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More Car Trouble for Nick Hogan

6/18/2009 2:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Hogan's car broke down in Beverly Hills yesterday ... before he could put anyone else in a permanent vegetative state.


The 19-year-old ex-con -- with big sis Brooke waiting patiently at his side -- got the vehicle up and running by adding some engine coolant.
nick hogan brook hogan
Too bad everything isn't that easy.


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Just Me    

He should have never EVER been allowed to drive again. That guy that he almost killed is in a vegitative state FOREVER! His punishment should be FOREVER!

1952 days ago


To #55...Your right...We have all done something stupid...BUT...The big difference is that we did not try to capitalize on it or say/do the other despicable things this nitwit and his family has about the poor guy that is now a vegetable...Google the name and do some reading then tell me you still defend him...

1952 days ago


The fact that he is back out on the streets legally allowed to operate a motor vehicle so soon after destroying the life of another, is a DISGUSTING miscarriage of justice.

He doesn't even have enough sense to *look* sorry. The Hogan's are white trash. Period.

1952 days ago

Linda B    

I thought this little bastard lost his license for three years, what did Daddy do pull some strings? Too bad his money won't bring John back to the way he was, and it appears life goes on for this trash family, if they did not have money, they would simply be pure D white trash! Ya got mama banging a 20 year old BOY and without lifts and makeup Linda would look her age instead of trying to look as young as Brooke which I think makes her look pathetic and I watched an episode of Brooke's show and she was bragging on to some friend of hers all about CHARLEY and she calls Brooke and it does not go the way Linda planned, I kinda feel sorry for Brooke, her mother is a cradle snatcher and then you have Dad who, i swear calls her several times a day, he has to meet all her dates and this woman is 20 year old!! He has to know to the minute what she is doing, even asked her gay roomie how gay is he which I would to be a pretty ignorant question, but I think the Hulk has been hit too many times in the head and he too is dating a younger version of Linda.

1952 days ago


I thought he was ONLY supposed to drive "for work purposes". Isn't that the condition placed on the return of his license?

1952 days ago

Lippy Loo    

This chump should never, ever be allowed to own, or much less drive a vehicle. He should be spending his time at the hospital taking care of the dude he screwed up. Hogans are such loosers, fake bleach blonde, stupid, and totally worthless.

1952 days ago


This Guy Is THE BIGGEST PIECE OF HUMAN/ANIMAL CRAP on the face of this planet. The Main reason to have safe sex.

1952 days ago


Why do you still take pictures of these douchebags? NOBODY CARES!!!!!!!

1952 days ago


No offense to the Baldwin Brothers, but doesn't he look like one of them? I don't know which one, but he could play one of them in a movie.

1952 days ago

What the Hell?    

Everytime this young man is shown -a picture of his friend in a vegatative state should be shown next to him-instead of the crumpled car!
I wish he would do something more productive with his life!-and move on!

1952 days ago

Phil Layshio    

Thats not coolant, its oil. Great journalism....

1952 days ago


Have fun and don't be 2ooo contrite.... and your judge is your best friend HAHAHAHAHAHA live with your self.Hogan Zero...

1952 days ago


Why is he even allowed behind the wheel of a car? He should get atleast have a 5 year suspended license

1952 days ago


Gosh. I hope he wasn't late to class or his job.

1952 days ago


I think what bothers people at this point is not so much that he is a spoiled reckless thoughtless punk who ruined a man's life - but rather, how he has failed to show an ounce of remorse, or even demonstrate that he is aware that he screwed up so hugely. Instead, he runs off to Cali, so he can drive and try to become famous. As far as the restrictions on his license go, I am sure he has a number of "appointments" all over the place for "celebrity" b.s. So, if stopped or questioned, he can just say - "Yeah man, it's work - related, I have to meet J-Boi for a collaboration meeting." Obviously, Hulk is still bankrolling this turd, and the only reason he is hooking up any of these appointments is because some people are hopeful that his daddy will bankroll their operation - i.e. they are hoping to use Nick like the tool that he is.

Anyway, even his skank no-talent wannabe sister looks embarrassed to be caught hanging with him.

1952 days ago
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