60. Re 18

Exactly right. AIDS is far more common in the heterosexual community than in the homosexual or bisexual community because some idiots still think that it is only a gay man's disease and that straight people don't get it. Posted at 8:34AM on Jun 14th 2009 by Fraggle


It appears you have a difference of opinion with the CDC.

1936 days ago


TMZ staff- same old parasites with nothing new- and always using Adam's name to get readers and viewer's. this is a 20/20 interview from a you tube and TMZ staff using it. How pathetic. I am friggin tired of hearing about Adam's sexuality, get a sex lfe guys so you can stop obsessing. stop repressing and stop supressing and get laid.
As for Adam being gay, again no news. As for Adam being bicurious, so is eveyone. adam is sexy, I don't think that is new news either. He was joking about a lucky woman anyway, but , if not, it's gonna be a long line of gals buying him drinks everywhere he goes. I,m there!

1936 days ago


Adam is gay and he is healthy you jealous sicko bashere. jealousy sickness got you crasy.

1936 days ago


Yeah, tmz dosen't give a dam about libelous comments, they encourage it, lawyers are like that. hey Adam, where do you like to party, the drinks are on me! Everynigt!

1936 days ago


To all the morons that are bitching about TMZ merely talking about Adam's sick sexuality, are probably the same hypocrites that bitch (or celebrate) their plastering of Carrie Prejean up on here every 5 minutes. If it's fair to attack Carrie for giving interviews, then the same is good for Adam. He's the only being the camera whore, believe it or not, even more so than Carrie. So stop being hypocritical douchebags and suck it up. Plus, TMZ isn't even attacking Adam like they are cowardly doing with Carrie, so get over it.

Fyi, "glam rockers" were a fad in the 70's and 80's. It tried to make a comeback in the mid-to late 90's and failed miserably. Someone needs to tell this guy who was the back up, to the back up, of LA's version of Wicked, that he better get a new angle.

1936 days ago


hey number 3. the nazi killers of jews were christians idiot. if it is a gross offensive comment you can be sure it is from a christian danny fan and not a christian Kris fan. There are two different kinds of christians anyway. As for Adam being gay, who cares, and as for his being bi-curious, we all are. And he was only joking about a lucky woman, i think, so lets not get our hopes up cause being dropped by Adam will be unbearable, better not go there in the first place. If I ever see him, I'll buy him a drink though, I'm not stupid.

1936 days ago


Oh lookie, it's beetlejuice making comments -the same loser who trolls every video and article on Adam to say the same damn bullstinky again. Well, fool, we are all interested in Adam and glam rock and we are millions stron aroung the world and it is all about timing and as the rock family says-the timing is NOW for a new glam rock star and they already chose ans are supporting Adam Lambert. Yep! So peddle your bs elsewhere, it dosen't on anyone who has actually keep up with the trends emerging right now.

1936 days ago


Keep the whose gonna be the lucky woman dangling over your head Adam, it is the mystery that is so fascinating. Let then nosy busybodies and the weird suppressed or repressed get their own sex life and stop obsessing about yours. Play the speculation game again regarding whether or not your bicuriosity has been answered. Never answer it, dangle it! Adam Lambert, rock star, that is the focus now

1936 days ago


Saw the interview. I found it very courageous, honest and informative. I got a sense of the deep lonliness and isolation a gay teenager feels. Adam is intelligent and personable. He said he is gay, not bisexual, has only made out with some girls when out partying, and agress to being bicurious. But he did say maybe he would take that further someday and that is always a possibity with any person, not just Adam, so that is a general statement. i don't think we can get our drinks lined up for him and hope for the best. if that happens, it will be part of his sexuality, and ii think he has said enough about it already. We can dream or get on with our own dudes, Gotta keep it real. i do need to see my personal sexy rock god perform though, he is a turn on and got to have a real dude around when that happens. These straight guys probalby owe Adam for some party time he got started.

1936 days ago
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