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Jon and Kate Divorce Docs -- Not for Your Eyes

6/23/2009 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Every single aspect of Jon and Kate Gosselin's lives is on display for anyone with the two C's -- curiosity and cable -- but don't expect to feast your beady eyes on their divorce docs ... they're sealed.

Jon and Kate Gosselin divorce papers

The docs, which were filed in Montgomery County, PA, are under lock and key -- safely hidden away from the media hype that has fueled the show's massive ratings.

We're told all the court clerks were personally called by the head of the department, and told under no circumstances are the papers to be released -- and if they were, it means BIG trouble.

If you notice our screen grab from the court's website, the docs weren't scanned in for public viewing (circled).

What we do know: Kate filed the papers and the filing cost her $282.50.


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who has the facts? ME    

TLC just announced that because of the problems in the marriage and the production schedule, JON AND KATE PLUS 8 is "going on an unscheduled hiatus and production has been halted." YEAH!!! The cameras are out of the kids faces!!

1917 days ago

josie jones    

Pull the plug--Jon is a disgrace with his swollen look and diamond earrings- What dad of 8 would move to a one bedroom apt in NYC? Also, he said his next chapter is "exciting." I am an educational specialist and Jon has the vocab of a middle schooler-- I do not like Kate but Jon must have been difficult to deal--He is showing his true colors now and what a jerk who could not wait until the divorce to run around to bars, and "fly" on the 4 wheeler-
Pull the Plug--If TLC pays for anymore of Jon's fun trips, getaways or apartments, then, everyone needs to protest and protest the Trump building where he will live- What a disgrace that could have been ok w/o going off the tracks

1917 days ago


and what's with all these freebie episodes??
the chopper people gift them motorcycles? is there not someonw else more deserving out there? perhaps a biker who turned his life around and helps at risk kids?
the playhouse people? is there not some make a wish children that would be delighted with one crooked house instead of a village of them?
the cake doosh duff? is there not a culinary student that has given up a lot to go to school?
the idiotic emeril? is there not thousands of soup kitchens??
should be called jon and kate get free stuff for whoring out their 8 kids

1917 days ago


Looks like jon wants to be single now. I guess thats why poor kate has been fixing herself more trying to boost her confidence after being dumped by that jerk.
Earings in both ears...gag me!
When I heard him say on one episode that the kids were like being pecked to death by a duck I knew he was not happy with them. So now the bastard is leaving it all to her. .....he should be hung by his wevos...

1917 days ago

give me a break    

I don't understand the "BIG ANNOUCEMENT" OH yeah for ratings..that's right.. give me a break!! I think they both gave up on their marriage and it is easier to put blame on the other. Seems to me that the SHOW is the only thing that Kate wants as she is quoted at saying that she can not afford to raise her kids unless the show goes on! and last night to say "The show MUST go on!" why? so that you can keep up with the lifestyle that America created for you? get off TV and start taking care of your kids.

Now that all the kids are in school, what can they possible tape Jon and Kate running around spending their money on jewelry, spa trips, catered lunches...MAKES ME SICK! They both need to go back to work and take care of your kids like everyone else in the world.

can't wait for the plug to be pulled on this one as they are no longer "Jon & Kate Plus 8" good luck explaining all this to your kids when they get older!

1917 days ago


Jon needs to be tested for brains...he can't seem to complete a decent sentence.

Jon's life is falling apart and he acts like he has no brain cells left. He doesn't know anything. He doesn't know what will happen. He has no idea what he will be doing and on and on and on. Sickening excuse for a human being let alone a "father" of 8 kids. Society must shun Jon AND Kate AND TLC.

TLC - Too Little Caring

8 kids are messed up...just wait and see. History of child actors are all around. TLC doesn't deserve sponsors to be party to the demise of the Gosselins. If you support TLC's Jon & Kate Pluss 8, you are a part of this child abuse.

TLC's cameras should stop witht he Gosselins FOREVER. Jon and Kate have $8,000,000.00 that they've banked. That's enough!!!!! Pennsylvania will pay for the childrens college, so there you have it.

No more TLC Jon & Kate Specials, No more TLC Jon & Kate Updates, NOTHING.....EVER !!!!

1917 days ago


Jon is going through his mid-life crisis 20 years early. He got married at 22, father at 24. Most guys that age are still hitting keggers and sowing wild oats. It's obvious he feels he missed that immature stage and wants to relive it with a younger girlfriend, new car, new motorcycle, new home and pierced ears. I don't put all the blame on him. Kate said some very hurtful things. She overstepped quite a bit so I can see how he's "excited" to start a new chapter in the book. My thoughts and prayers are for the kids and hope that they will all come to have peace and understanding in the near future. God bless!

