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Top Cops in SJP Case - Did Haggling Do them In?

6/20/2009 8:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: 2:56 ET: Chief Carpenter now says he jumped to conclusions -- when he was told he was dealing with a tabloid, he assumed it was the National Enquirer. Carpenter now says, "I'm not exactly sure. If the National Enquirer didn't have anything to do with this, then I publicly apologize."

Law enforcement sources tell us the two Ohio police chiefs under investigation in the Sarah Jessica Parker caper became targets after they allegedly demanded too much money for stolen pictures.

Here's what we're being told. Martins Ferry Police Chief Barry Carpenter allegedly went to the home of the surrogate who is carrying SJP's baby. We're told cops believe the chief knocked at her door and when no one answered he allegedly broke in. Our sources say once inside the chief took 15 pictures and may have tried retrieving voice mail messages left by Parker.

That's when the alleged plot really got dirty. Our sources say Carpenter and neighboring police chief Chad Dojack had concocted a plan to sell the stuff to a tabloid for $15,000. Law enforcement tells us the deal went south when the chiefs allegedly had a change of heart and doubled the demand to $30,000. The tabloid balked and the plan fell apart -- allegedly.

Now get this. The sources say the tabloid blew the whistle on the police chiefs. We're told Ohio investigators seized Carpenter's cell phone and captured the 15 pictures taken inside the surrogate's house.

Carpenter initially said the tabloid he dealt with was the National Enquirer and that he was just messing with them. The Enquirer tells us they were not involved in the caper in any way, shape or form.

Both Carpenter and Dojak are under investigation. Carpenter has denied any wrongdoing. We haven't heard anything from Dojak.


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I guess truth is stranger than fiction!

1954 days ago

Corey Feldman is the king of douche Bags!    

I have to now poop

1954 days ago

I am    

I guess Cheif Dumber and Cheif Dumberass will soon have to account for their ridiculous and criminal actions. Lets see B&E, trespassing, theft, conspiracy and I guess you could throw in a few other charges for good measure. Wonder if there will be any JUSTICE meted out to these good old boys...or if things will just continue on for the theif cheifs?

1954 days ago

to little    

Damn that's a few years in prison for me or you, but do you honestly think a Police chief is going to end up doing anytime in prison. He will lose his job maybe and get a smack on the hand, what a shame.

1954 days ago


I am very close to the area this happened (used to live in Martins Ferry) and I am not surprised at all! The cops around here are let say are very corruptible! They are very inadequately trained to do actual cop work! If someone breaks in your house they are not equipped to even take fingerprints! Scoring any big money around the area would be hard for anyone to pass up. I doubt they were even contacted by a tabloid just thought they would attempt to hit it big! It is a real shame though, but not surprising the cops her jump out of high school into a cop car!

1954 days ago


That is so pathetic. SJP is always completely classy and poised and it's a shame that people (police chiefs, no less) would stoop to such hideous levels to make money off something as wonderful as SJP's surrogacy. It's disgusting and I feel bad for SJP, the surrogate and everyone innocently involved.

1954 days ago


Sarah Jessica Parker is stupid @ss Whore,,,,,nothing else to say................except for the only reason mathew bones her is because she looks like a man, and he likes that because He's a Big F@ggot............

1954 days ago


This is why people in the public eye tend to keep their pregnency a secret for as long as poss. I have to agree with most other comments that they will not do any jail time but you ar I would go bye-bye for a long time. It's sad that they felt the need to abuse their power and athority in that way.

1954 days ago


Hay Biff I think it's you that is the a*s pirate.

1954 days ago


These cops should be put in jail, plus, I think sodomy would do them good. :D

1954 days ago


Nothing worse then seeing cops go bad except when they are chiefs, now that is just plain pathetic! These two geniuses need to spend some time with bubba in the shower!

1954 days ago


f*ck the police...


1954 days ago


As a business person and long time resident of Martins Ferry, this whole thing is a major embarassment. If these two are guilty, they have disgraced not only their communitiies, but their profession. Police officers have a tough enough job, usually dealing with the worst among us. Many times, instead of respect, they get abuse. Opportunists like these fellows cast a shadow on the entire profession. Martins Ferry is a friendly community that has it's problems, but by and large is still a nice place to raise a family. Most of us find this entire episode as revolting as you all do.

1954 days ago


how messed up is that? from the police, no less. absolutely disgusting. these guys should go to jail, although i agree that they probably wont.
makes me wonder what other kinds of crooked activity they have taken part in over the years. how many other schemes that the public doesnt know about. scary.

1954 days ago


These guys will have a fun time in jail.

1954 days ago
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