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Perez Puncher on Probation

6/24/2009 6:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Perez HiltonThe Black Eyed Pea manager who allegedly socked Perez Hilton could be on his way to jail ... because dude is on probation for a DUI.

Polo Molina was busted for 2006 DUI in Orange County -- he was convicted on April 30, 2007 and placed on 3 years probation.

The D.A. could move to violate his probation and he could end up in the slammer for 6 months.


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i think it is SOOO funny that perez will not REPORT about this or his civil lawsuit! he is such a dork!

1911 days ago


TMZ, blocking my comments cause they have a bunch of F@ggs working behind the scenes. You didn't block when bloggers & sissy boy was dissing Ms. Prejean. Payback is a Beyotch! I hope the c0ck sukar gets what's coming to him. PULL DOWN PANSY HILTON"S WEBSITE!!

1911 days ago

who gives a shit    

Perez should be the one on probation....................

1911 days ago


Hard to believe we live in a world that a big mouth, no talent blackmailer, can make millions trashing people to the point of ruining a career, Just because he does not like them. He is a TERROREST! It's time some one sued him for every dime he has ever made from his "most hated blog" Please don't let PH get away with this injustice any longer. Why did the legitimate press give this man a platform to spew his hate? It's so wrong that he can provoke a fight and get away with it. It is wrong!

1911 days ago


Dude, as far as I and the VAST MAJORITY of the general public are concerned, this guy was doing a community service by punching that HYPOCRITICAL crying baby in the eye! I would have done the SAME THING.

it's the principle....why does Perez Hilton give everyone hell for EVERY LITTLE THING on his blog...and yet he is using the WORST GAY INSULT OF ALL TIME. Whether the person it was directed at is gay or not, that is just plain wrong. He's a flippin' idiot for thinking it's ok for ANYBODY to use that word. NO EXCUSES. it's disgusting. he should be ashamed.


i hate the black eyed peas, but i don't think their manager should get jail time over THIS. if he got another DUI, then yeah. lock him up. but everyone but Perez seems pretty stoked about him knocking this butthole in the head! booyeahhh

1911 days ago


well the manager is obviously gay.

perez is just a fluffy douche, he irritates people because of their own fears. so it's not him that is the problem. 97% of the people on tmz are stupid retards so f*** them.

1910 days ago


Next time Polo, if you want to destroy this fat, disgusting, hippocrite...offer him some p*ssy, thats like kryptonite to this buffalo.

1910 days ago


119. TMZ, blocking my comments cause they have a bunch of F@ggs working behind the scenes. You didn't block when bloggers & sissy boy was dissing Ms. Prejean. Payback is a Beyotch! I hope the c0ck sukar gets what's coming to him. PULL DOWN PANSY HILTON"S WEBSITE!!

Posted at 10:08PM on Jun 24th 2009 by Pansy Hilton SUCKS!!

They block anything that is anti-Harvey or the bitches that work for him. Its bs. Yet they criticize other sites that do the same. Hypocrisy?

1910 days ago

Marianne Chitter Chatter    

I hope they send Polo to jail for life. He's a criminal with a record. He should be put behind bars.

1910 days ago


I hope he doesn't go to jail for this. He should recieve a reward. Perez should have been smacked around a long time ago!

1910 days ago


Going to go buy a Black Eye Pea CD friday, It's the least I can do to say thank you Mr. Molina

1910 days ago


IF there's a fund somewhere to assist Molina w/his attorney fees. . .I would be happy to contribute. Perez is an idiot who hopefully has burned enough bridges by now that he will go away. FAR AWAY. That punch felt really good to me - and I didn't even deliver it! GOOD JOB MOLINA!

1910 days ago


how Ironic a Black eye P gayve him a black eye,"black eye "P"erez"

1910 days ago


Per Orange county district attorney "based on the information we have and on the fact that it's out of our jurisdiction and out of the country it is unlikely he will be in violation of his probation." Harvey being a lawyer probably is perfectly aware of this & posted this to add drama to the drama queen story. It's funny how someone who has no problem wishing someone would get impaled on a stick as Perez has said & who spends his time making fun of celebrities who get injured and complain (like at the Tonys) has turned out to be the whiniest of babies when something happens to him. The ones who bullies the most cries the hardest.

1910 days ago


Thank you've had done more to set Gay Rights back a decade worth of progress than any single Right Wing Person or Evangelical could ever hope to. I'm surprised the Gay Group ACT UP hasnt beaten you to within an inch of your life to shut you up. They usually hold nothing back in going after other Gay bashers---your actions alone have turned moderates and fence centers clearly against Gays. You are the stereotype of fear of Gays with what you said, how you've behaved and the "gay baiting" you engage in.

Where is the outrage from the Gay community on this guy? He's killing your cause folks. Good Middle Class people who have been undecided about the Gay issue are seeing a side that is ugly, evil, grotesque and explains why you have been in the closet.

And in my best Kanye WEst imitation of when he spoke of George Bush----"Will I Am doesnt care about Gay People"

He started this mess because like any Black they never want to be accused or even associated anything remotely connected to the "down low"...Will I Am is the second one to set Gay rights back a decade with his nonsense too.

Its all imploding due to your own people and those you think support you.

1910 days ago
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