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Pageant to Carrie: Your Court Is Ready!

6/16/2009 6:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie PrejeanCarrie Prejean has threatened to sue the Miss California USA folks for defamation, we've learned. But we just obtained a letter the pageant's lawyer fired off to Carrie's lawyer, threatening to sue her for her "churlish insolent misbehavior."

The long letter details the alleged misdeeds which led to Carrie getting das boot. For starters, the pageant's lawyer says Carrie is full of it when she stated publicly she didn't ink a book deal. The letter also says Carrie had wrongfully turned down 39 pageant appearances since May 12.

And the letter claims Carrie defamed pageant honcho Keith Lewis when she said he "pressured her to appear in Playboy." Lewis says he merely passed on the offer, which he never advocated she take.

The letter says Carrie was fired because of her "intolerable misbehavior," citing "hostile communications from Carrie."

carrie prejeanThe letter threatens this: "If Carrie Prejean wants to assert in public that she was courteous, cooperative or professional in her conduct as Miss California USA, the history of her churlish insolent misbehavior can be presented."

The lawyer goes on to demand that Carrie stop making defamatory remarks and recant the ones she already made ... or else.


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To Ann,

Bush went to Harvard as well. Hell, thousands upon thousands of people have attended Harvard Law school. Obama has never even praticed law. So what's your point exactly?

1953 days ago



Cardboard is exactly right. I'm really not sure what your comment about the UN has to do with anything, but a simple Google search provides you with plenty of articles about Obama's request to Bush for the stimulus. Here's just one article from very Liberal ABC.

1953 days ago


"I got news for you, this is a gossip website not a political website."

A "gossip website" that has taken as clear stance against gay marriage opponents. Therefore, they are fair game to be ridiculed for being ignorant, uninformed, hypocritical, intolerant a$$holes. Harvey and TMZ have become very political over the past year. If you can't take the heat, then don't be an idiot and take sides on something so controversial.

"I keep up with politics every day and am aware that Obama and even McCain agreed to the first stimulus but noone forced Bush's hand into signing it.....I'm just sayin"

Yo JT,

Voice of Reason just bitched slapped your ass with some reality. You said above that there's no way Bush would sign a stimulus package to Obama's request. Its there for all to see. You were busted in a LIE and made a fool of. Now sit down, shut up, and own it!!!

1953 days ago


Hmmm....yeeeeeeeah JT. Repeating the same lies after I schooled you doesn't exactly erase the fact that you were exposed as a clueless puppet that just repeats bs that you probably heard on CNN or from some 18 year old MTV vj. Grow up and educate yourself.

If you got the balls to respond to my post that destroyed your moronic ramblings that you felt fit to copy and paste again, I'm all ears. But I'll understand if you continue to ignore the beatdown that I gave you. If I were as dense as you, I probably would have done the same thing. So no hard feelings :)

1953 days ago


To Voice of Reason,

If you could stop frothing at the mouth in the name of conservative politics, you'd realize my initial post was to bait people like you. I asked a friend of mine if he thought you would get it but he said people like you never do. I've read your post to friends, conservative and liberal, and they all thought your reply was hilarious. Thanks, I loved "accepting" your answer.

1953 days ago


Voice of Reason,

Chill out. I was addressing something Cardboard put in a post. Read the posts. A little combative aren't we?

1953 days ago


Dumb skank. Where's malaria when you need it?

1953 days ago


Keith Lewis is as good as done if Prejean sues his intolerant, hateful ass. The moron changes his story by the day, in a court of law, where you have no TMZ propaganda bs to back you up, he'd be toast!!

1953 days ago


Wow Clipboard and Voice of Reason you really schooled me, I took this off the attachment on your post, "President-elect Barack Obama asked President Bush today to request the release of the second $350 billion in federal bailout funds so he would have "ammunition" if the country's fragile economy weakened further. " That really proves my original statement wrong when I said that Bush signed the first stimulus.

I can't even believe I'm debating politics on TMZ.

1953 days ago



I agree with alot of your views including that TMZ is not the forum to be discussing politics reasonably. These people want to resort to insults and name calling. I guess it's easier.

1952 days ago



Your pathetic backtracking is comical. Here are your own words in response to being told that Bush signed the first stimulus at the urgency of Obama's REQUEST.

"Your clearly blinded by your own agenda IF YOU REALLY BELIEVE BUSH who went to war against the UN's wishes (and most everyone elses) WOULD GLADLY SIGN A STIMULUS AT OBAMA'S REQUEST..."

So, through your sentence fragments and all, you implied with your OWN words, that there's no way Bush would do that at Obama's request. You were provided with a link that proved that he did, therefore, proving that you either lied or just didn't know.

Judging from how clueless you have been with all your other posts, I'll just assume its the latter.

1952 days ago


Cardboard, You are an idiot. Clinton left bushy with a surplus and bushy left Obama with a $482 billion deficit

Bush borrowed money to pay for the war - mostly from China to the tune of 10 Billion dollars every month. Also, Bush never included costs of Iraq War in the Budget, fool. Instead - he requested "supplemental" funding from congress, funding that was not included in his budget.

Let's not forget it was Don Rumsfeld who proclaimed as bushy's DOD head, "This war will last 6 days, maybe six weeks, I doubt six months.

It is you, apparently, who is living under a rock these past few years.

1952 days ago


She would have to be foolish to sue because it's going to be difficult to prove that she was fired for her comments when she breached her contract which is a valid reason to fire her.

She needs to let it go and move on.

1951 days ago



I get that you have tunnel vision but if you open your eyes a little wider and read the clip sent to me, or even the part of it I pasted on my last post you'll see that no where does it state that Bush signed the first bail out at Obama's request nor do I believe Bush would have done that solely on O's request. The attachment sent to me stated that O requested release of a second $350 billion in bail out funds. Your point was not proven and I can't help you see what's going on around you if you don't look past what Limbaugh is feeding you. Bottom line is Bush put through the first bail out and Bush spent more than every president before him combined with the excuse that it's okay during times of war.

Pay attention or don't debate.

1949 days ago


I've known Carrie Prejean for like 10 years, she was a crazy jesus freak in middle school and she still is. I tell you this girl had more WWJD bracelets and headbands than you'll ever see in ur life. The only things that changed are huge fake teeth and boobs, oh and her sister and mother Franny are just as bad as she is. Nick Babeaux- Seattle

1947 days ago
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