Jon and Kate Divorce Docs -- Not for Your Eyes

6/23/2009 1:00 PM PDT

Jon and Kate Divorce Docs -- Not for Your Eyes

Every single aspect of Jon and Kate Gosselin's lives is on display for anyone with the two C's -- curiosity and cable -- but don't expect to feast your beady eyes on their divorce docs ... they're sealed.

The docs, which were filed in Montgomery County, PA, are under lock and key -- safely hidden away from the media hype that has fueled the show's massive ratings.

We're told all the court clerks were personally called by the head of the department, and told under no circumstances are the papers to be released -- and if they were, it means BIG trouble.

If you notice our screen grab from the court's website, the docs weren't scanned in for public viewing (circled).

What we do know: Kate filed the papers and the filing cost her $282.50.