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'NJ Housewives' are Table Flippin' Ridiculous

6/17/2009 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's a bunch of backstory here, but chances are if you've never seen an episode of the "Real Housewives of New Jersey," you won't care anyway. Just enjoy this nuclear dinner freakout, courtesy of Teresa and Danielle.

Real Housewives fight: Click to watch
On last night's ridiculous season finale, dishes flew, one called the other a "prostitute whore" and a table was nearly tossed over.

P.S. -- Did we mention some of the ladies' kids were around? "Real" classy.


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I loved th NJ girls...Caroline is a true sister and Dina has so much class...real cool and beautiful...Teresa and her family are wonderful...a real loving bunch..Now Danielle...she was a loser from the beginning with that boyfriend who went over for BJ she had nothing to offer..where is her job or maybe going to a school for some trade...nothing to offer just bad manners....

1953 days ago


i love it

1953 days ago


I am absolutly amazed at how people criticize Kate Gosselin for the way she raises her kids which I think is bautiful with how she makes their lives so special,
Her kids arent being subjected to mommy complaining about her sore vajayjay and hearing how their mom gives trailer trash men BJs , Last nights show should be reported to childrens protective services.
Bravo should have made sure the children were not present for this episode. To have the children there while the adults are screaming the f word was too much! and throwing filthy insults around.
Somebody needs to look into this....that was unacceptable!!!!

1953 days ago


I was wondering if it was just me but someone else noticed that Teresa little darlin the one with the so called modeling career is butt ugly. Troll doll yes, model no.

1953 days ago


To the poster who said that "they don't know any woman who acts like this in jersey". That's SO ridiculous! YES they do act like this-and everywhere else. The only difference is...US Jersey Girls do it 100 times better!! Danielle and Jacqueline are POS's!! Theresa, Dina, and Caroline are the BEST!! Love love love these three girls. As for the kids, if you were paying attention to the show, Theresa REQUESTED that her girls be taken outside. Danielle, the dumba**, did not mind that her daughters listen in on this. So if anyone messed up--Danielle DID. She should have not came with that book in hand. She was an invited guest NOT the hostess.

1953 days ago


Come on guys... how do you think the book was really brought out to the open? The show had to bring the book out otherwise the show had nothing. Danielle probably had to bring the book to the dinner so there was drama. Everything is edited to pull in viewers and it worked, I watched. The only one that has any class on that show is Jacqueline. She knew the truth and it finally came out regardless if she was snitching on her sister-in-laws. She did the right thing. I only hope the "family" doesn't hold it against her.

1953 days ago


Danielle is a SHIM! WTF? I bet "her" real name is Danny. I couldn't believe the episode where she practically begged her date for sex at a restaurant...TRASH! Caroline does not think she is Tony Soprano people. Did you watch the whole season? She is cool and laid back and the only one with a little class, and she is NOT the fat one. Jacqueline is! Don't make comments if you don't watch it.

1953 days ago


I have never watched a single epi of this series until the Jersey show and it is such a fantastically guilty pleasure! Just to be clear. Most of the mothers specifically asked that their kids be allowed to leave the room before this all went down. Daniel didn't want to stop her tirade for the kids to leave, but the other mothers insisted. Daniel specifically asked her kids to stay and a couple of the older, teenage kids stayed. The little ones left. This Daniel person is so uncouth. She pretended that bygones were bygones and all that and then whips put the book and sets it on the table like it was nothing. She was invited as an olive branch and she essentially shoved it down the hostesses throat. Those of you who have seen it know the backstory and understand why Teresa was so upset. I am not saying I would have acted like that, but she had plenty of reason to be upset and her children were not in the room.

1953 days ago


100. Kate gets paid big bucks to make her kids' lives so special. The outings are paid for. I'll bet any supplies for parties, etc. are paid for. If Kate didn't have *ussy, guys would throw rocks at her.

1953 days ago


105. Got to agree with you there. The little girl Gabriella, is ten times cuter than the other two.

1953 days ago


Obviously all the drama is for TV veiwings and ratings. Reality shows are more like FAUX-ality. Anyway. At first I was like, Oh no, why did Danielle bring the book?? but looking back, she knew this was the last taping and since they humiliated her in the first place on national TV by bringing up "the book", she needed to defend herself on national TV as well. None of us would know anything about this book unless Dina and Caroline hadn't dug around for it in the first place. They brought "the book" into the show, now Danielle should be able to put closure on "the book" on TV as well. Like Danielle said, this was something that happened 25 years ago, before they even knew her, before she had her children and lived in Franklin Hts. Everyone has things they may not be proud of in the past. It's obvious Dina is jealous Danielle. Not sure why, she is pretty herself. Anyway, if Dina likes to dish it out, then she should be able to take it too and not rely on her big sister to defend and cover for her. Danielle handled herself very well, given the situation. I think it is a joke that Theresa had her kids leave the room, yet in the begining she had no problem talking about her husband wanting sex all the time and her new boobs in fron of her children. Italian Americans need to stop using the "I'm Italian Card" for an excuse for their behavior ( as Theresa did for her temper), because native Italians think Italians in America are nothing like true italians from the country, And for Caroline to say to Jacqueline that she was "hurting her parents". Give me break, they should be proud of Jacueline and her being honost and proud of what their son, Chris said at the end. I think the parents will be embarrassed about their daughters behavior on national TV and allowing their family name to be exposed like this on national TV

1953 days ago


From the beginning of the show Danielle has been the topic of conversation. Behind her back Caroline and Dina have waged a campaign of nastyness. Then went out of their way to dig up dirt on Danielle. How did they connect her to the book which has been out of print for a long time. There are no copies of the book available that I know of. Dina is two-faced and Caroline acts like a long shoreman. Ms Tough-Caroline needs to learn some manners. They might have big gaudy homes and money but low class still the same.

1953 days ago

ninja koala    

OMG I want my Real Housewives of Orange County back!!! I love you! NJ and Atlanta were like.. not as good, NY was ok but OC come on.. the best, This is seriously the only reality show I like.. well other than Project Runway, which I also miss. Yeah IDK what the thing with "The Family" was, and I don't care...

1953 days ago

sugar shack    

her little girls look like apes......

1952 days ago


I love the real housewives franchise. but most of all, I love Danielle

1952 days ago
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