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Wedgie Justice

Man Ripped for

Shooting Fox

6/24/2009 11:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Getting a shot of Megan Fox can be a serious pain in the butt -- and one super-intrusive paparazzi learned it the hard way Monday night in Hollywood.

While chowing down with Shia LaBeouf after the "Transformers 2" premiere, one dude ran into the restaurant, bum rushed their table, snapped a pic and booked it. Only problem: Their bodyguard was faster.

Security chased the D-bag down and used the atomic-wedgie technique to keep him from escaping. All while Shia and Megan got a laugh at the moron's expense.


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Your headline is totally misleading! This site has really turned trashy.

1948 days ago


yeah Harvy - show us some pictures of yourself and your gayy buddies partying !!

1948 days ago


That Moron works for you TMZ!!!! IDIOT!

1948 days ago


I agree that the guy was rude to go right up to them and take their picture. However, all the action that can be taken in a situation like that is for restaurant staff to ask him to leave. And, since he left on his own - quickly - there is no illegality on his part.

What I did see was bodyguards (or whomever) illegally confine this man, in effect arresting him, although no criminal act had been committed. They also appeared to either take his memory card, or force him to erase the picture (it wasn't clear). That is theft of his intellectual property (yes, I know he probably doesn't have an intellect, but still...).

I believe the photographer has a case against the people who illegally stopped him, held him, mildly assaulted him, and took his property. Police should be involved so that other bodyguards - who aren't as 'gentle' as these guys - do not get the idea they have a right to assault/confine someone who simply took a picture of their spoiled clients.

1948 days ago


i love how people come to the tmz site and leave stupid posts saying how they should physically assault or otherwise harm the papparazzi that provide their entertainment. if you're not only at this site but so into it that you even leave comments, you clearly can't have TOO much of a problem with the papparazzi. OH AND IS SUPER HOT MEGAN FOX DATING THAT LITTLE SH!T SHIA LEBOOF OR WHATEVER? WHY THE HELL IS SHE ALWAYS SEEN WITH HIM??? HES NOTHING BUT A WEASELY LITTLE SH!T DOES SHE JUST LIKE LOOKING REALLY REALLY AWESOME AND HOT AND COOL BY COMPARISON? WTF???!!!!

1948 days ago

Tom L.    

It is amazing that you guys refer to him as a D-bag. You guys at TMZ are so delusional. So it's good journalism when you take a picture of Britney Spears running to the bathroom? This guy is a D-bag???? Wow, if that's not the pot calling the kettle black! Oh, and Harvey Levin, it's time to come out of the closet...

1948 days ago


OMG..."Call the cops"??? Seriously?! Some dude took a pic of some chick who just happen to be in movies. And this is breaking a law? The cops have better things to do such as chase after criminals.

And, if I am eating in a restaurant and see anyone or anything in a restaurant if I take a picture it's breaking the law? Gimmie a break!

And, who gives this big black dude the right to hold the guy who took a pic? If he was holding me I would have turned around and smacked his face. He has no right or authority to do that.

One last thing..Fox- can you imagine if you were in a public place and NO ONE showed up to take pictures or give you a rose?? Think about it. No one would know who you are and you would be a nobody. Deal with it. Accept it. Watch Phil Michelson and how he handles the media and the fans...he smiles at each fan and is greatful for them. What have you done?

1948 days ago

pink floyd    

they should have taken the camera and smashed it to pieces. and jizz pay attention to the video the guy ran inside the restaurant and took the picture.

1948 days ago

pink floyd    

hey seriously it's called trespassing,he is not a patron of the restaurant,

1948 days ago

Frank Davis    

Excuse me, but what right does a private body gaurd have to detain a private citizen in public? Advice to the pap: File a criminal complaint against the wannabee secret service ass for illegal detention and battery. Thenh file suit against the bodygaurd for a whol lotta money - he'll win. Also, next time you get held like that, use head and smack it back into bubba's face - he'll bleed a whole lot. You were illegally being detained and have the right to defend yourself. Note to bodygaurd - you are an idiot.

1948 days ago


The pap made a rookie misstake. Once he entered the restaurant he entered a PRIVATE place, not a PUBLIC, place. The owner can have that pap removed at any time and have him arrested. People make a common misstake on places like restaurants, casinos and amusement parks. These are private places open to the public but the owner retains the right to remove anyone at anytime. If a pap enters a restaurant that caters to people like Shia and Megan and harasses them the owner of the restaurant is perfectly in his right to remove him. I think I would have spoke to the pap and gave him a warning and maybe not press charges this one time. Police can issue warning citations and if the pap behaves himself and want see further legal action. Also, there was no need for him to enter the restaurant if the people across the street could see them so well through the glass why couldn't he.

1948 days ago


it's inredible

1948 days ago


Did this guy get a good pic of her Big Toe Thumbs??-----

1948 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

Dam camera is TOO Heavy.

1948 days ago


What's the difference TMZ, you were filming them through the WINDOW, just as bad, or worse, because you're spying on them while they're eating, and then have the nerve to call the other photog a D-bag? As you're so fond of saying: Pot, meet Kettle! Ha! But seriously, they did not have to sit in the window . They want the attention, because maybe they know their 15 minutes is ticking by.

1948 days ago
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