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Jon & Kate Plus

the Worst Kept Secret

6/22/2009 10:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So it happened. Jon & Kate Gosselin announced their separation on tonight's show. Nothing will EVER be the same.

Jon is moving out and so on and so forth.

So we gotta ask...


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They both keep hiding behind their kids. If they truely wated what was best for their kids, he would have kept his pants zipped up. Actually, hes a wuss, so maybe they are better off. Kate has to be the strong one, no one else is. Im not watching them anymore. I heard they earn like 75 K an episode. In a 40 esodoes year, that adds up to A LOT of money that WE are giving them to raise their offspring. Stop watching,

1948 days ago


Not only are they separating, but divor papers were filed today. ('re slow on the "news". announced it earlier today, long before tonight's show).

Divorce is seldom a "happy" occasion, but it seems in this situation, it was a long time coming. I was disgusted how Kate played up the victim card throughout tonight's show, saying that this is not what she wanted, not something she is happy about, etc. But she is at least 50% responsible for the dissolution of her marriage (marriage being an equal partnership, for those who think it's all just fun and games). What else did she expect? She berated, belittled, insulted, assaulted, and ostracized her husband for a long time. He's had enough, and now here they are. He finally found his voice and feels it is better for him to walk away, than to stay with the neurotic witch. Who can blame him?

I feel worst for the kids. Not only do they get to stay with Kate (who in my opinion, is the lesser of the two parents), but they've been exploited for some time now, and according to Kate, the show must go on..which means more exploitation of the children. Guess selling her kids out is easier than getting a real job.

1948 days ago

Team Anniston    

I think its really sad. So what if she was a little bossy.....big deal. He seems like a total jerk. He's tired of being married, plain and simple....he seems all about himself. Like he said "what's best for him and his kids" if he truly was thinking about his kids, he would be trying to make his marriage work and quit running around with other women....he will be sorry one day, most part time dad's are.

1948 days ago


He is MISERABLE. You can see it all over his face. She is sad..only because she can longer control him and treat him like one of her kids. She was horrible to him and she is now paying for it. Her kids will now suffer because she is a controlling bitch. And the really sad of her twin daughters already acts just like her.

1948 days ago


# 2...Well said...I coudn't of said it better myself.
I'd like to add to your comment. Honestly, this is the best thing for this family, especially the kids. I'm not an advocate for divorce, but they obviously will not teach the kids honesty and love by staying married. Jon is a better, more laid back father when he's by himself. He lets the kids get dirty, messy and let's them be kids. You can tell he's truly the happiest parenting the kids by himself.
I too, am no fan of kate. I never have been. From the start, she was bitchy, mean and degrading. Even her children. If this show even continues, all she'll do is complain and moan how she has to do it all. That's a bunch of BS. she relys on many many helpers, so she can go and do her "job" pimping herself out.
I hope these two grow up. Jon, quit rebelling. You look like an idiot.
Kate, quit pimping yourself out to the paps...we know how good you look...we've seen the freebies you get on the shows.
TLC, do us all a favor...put this one to bed.

1948 days ago


Pathetic, how dare you Insult the Troops, the Greatest Military in the world, you are Flaacid. Both of you GO AWAY, and STOP whoring your children! Yea, it was sad to watch two so-called adults get off on their own celebrity, and this is a Major news item,and just where is Kooky Kate's family, why don't they ahve anything to say about this? Idiots of a feather...

1948 days ago


I never want to see anyone divorce, BUT I don't blame Jon a bit for the split. Kate is a negative, bossy, nasty, self-centered woman. The best thing that could happen is for Jon to get full custody of the kids.

1948 days ago


gotta say Kate wasn't SOO upset that she forgot to show off those new boobs on the show tonight. Playing the martyr doesn't suit her so well, the hateful (true) part of her kept rearing its' ugly head.

1948 days ago


I feel so bad for the whole family people just need to back off

1948 days ago


Jon, the earrings are really pathetic. Getting earrings at your age shouts MIDLIFE CRISIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1948 days ago


How ANYONE that can say this is Jon's fault is beyond me. Did you watch the season finale last year? He did NOT wan to do the show anymore. He wanted to focus on the family away from the camera. But she just had to do it. It is sad regardless but she brought this ALL on herself. And even in the interview she says she has no clue why he is angry. Really? Are you crazy? And the big difference is that she calls the kids "my" kids and Jon called them "our" kids. That says it all.

1948 days ago

Anne Marie    

Well, I am sure that Kate will want custody of the kids so she can have a new TV reality called : Poor Single Mom Raising 8 Kids All By Herself. Greedy B****

1948 days ago


Divorce is a horrible thing. HOWEVER, watching Kate Gosselin ACT like she is the victim was nauseating. She is forgetting that because she has chosen to chronicle her life on tv, we have all seen the real Kate. The bitchy nasty emasculating person that she is. Not this quiet meek person who just doesn't have a clue how this could have happened. Obviously, when they planned their free vacation to Hawaii they were having problems, but she knew what was most important - the MONEY.

1948 days ago


All TLC cares about is ratings. If they really cared they would pull that show off the air. They must get joy watching peoples lives fall apart.

1948 days ago


I don't give a rat's @ss about these two people. I just feel for their 8 kids. I guess they will have to pimp their family out even longer to pay for their Mc Mansion, Jon's single guy pad, and all the future child support payments that are in this family's future. You can say what you want about the Duggar's, at least they love each other and will be there for their kids.

1948 days ago
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