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Lindsay and Ryan Deserve a Second Chance

6/20/2009 12:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So we know exactly why Ryan Seacrest and Lindsay Lohan have been hanging out together -- it all has to do with second chances.

Our sources say Ryan wants Lindsay to do a show he's producing with this premise -- a million bucks will be doled out to people who are on the wrong track and are looking for a second chance.

There will be a panel which decides who gets the dough. Contestants will tell their sob stories. No, Lindsay won't be a contestant -- she's on the panel. Sounds kinda like "Queen for a Day."

Ryan Seacrest is one smart dude ...


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#18 You hit the nail on the head. Hollyweird is a lost cause.

1894 days ago


I've known Lindsay for a while and I just wanted to say that I hope Ryan helps her, and gives her a chance, she really is a very talented actress who has been growing up, so many people say such mean things about her, I;m sure it makes her feel bad. She's accomplished alot, she's going to be 23 in a couple of weeks, give her a break, she's really a great girl.

1894 days ago


Who cares!?! Lohan is just a Hollywood LOSER!! She's had more chances than anyone deserves in her shoes! This program will definately be cancelled early!! Another garbage show!!

1894 days ago


I am so sick of Ryan he is a back stabbing a hole. Look what he did to Teri Hatcher, he will use anyone to get what he wants.

1894 days ago


Ryan has no talent, if it were not for American Idol he would still be a nobody DJ, go away Mr. Seacrest.

1894 days ago

Golf Clubs    

This girl is always in the news these days. I saw a story on her going to her DJ friends house and waiting outside to be let in late at night. She was with her security guard and looked like she was smashed.

1894 days ago


ryan seacrest is the king of reality tv in hollywood now.. forget the Apprentice and MARK BURNETT, forget, AMERICAN IDOL and simon cowell et all from the uk, this guy is coming up from the left field and stealing their THUNDER slowly but surely..KENDRA was a smash hit with ratings going thru the roof, he owns all the E REALITY SHOWS .. this guy cant lose .. unfortunately , lindsey lohan isnt in the postion to turn this type of gig down as thats the only type of work she is going to get nowadays untill she cleans up her cant imagine ANN HATHAWAY taking this type of job can you ?. Personally i think lohan is a much more talented actress but hathaway is professional , humble and is very careful in the quality of work she takes on..its paying off for her.. this is what happens when you mess up your chances you end up with kim kardashian as your label mate..

1894 days ago


Why give decision power to a person who has not made a good decision in years (lots of blown chances for her). She won't be the right judge to decide who gets a 2nd chance. Ryan is so stupid for considering her (she is a bad example, everything she is involved with gets messed up, she is a loser drug addict just like other casts Ryand has hired on shows). This goes to show that Hollywood is full of idiots.

1894 days ago


I liked lindsay. I used to think she was talented and had a lot going for her until her drug crazy days, her fling with samantha, that seems to be all shes famous for now and its sad. Of course her mother ruined her career. If lindsay wants to get back in hollywood, she needs to kick her demons, drugs , and stay away from her mother and father. I see her sister going down this road if she don't get help. God forbid her sister will be like jamie lynn and have a baby by 18. lindays mother and father really didn't help her out any. Look at drew barrymore. She was into drugs at 9! because her mom would bring her to parties and be more of a friend to her. But she got sober by 21. Once drew kinda kicked her out of her life, her career took off....... She got the help she needed before it was too late. so its not late for lindsay however, going on a reality show is just desperate. Nobody should go on those things unless they have no career to begin with.

1894 days ago

BY . the number one Britney hater out there    

Hey he is still as gay as a money can be hey Ryan come out of closet it's 2009 and we all know that your gay and that you like guys so what are you what for be man come forward were ever you are . Be like adam who is gay and is your boyfreind.

1894 days ago


Slacker, loser Lohan once again in the top stories here! Why ? She is NOT interesting, but here she is at the top of your news.

1894 days ago

for now    

Beautiful,talented lovely Lindsay!
No wonder losers are jealous of her.

1894 days ago

Linda Mott    

On Queen for a Day, Jack gave away a washer and dryer or a vacation trip. We sure have come a long way with the prizes. Just make sure they save some of the prize money for taxes. (AS THE FELLOW THAT WON THE CAR ON PRICE IS RIGHT KNOWS)

1894 days ago


Did anyone actually believe that Ryan was dating Lindsay, a woman?? TMZ is very selective. They are so busy "outing" everybody else, but Ryan seems to be hands off. Why, Harvey??? You having a special friendship with him?

1894 days ago


Will someone PLEASE give Ryan a life preserver...he is still drowning in denial!!!

1894 days ago
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