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OMG! Nick & Miley

Are Totally Together!

6/19/2009 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

And the only reason we know for sure is because Joe Jonas opened his mouth and blurted it out on national TV.

Jonas Brothers: Click to watch
The evangelical Christian dandy boy banders were on "Larry King Live" last night when Joe spilled the beans that it's game on for Nick and Miley Cyrus -- ironically blowing it moments before talking about the importance of keeping their relationships "private."

That noise you hear is the sound of tweenage girls sharpening their Hello Kitty pocket knives.


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Umm r u all tards? even their ppl know they have no talent, PR ppl, when you have that on your side, marketing until the sweat comes out and pimples pop on their make money...all about who you know, when you know them and how to play Brody Jenner cheated again, shocking! lol

1922 days ago

Corey Feldman is the king of douche Bags!    

Joe Jonas gave me Genital Warts...

1922 days ago


Enough with these douchebags! The Jonas bros are all gay(not that there is anything wrong with that) they were spotted in the closet with Clay Aiken and Lance Bass and Miley Cyrus talks like a deaf person.

1922 days ago

800 Pound Gorilla    

Miley is sweet and innocent and talented and beautiful.

Baby Gorilla

1922 days ago

who gives a shit    

Can't stand Miley and since Disney still owns all of them it's just for publicity!!!

1922 days ago

Bill Cosby    

What's with these kids always wearing Don Johnson blazers?

1922 days ago


"14. how can everybody saw that miley is a slut or anything, you are talking about a 16 year old girl! it is not like you are talking about a 30 year old, u are ruining her confidence! she is a great person and so is nick! dont bag on people cus they are stars, they have friends too they are noral people! i love miley and nick and joe and kevin ! they are great! y do u care if she is dating someone? get a life, or if u do say something then u shoul say u r happy for them because they are learning about relationships growing up! and dont EVER call the jonas brothers "dandy boys", just because they are going to b kind to girls, doesnt mean they are gay or weird, they are my role models(Joe, nick,kevin, and miey cyrus! if ur son or daughter was 16 or 19 or 21 and having sex then u would have A PROBLEM WITH THAT! i bet if the jonas brothers didnt have purity rings and was sleeping around with people then u would have a problem with that! so shut up and stop dissing miley,joe,nick,kevin, and any other disney star!

Posted at 5:00PM on Jun 19th 2009 by vik"

Please proof read before you post. And how is someone ruining her confidence?? Do you really think any celebrity reads what people write on a faceless message board? Get a F'n Life people

1922 days ago

Joshua Hughes    

Wow it's true Miley is becoming really skanky. She is trying to grow uo way way way to fast and she needs to enjoy youth. Her songs are even about things she is not old enough to understand at all. She will wind up prego and the Jonas brothers will break up. Then thousands of fans will be sad...but IDK y i mean, EW!

1922 days ago


If that horse faced, supposed girl got her teeth taken out she's probably give better gummers. Teen guys like that. & hilarious and true to that comment that said she talks like a deaf person. Very true, even when she sings.

1922 days ago


im glad they're back together.people need to quit be jealous just because shes back with nick.okay

1917 days ago


I think Joe was just kidding. I mean he isn't that dumb.

1917 days ago

Harry Potter    

love love love Miley! love love love Nick! && i love love love the fact that they are together!&& another thing SO WHAT if miley is sexually active && anyone who really believes the jones brothers arent are really stupid!!!! Miley is 17 years old she can have sex with nick if she wants too! She aint too much of a whore or she would be pregnant at the age of 16 iike Jaymie Lynn Spears.

1916 days ago


she is a bad lil girl so much she is a bitch and she back with nick jonas wow she is a big HOLLYWOOD slut!

1864 days ago


its not like im jealous of miley it is just that she is always with another guy. and she left justin just cuz she wanted to go out with nick. and its just not right that she uses one guy and goes to another. she is a HUGE slut and probably went out with all 3 brothers by now. i think she needs to get a life.

1863 days ago
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