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Woman Suing Miley

Has Eyes for Justin

6/16/2009 4:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman suing Miley Cyrus for the racially charged photo below is now blaming someone else for Miley's bad behavior -- her former boyfriend Justin Gaston.

Miley Cyrus
Lucie Kim now claims Justin should have put the kibosh on the pic because he was an adult.

According to the amended lawsuit, Miley's parents gave Justin authority to "supervise, manage, guard, and oversee [Miley's] conduct while in [his] presence."

Now here's where the plot thickens. Even though Kim believes Justin was responsible, she didn't add him as a defendant to the $4 billion lawsuit. We're guessing it's because the only 4 billion Justin knows is the burgers he'll be selling at McDonald's.


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Michael Madsen    

30 minutes after you get sued by asian people... you wanna get sued again...

1953 days ago


umm....thank god someone else if offended by miley cyrus. how ignorant ....maybe you should try opening your eyes instead of proving how close minded you really are. and way to take a picture proving it! i hope Kim wipes out your entire trust fund!

1953 days ago

Michael Madsen    

30 minutes after you get sued by Asians ... you wanna get sued again.

1953 days ago


first !!!

1953 days ago

Michael Madsen    

Chinese law suits are delivered right to your door

1953 days ago

Michael Madsen    

Every Chinese law suit comes with fortune cookies and chopsticks

1953 days ago


Where I understand that what these people did was not correct, to use your time and money to sue is very sad -
Take this time and go volunteer for sick children, or something like that.
Methinks this woman just wants her name in the paper.
Once again, what Miley and these folks did was wrong, making fun of others and mocking them.
But let's face it. Miley's been mocked a hundred times worth that.

1953 days ago


No wonder this Country and State are going down in flames. The insane lawyers have finally taken charge of the asylum and allowed this to go to court. What happened to common sense? What happened to being better than the person that insulted you and not responding? I guess in the Era of Lawyer Prez half white Obama, His Lawyer Wife, His Lawyer Chief of Staff (Immanuwel) and his Lawyer Bro Holder the lawyers are rulling and all we can do is try and hold onto your wallets. Everyone should realize Law School teaches you to LIE, and once your a profficient liar you get your Lie(Lawyer) Degree. And we all know that America bought Obama and Mz. Obama lawyer lies that are killing this Country. Lets throw these liars out of DC, Sacramento, anfd this case to the garbage heap of socialist history

1953 days ago

Psyclon Nyne    

lool Dumb b!tch needs to go away ... and take that other dumb ho Miley with you too.

1953 days ago


I'm Asian and I'm still waiting for my cut.

1953 days ago


TMZ, at least give a mention to Miley's leaked bj photo. That thing is a huge it'd be a shame for you not to cover it.

1953 days ago

Michael Madsen    

Chinese lawyers get a fortune cookie for every motion they introduce.

1953 days ago


The asian guy is that photo is opening his eyes wide like us white folk. How racist. I'm phoning my lawyer and cracking open a 8 million law suit on his ass.

1953 days ago


The lawsuit is ridiculous and will hopefully be tossed out, as having no merit. People have been doing this for the longest....making the slanted eye face, sticking out their tongues, etc., all in innocent fun, for the camera. People really need to remove the coat hanger from their a$$ and stop being so dam!ed stuffy all the time. Seems to me, this Lucie Kim person is looking to make some money, rather than say....oh I dunno....getting a JOB! LOSER!!!

1953 days ago


are they serious?? this is still going on. she must be that greedy for money. they need to leave miley alone. pick on the only rich kid in the picture. what about the others? this is crazy. If this indeed does go to court. she won't win but if it's an asian judge. well maybe she might. haha but this is just ridiculous.

1953 days ago
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