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Jon Minus Kate Plus Wedding Ring

6/19/2009 7:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fresh from looking at apartments at Trump Place in NYC, Jon Gosselin was spotted outside his Pennsylvania home on Friday ... wearing his wedding ring.


Think he'll still have it on after that big announcement on Monday's "Jon & Kate plus 8"?!


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Linda Mott    

I heard that HE is filing for divorce, very soon. I guess it is all about the money if they do it at the right time on reality tv.
Bill Oreilly will have something on The Factor tonight about her doing some heavy spanking on the children. I think they both need to be re-programed and I don't mean to another network.

1917 days ago


There next to say it was all fake, Thanks for watching and paying us Millions.

1917 days ago


Grow up Jon!

1917 days ago


If they split up and honestly I dont blame him for wanting to get the hell away from that bitch of a wife, but how in hell would he be able to afford child support on all those kids.

1917 days ago

polly purebred    

An announcement that will "give every member of this family some peace". Could it be they've finally decided to do the right thing and put us all out of our misery? Let's see what kind of person Kate really is.

If they're announcing their divorce/seperation, WTF cares?

1917 days ago


I like how TMZ can dig on anyone but say one anti-TMZ or Levin comment and it gets blocked

1917 days ago


so what about the one about you want Jon and Kate to break up so you can have him Harvey? blocked.....

1917 days ago


way to prove me wrong Levin! you swift bastard go ahead and past the other ones you blocked.....douche.

1917 days ago


leftie pinko?

1917 days ago


Jon is geigh, totally gay. Seriously, gaydar is going off like crazy, why did I never see this before?? Kate may be a bitch, but she is his beard.

1917 days ago


So you feel you are the news??? But anything 'anti-you' is blocked. what country are you in?????

1917 days ago


The sure sign that Kate is boinking her bodyguard is her change in appearance from mom to 21 year old hussy. Also, she can't stand anything about her husband no matter what he says or does. I know someone that did the exact thing when she had an affair and left her husband. I hope they get a divorce for the sake of them all. I pray they can make life good for their children (staying together for them isn't good, personal experience). Stop the show and nurture and love their children and do the best they can to help them all grow up to be good human beings

1917 days ago


have sone balls Levin....let me post it!

1917 days ago


I still think this is all for ratings and reactions. How could he even consider living in Trump Towes? I thought he didn't want to be recognized or followed by the paps.....their is something fishy about entire story. These are two adults behaving like teenagers....dressing, motorcycles (hogs!) pierced ear, smoking dope in view of the paps. Entertaining on the front lawm with his female friends, her and bodyguard at the beach. Spanking in view of the paps...instead of taking her inside and doing it privately. Nope these two have lost common sense along this milky way they have chosen to go on. Hopefully they will quit show and take time off to save marriage and consentrate on the children's interest without doing things for camera. Give the kids a chance of a normal life for awhile.

1917 days ago


They said that Harvey Levin is a conduit to celebrity news and gossip but when it comes to personal attack he has a bunch of minimum wage goons protecting him. It is so true.

1917 days ago
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