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What's Better Than One 9/11 Hero Dog?

6/17/2009 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Four 9/11 hero dogs!!!

Trakr 911 dog

Trakr, a K9 police and search and rescue dog who was credited with locating the last human survivor of 9/11, was recently cloned as part of BioArts' Golden Clone Giveaway. Trakr's owners are being presented today with four perfect (and not at all creepy) clones of Trakr, who sadly passed away in April.

Curious how it was done? To clone Trakr, Dr. Hwang Woo-suk and his team replaced the genes in canine eggs with genes from Trakr, stimulated the eggs to spur them to develop into embryos, then transferred the embryos to dogs who served as surrogate mothers.

Mother Nature would be proud.


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Michael Madsen    

not sure what to say on this dogs and the K-9 was a marvel... but.. I dunno

1962 days ago


Dudes that is so cool!

1962 days ago


As long as they don't clone Heidi and Spencer,

1962 days ago


Those dogs have some badass looking eyes. I want one.

1962 days ago


awww thats cute

1962 days ago


Really too bad an animal in such a "spotlight" and "positive" position would be used in conjunction with cloning. Sooo many unwanted/euthanized dogs in the world and cloning them just shouldn't be something so encouraged-whatever the justification. Sad.

1962 days ago


There are thousands of dogs with the SAME abilities that this dog has that are in our animal shelters right now! This cloning is just a sleazy breeder trying to cash in on the 9/11 diaster with a sleazy stunt.

1962 days ago


Clone the hot policeman!

1962 days ago


they should give one to the survivor Trakr located.

1962 days ago


How sweet.....
Now they should start on cloning the 3,000+ lives lost on 9/11:
Including the Pentagon and Flight 93.

1962 days ago

Linda Mott    

I don't know about this either. Most dogs have loyal, brave and heroic natures. My niece held a charity for Salvation Army after 911 and we had guest hero 911 dogs attend. They had wonderful natures and many had been badly hurt but kept trying to save lives. I think we humans or excuses for humans should look at the dogs for some character building examples and try to emulate them.

1962 days ago


why not clone a long as you bring him up as the same hero..something to think about

1961 days ago


This sounds like the beginning of a Stephen King novel. These dogs will grow up to be terrorists themselves.

1961 days ago


My heart is swollen to the point of bursting. No Doubt now! What is this about Adam Lambert "Gives the Boy a Hand. Not sure I wanna read that post....ugggg! No record exec will ever shake his hand now. Just killed his career.

1961 days ago

mellon bruse N    

TO clone or not to clone?.I had a family once whom were all built from leftover parts which they cloned.I was told at the office on the mothership that I would never be cloned because of some fluk in my DNA in which I can never be on the planet zepstar or I would discomboobulate Oh well so much for cloneing I think there is some danger there as if one gets some disorder all will get the same other words if we were all clones we could be wiped out by one little germ or virual MUTATIONS progress the genes cloneing regresses the genes thus builds a non fuctional DNA.Cloned corn and hybreeds need all kinds of sprays to keep them in high yields and can bleed into non cloned corns which can wipe out healthy breeds which regresses the genes even more.You can`t go home anymore and you can`t go back to the past or you will die just as those died.

1961 days ago
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