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Chris Brown Back to Making Beats

6/24/2009 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A day after copping a plea in his assault case against ex-girlfriend Rihanna, Chris Brown was spotted texting his way into a recording studio in Hollywood on Tuesday.


In between community service, probation and domestic violence counseling, the 20-year-old felon is gonna try and squeeze out some more hits.


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all u haters are racists including's funny that all these haters now want him to perform a tribute to MJ at the BET awards :-D

1912 days ago


u guys are so dumb did u ever think that rihanna hit him first but no one ever showed his pictures...point blank they are both wrong and they are trying to move on from a terrible situation. if we can forgive r.kelly michael jackson and other ppl jus get over it he is good at wht he does.

1912 days ago


first of all he did say sorry second that watch he got its called a g-shock...very expensive you cant buy it ...dont get mad cause he look better than you and is making more duckets than you.l.i wish robyn and chris all the best..

1911 days ago


look aaaat his cute sexy self.....
he textin me duh bit yall didnt know dhat

1911 days ago


hold on one minute!
ANYBODY who is saying negative things about chris on this site or any site is wrong!!
yes,he may have made mistakes in the past..but remember everybody makes mistakes and im sure every single human being has made even worse mistakes than hitting a woman/man!

HELLO....people have murderd,raped etc before on this earth and all those haters are getting carried away over a couple of bruises ad i busted nose..

please all you negitive people are proberly fans of rhiannas and love her to bitz..

and yes i love and always will lve chris brown no matter what!

BUILD A BRIDGE AND GET OVER IT....because rhianna certinaly has!

F****n ejits!

1910 days ago


wow.. look at ya'll making fun of his clothes and i bet you can't even afford not even the hat.. can you say haters... wowowww.. lol :D

1909 days ago


how come he's not th next Tommy Lee or Sean Penn or Alec Baldwin. i dont live to condemn others, for th only difference between us an any celebs is that all they do is broadcast to th public. What if all u done was put out there for th whole world to see and judge. Keep ya head up Breezy, i'm buying 3 copys when Graffiti drops big baby.

1909 days ago

Dennis kibor    

Chris is right coz he is living a "celebrity life" so he is innocent!

1909 days ago


I am sooo sick of people talking about how Chris is guilty and he didnt say he was sorry. Guess what that man is human and we all make mistakes.. I dont hear anyone talking about all the time that fish eyed broad put her hands on him.. NO it does not make it right, it makes him human. Im not bashin her , i lov her music too, but Damn you all are the reason he wll never live it down. Also who in the hell does Jay-Z ugly ass think he is? Chris Brown is the only entertainer out now that can immitate MJ to the fullest. He is also his biggest fan. He had EVERY right to attend the BETawards and perform... Chris it's OK , NO STORM LAST FOREVER... !!!!

LOVE .....SoSick

1908 days ago

effing really tho?    

Really? So, he pleads guilty and is trying to move on...LET HIM MOVE ON! Yall should too...

All these fools on here commenting negativly about his career, his clothes, etc. probably never were into CB anyways. Get a LIFE. He has one, let him live it.

1908 days ago

Yvonne (England)    

JIGGA JAY Z should leave Chris brown alone. Chris Brown can do a better act for Michael Jackson. I see a bit of some jealousy here. Chris Brown is a good guy and he has a talent.

1905 days ago


I don't even know why Rihanna would still want to date him after all that.She is really dumb and fake.I really hope they never are allowed to see each other again because I don't ever want to hear about this again.They made a terrible couple and I think she will never know what's good for her if she doesn't move on. I care. Rihanna is an untalented hack.Prove me wrong but I know someone out there is gonna treat her worse than he treated her.Just watch.SHe's the problem!

FYI: WHo cares about the way he dresses?If he likes it so what?

1904 days ago


i love chris brown !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1898 days ago


his clothing is fresh

1914 days ago


Neanderthal. And his hand tattoos are stupid, too.

1914 days ago
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