1917 days ago



1917 days ago


I think there are a lot of people who misunderstand Kate. Sure, people get cheated on and divorced every day, but think of how YOU would handle it if you were going through all that with 8 kids and being in the limelight. She knew what she was in for when she signed up for the show....meaning she knew she was going to be in the spotlight eventually. She knew that the paparazzi would be following her one day. Maybe she waited for it, but can you blame her?? Who wouldn't want that kind of money rolling in to secure the future of 8 children?? Who wouldn't want to buy the best of the best for their children, and get some Loboutain shoes in the process?? NONE of you can say you wouldn't do the same if you were in their shoes. Yes, Jon was wrong for forgetting what environment he now lived in, and flaunting the fact that he was hanging out with younger women (but WHO'S to say he was in fact cheating?? None of us are walking in his shoes.) Either way, I think a lot of you need to stop with the drama and the negative comments left and right....put yourselves in either of their shoes for a while, then make your comments. Not one of us knows how we'd react if we were thrust into this situation in front of millions....and not one of us knows if it had been one of us in their shoes, the same outcome would have played out. Now let's let this family regroup, let the parents go their separate ways while remaining united only in raising their children, and let's let them be....just be viewers, not haters.

1917 days ago


WHO are these people that they deserve this sort of attention. If having a litter entitles you to fame and fortune we have become a sorry society. Make no bones about it. These freaks will continue to seek the limelight so the paycheck keeps rolling in. Could we now discuss more important issues -- like what's happening under our noses in this country??

1917 days ago


why do the taxpayers of PA have to pay for thier kids college??????
specially if they have 8 million! c'mon now . . . . i don't think the taxpayers should have to pay these kids way when their parents are capable of paying for it, someone needs to look into that, wouldn't it be called welfare FRAUD?
some of them taxpayers in PA can't afford to send their only child to college none the less pay for J&K's litter

1917 days ago


two very very very SELFISH adults!!! and a good argument against multiple births.....

1917 days ago


@ 27 I respect your opinion, but I must add that regardless to what their jobs were previously a Nurse, and an IT Tech can not possibly afford the needs of 8 children. I don't think their intentions were to hurt their kids, the fame, benefits, and money consumed what would probably be normal thinking people. Kate appears to have some type of underlying motive, and that's probably collecting as much money as possible, and smiling all the way to the bank.

Children are a Blessing regardless and it hurts me to see these chikdren have to witness the turmoil that they are going through. Yes, they did receive more perks that the average child, and that is no fault of their own. Now is the time for them to live normal lives away from the cameras, and resume the responsibility of being children.

Through all of this the love from both parents are apparent. It is healthier for them to live apart than to see Mommy treating Daddy as if he was one of her offspring instead of her HUSBAND, nor should they have to see Daddy hanging out as if he was a college student without a house full of kids at home.

I hope Kate does not loose her sanity dealing with the kids on a regular basis alone, that Jon does not just walk away from the kids, and we don't see these kids years from now on some type of Blog "Do you remember us" as living dysfunctional lives because they were traumatized by this entire ordeal.

I also pray that TLC releases this family from whatever contract they have, offer some intense counseling for all parties, and move onto someone else that may truly benefit from this type of adventure.

1917 days ago


Hey I sent u that hahahaha :) I gave u that link !

1917 days ago


Lee Lee and Tessa, please relax. Everyone is harping on the fact that they get freebies. What about the section 8 people and the lazy good for nothings that choose not to work and milk the government for every dime they can? It happens all of the time.

In this case however, two working people at the time chose to have all six of the children that were gifted through invitro-fertilizatiion. The media including regular public came a callin' and they took the offers. I don't know anyone who would not have. At first it was sooooo very cute in the publics eye, all of these adorable new babies, two parents .... here the public said, here are freebies and we'd love you to do a show or two etc., now all of a sudden their being beat up on. I said it once and I'll say it again, I am sad that the hype of it all has ruined their marriage.

Jon and Kate fell in love and they were the same people them taht they are now, just richer so they both new what they were dealing with.

I thought and still do think the show is awsome and yes the kids (in my opinion) are very well taken care of. Face it, if there was any abuse so to speak, TLC would have pulled the plug a while back so don't pretend "not" to be interested when all of us on this forum clearly are/was and probably still are. As for LeeLee or Tessa, whichever one said that I was not in the household and I don't know what happened and had marbles rolling around in my head, news flash, neither of you were there either. Don't get irate because I for one don't agree w/you. Say what you want, opinions are just like butt cracks, everyone has one .... !!!!!!

1917 days ago
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