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'NJ Housewives' are Table Flippin' Ridiculous

6/17/2009 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's a bunch of backstory here, but chances are if you've never seen an episode of the "Real Housewives of New Jersey," you won't care anyway. Just enjoy this nuclear dinner freakout, courtesy of Teresa and Danielle.

Real Housewives fight: Click to watch
On last night's ridiculous season finale, dishes flew, one called the other a "prostitute whore" and a table was nearly tossed over.

P.S. -- Did we mention some of the ladies' kids were around? "Real" classy.


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PLEASE EVERYONE STOP WATCHING THESE STUPID "REALITY" SHOWS! Hopefully if enough people quit watching these stupid shows they will disappear!!!!!!!!

Have NEVER watched this show and I'm glad to say that I never will. These ladies showed exactly what is wrong in our society. People acting like they are something special when they seriously lack common sense, class and moral character.

1954 days ago


I was so bored with all the repetition on this show. If the producers did not have enough to fill the six weeks,then they should not have taken this on. Last night finale was the worst. Three fourths of it was again repeats and the ending was over in about four minutes. Such a waste. I'll take the New York and Orange county any day.Much more story line and really interesting people. Better luck next time

1954 days ago


I think it was great. I loved the season finale. I though teresa should have kicked danielles ass. I LOVE this show and hope they come back for another season.... This was the best housewives yet:)

1954 days ago


LOVE, LOVE,LOVE IT! Can't wait for next season!!!

1954 days ago


Trashy mobsters.

1954 days ago


forgetabout it! this show is the best!!! !! jersery people are so....well stereotypical!!!!!!!!!!
keep it gangsta! love it!!

1954 days ago


New Jersey trash.

1954 days ago


Ah, come on people!!!
The show is pure entertainment!!
I have found it to be one of the better ones.
Can't relate to O.C. or Atlanta, but NY and NJ.....
Bada bing!!!

1954 days ago


Eh, I was hoping for more.

But Teresa really let go and I think it was hot! Who DIDN'T feel like making a ruckus with that Danielle whipping out the book at a dinner party? How tacky, classless, confirming her "previous life". The way she manipulates her own daughters is also disgusting, but thank god they're getting old enough to roll their eyes at her BS.

Joe was looking at her "bubbies" the whole time he was holding her back, too.. heeeheeee! Gotta love'em!

1954 days ago


It's so funny to read all you comments on here.

I really wonder what you guys would do if you had nothing to say about other people... Hm, let's see, prolly take care of your own frigging business? Sounds like a good idea to me...

But I'm just sayin'...

1954 days ago


1. I can't stand Danielle and it was totally classless to use a dinner party that someone invited you to, to air dirty laundry.
2. Teresa really thinks she's classy - so deluded. Can she find anymore crap to stuff into her tacky home?
3. Besides the fact that Caroline thinks she's Tony Soprano, there is no reason in the world that she would need to dig into someone's past - someone who she has said she wants nothing to do with - and show that book around town and the beauty salon. It's 20 years old. Danielle is a slut. So what? Does this news actually hurt ANYONE other than Danielle's children - which it so obviously did?! "Taking the high road"/showing some class would have been ignoring Danielle. She and Dina act like high school girls who have to belittle others to make themselves feel better.
4. Jackie and her husband Chris are the only ones with anything approaching class. Jackie doesn't approve of Danielle's past and only spoke up when C&D persisted in lying - she was absolutely correct to do so AND see how quick they turned on her, because they don't like her cause she didn't "grow up with them." Then her very level headed husband said his peace without raising his voice or needlessly offending anyone; but enforced his wife's stance and what he views as right.

That Bravo didn't pull the kids out of that room is awful. Danielle's ex has ample proof to pull those kids from her custody.

1954 days ago

Debbie Grassano    

It just goes to show you that money can buy lots of things...but it cant buy class. These women are a huge embarrasment to the state of NJ. Monkeys are a better class of creature than these mud slingers. Our state of NJ already has a bad reputation as being the armpit of the we have faces to go with that reputation. Its sad that these women have nothing better to do with thier lives than hurt each other and brag about it. NJ housewives should be cancelled. So far the only houswives show that has any merit is the women of the OC. They are career women with families, all be it disfunctional at times, they are still more classy than the women of the East Coast.

1954 days ago


Stereotypes don't just arise out of thin air... They exist for a reason. And this show proves why the New Jersey stereotype exists, even though it's an (obvious) exaggeration of many of the cultural/societal norms that exist there. I'm sorry for all you folks who can't just watch this and enjoy it for what it is: pure, unadulterated, over-the-top, voyeuristic trash TV at its finest. To all the New Jersey "housewives," thanks for a great season, and I hope you come back again. To all the haters commenting about how this show represents the downfall of our society, first of all, try watching the whole season next time...rather than judging it just by one outrageous clip. All of these women are more complex than you're giving them credit for. And just loosen up.

1954 days ago


how do such insignificant classless whores get on a TV show? Who do they think they are? Why do people keep making up these "reality" TV shows about talentless wastes of air? Anyone who has been on, or tried out for, or sent in an "application" for a reality TV show, should be shot.

1954 days ago


That bimbo dat flipped da table, man was she wasted on SOMA / VALIUM for she talked like a sluring street ho. Maybe the Dr. who did her BooBie job sent her home wit a bottle full.
I think that this crew had nothing to talk about the whole season, and saved the show with this book dat was written with one of them in it. Media whore's.


1954 days ago
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