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What's Better Than One 9/11 Hero Dog?

6/17/2009 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Four 9/11 hero dogs!!!

Trakr 911 dog

Trakr, a K9 police and search and rescue dog who was credited with locating the last human survivor of 9/11, was recently cloned as part of BioArts' Golden Clone Giveaway. Trakr's owners are being presented today with four perfect (and not at all creepy) clones of Trakr, who sadly passed away in April.

Curious how it was done? To clone Trakr, Dr. Hwang Woo-suk and his team replaced the genes in canine eggs with genes from Trakr, stimulated the eggs to spur them to develop into embryos, then transferred the embryos to dogs who served as surrogate mothers.

Mother Nature would be proud.


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Trakr. Sounds like a Palin kid but they all look a whole hell of a lot cuter.

1953 days ago


LOVE the puppies! Don't think I like the cloning though? Anyway.... am a proud owner of 3 wonderful German shepherds that were rescued from certain death at the shelters. Please people - save a dog's life - don't buy from a pet store that uses "puppy mills" to produce dogs. Treat your dogs like a family member!

1953 days ago


Stenny are you retarded you can`t take a dog from a shelter and turn it into a police K9 dog. These dogs need to be trained from birth lol.

1953 days ago


That is one fine looking cop...Drool!! Oooo, and the puppies are cute too. Wouldn't mind a super size poster of that guy on my wall:)

1953 days ago


STOP CLONING!!! Bad idea folks..... They are cute, big frigging are my shoes.

1953 days ago


The how is creepy but they are so cute.

1953 days ago


you people bitching about them cloning dogs when there are plenty in shelters are retarded and will never get it so i'm not going to even try to explain it to you except for this...right now we are only cloning animals and not people, would you be happier if dodo birds were being cloned?

1953 days ago


Lara-it does not matter. We should not be taking things that die for whatever reason and remake them to suit our own selfish needs........

Yes, let's get the dodo bird back instead if we are gonna try to play "God".

1953 days ago


Can we clone that hottie that is handling Trakr? ...I'm just saying

1953 days ago


Those are some cute puppies! I understand why someone would want to clone their beloved dog. I have a fantastic doberman. I love her very much, and know that someday, she won't be here to cuddle with me on the couch, or greet me when I come home. If I have the money to clone her when the time comes, creepy or not, I would totally do it. The strides that modern science is making is just crazy. Let's hope that one day, they can do even more amazing things like cure cancer.

1953 days ago


22. Trakr. Sounds like a Palin kid but they all look a whole hell of a lot cuter.

Posted at 8:31AM on Jun 17th 2009 by Kay
lmfao!!! hahahahahaha...

differently speaking, when will humans ever learn? omg... in about 50 years they'll clone Brangelina, and no one would think different... End Times swiftly approach us.....

1953 days ago

doctorate student in developmental bio    

you can clone something, but remember the nature-nurture aspect of development? you can be genetically the same. but it's that 'something else' that cannot be replicated. for example, if spencer pratt were cloned, he'd LOOK like the ahole that he is now, but maybe the clone would grow up to actually be smart.

and to the lady who wants to clone her dog - you do understand that when you clone something, it's just genetically the same, right? cause when you raise the clone as a puppy it's 99.7% possible that it's not going to be EXACTLY how your dog was. if you love your dog based on it's looks, you'd be happy. but for your dog's mannerisms, expect differences. a lot of them too.

that's one fine man, btw.

1953 days ago


Can I clone Cristiano Ronaldo???.... ;-]

1953 days ago


I can't believe how heated people get over EVERY LITTLE THING. Yes, adopting pets that have no home is a great idea. However, is it always the best idea to adopt an adult dog, whose history you may be unsure of, and bring said dog home to your family? Nope, not always. I myself just adopted a kitten, and he is great. I am lucky that he is such a nice boy. If people want to clone their pets, let them do it. If you want to go out and drink coffee at Starbucks, be my guest. Can't some of you think of better ways to spend your day? It's a feel good piece of news. It's not like TMZ said, people are outside eating babies. You are free to make your own choice, let other people have the same freedom.

1953 days ago


That's nice, but damn that cop is HOT! If I clone him, can I keep him!!!!! Damn.

1953 days ago
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