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Britney Finally Gets a Grip

6/15/2009 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's a wobbly Britney Spears in 2006, nearly dropping her first born child Sean Preston -- and again yesterday, successfully remaining upright and carrying child number two, Jayden James, in London.


What a difference three years and one conservatorship make.


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Harman Kardon    

If Britney Spears no longer existed, would it matter?

1925 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

The courts adjudicated her as being incompetent and still does not allow her to be alone with her own kids for good reason! This does not come from a single incident or two, but from a pattern of dangerous and neglectful behavior! She is probably not doing this on purpose, but it is more likely to be due to her mental incompetence and her lack of higher thinking and impulse control-things she has shown time and time again without let up! The only things that can ensure the safety of these kids are other people in the room! I'm sure this makes her fans furious, but too bad, that's how it is and you know it and if you don't, then you are probably just as messed up and blind as she is! Or worse!

1925 days ago


She's Incompetent for a Good Reason:

We can tell by your rambling, bitter, overly-invested, emotionally intense post that you are really the one who is mentally incompetent.

Upper West Side:

Apparently schools aren't very good in your neighborhood? Or spelling wasn't emphasized? It's psychiatrist.

1925 days ago


My pediatrician said after 6 mos. a child shouldn't be on a pacifier. Why doesn't he just have a Security Blanket???

1924 days ago

Truth Hurts    

shouldn't these kids be walking...the sure like to dance!

1924 days ago


Babies don't need pacifiers...seems it's the parents who do.

1924 days ago


She looks great and her boys are adorable. You can tell how much they love her and how much she loves them. And for the ignorant people asking why the kids aren't walking, would you feel safe letting your babies walk into a crowd of over 100 paps taking pictures of your kids? I don't know how celebrities can even see where they are going with all those flashes. The kids are probably scared of the paps anyways.

1924 days ago


What a turn around. Must have taken some good people, a lot of work & courage to come out of that mess that once was her life. Good for her!!

1924 days ago


And what is so classic about this sort of situation is that all these know it all comments and headlines and misrepresented pictures will have far more potential to psychologically harm the kids than any mistakes loving parents make. These kids will grow up to see these images and realize how random strangers on the internet had so much to say about how terrible their mother was. And if they try to shelter them from it, you all will criticize her for isolating them. You people are sick animals.

1924 days ago


Just wondering why i never see Britney carrying Sean...she is ALWAYS carrying Jayden...IDK, just wondering..any thoughts??

1924 days ago


uuuuummmmm.......why is that old a$$ kid going around with a pacifer in his mouth???? somebody's going to need braces SMH

1924 days ago

ahhhhahhhhahhhBritneyis not a drug addict kfedlied    

ok TMZ what is up with u not posting my comment did not even get a email. GO BRITNEY U LOOK AMAZING ALL U JEALOUS WITCHES EAT S*** u ppl are so bored with ur lives that u have to be dipping all in someone eles kool-aid

1924 days ago


Please take those pacifiers out of that boy's mouth!!!!! And really....they are like 4 yrs old, what is it with Hollywood carrying these grown children? LET THEM WALK.

1924 days ago

Saylor Roman    

TMZ,,,GET A LIFE.....I'm sure there are thousands of people out there that have accidently trip with their child in their arms. Leave her alone. She looks great, sounds great, is taking great care of herself and children. WHY DON'T YOU TRY SAYING SOMETHING NICE ABOUT HER FOR ONCE. OR ANYONE FOR THAT MATTER. It's funny, I have NEVER seen one article from you about WHITNEY HOUSTON....It makes my skin crawl to think about what her daughter has been subjected to.........................LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE....................................

1924 days ago

for now    

The reason she doesn't carry Preston as much as she used to
is because he's getting older and heavier.
All parents do not suddenly stop carrying their kids once the kids reach age one.
Get a life,losers.

1924 days ago
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