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Nas -- Kelis Should Put a Cork in It

6/25/2009 1:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nas KelisKelis secretly threw a Hail Mary in her bitter divorce war with Nas, but the judge had no sympathy.

Kelis, who is about to pop with her first kid, has been begging the judge to make Nas pay for pre-natal expenses and baby stuff. So far Nas hasn't paid squat.

A hearing is set for July 21. Kelis is asking for $3,500 for a baby nurse, 20,000 for strollers, cribs and stuff, etc. But here's the snag. Kelis may be in labor during the hearing. And she needs money badly. So her lawyer went to court asking to move the hearing date up.

Sadly for Kelis, the judge was on vacation and the substitute judge wouldn't mess with the court calendar.

So Kelis is poor and pregnant, Nas apparently couldn't care less ... and the wheel of justice grinds slowly.


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A black man not taking responsibility for his child? Are you kidding me? Holy crap - this is huge news!

1912 days ago


She is lying she is not broke!!!! She has done so much slimey crap when they were married , like have another sex tape with a man while she was married with nas and then she's being a gold digger. He takes care of his first child so u know he will take care of hers she is just going over board

1912 days ago


Perez Hilton is RACIST. He called Will.I.Am a “THUG” and FALSELY accused him of assault simply because Will is black. He thought the public would automatically believe that Will was violent SIMPLY BECAUSE he is black.

Perez Hilton is HOMOPHOBIC. He said Will did not deserve respect because he is a “F*CKING F*GGOT!! Hilton therefore obviously believes gays are not worthy of respect.

Hit Perez Hilton where it hurts — in the wallet. Contact his advertisers and tell them you will NOT patronize their products or services so long as they advertise on his site. Start by contacting and DEMAND that they pull their current ad from his site.

This subhuman pig does not respect women, children, blacks, gays or anyone with whom he disagrees politically. The only thing he respects of the almighty dollar. BANKRUPT HIM

1912 days ago

Just sayin'    

Uh.... You don't need $20,000 for baby crap honey. How do you think the rest of us have kids?? And you don't need a nurse to help you either. It's your kid YOU take care of it! Yeah Nas is a douche but you probably knew that when you married him and decided to make a baby with him. What did she do with all her money form the "Milkshake Song" ??

Hey.... I just thought of something...Isn't this the chick who was arrested and said a bunch of racist crap to the cops?

1912 days ago


You guys are morons. Nas knows exactly what he's doing. This B!tch is living good already, he has already set her up with more than enough to get her through pre-natal expenses and he will take care of this kid just like he's taking care of his other kids. She's just being a typical gold digging b!tch like most women. She wants the extra money to treat her self to lavish spas and personal trainers to get her body back in shape after she drops the baby so she can attact another rich man to sponge off of.

1912 days ago


She was married to him for six years, which is a loooong time in "hollywood" years, so I don't think she can be painted as the typical "gold-digger." Granted the amount of money she is asking for to take care of a kid is crazy he needs to just write her a check and shut-up. Then she needs to cash the check and shut-up, they only have to be nice to eachother for the sake of the kid. Keep it movin'

1912 days ago


Isnt the baby his? If it is he should at the least be assisting with prenatal and baby oriented things. Does he want a mutant?

1912 days ago


Wow, There are a lot of morons on this site. I'm specifically talking about the racist morons. Gold diggers exist in every race, as do deadbeat fathers, so grow up, dumbasses.
anyway, kelis has enough money to take care of herself and child very well, so she needs to stop saying that she's poor. Nas needs to man up and take care of his responsibilities (his child, not his ex wife).
and just for the record, it's been confirmed that that isn't kelis in the sex tape

1912 days ago


For you idiots who don't know any better,Kellis is comes from a upper class family. Private schools and all. So,contrary to popular belief there are blacks who don't grow up in the ghetto(not that there is anything wrong with being born in poverty-people as just disgustingly unsympathetic),have an education and grew up with both parents.

1912 days ago


Wow. Typical black family. Mom is barefoot and pregnant and dad is nowhere to be found and doesn't take resposibility. And blacks wonder why they are labeled.

1912 days ago


PLEASE give this kid up for adoption to parents who will LOVE the baby. What selfish losers!! Milkshake beyotch!

1912 days ago

Obama is Gay    

She should have gave the judge a taste of her milkshake

1912 days ago



Hell, I think I saw these people on 'Americas Most Wanted' last week.

1912 days ago


who the hell are these 2 flakes anyway????

1912 days ago


Has she never heard of Walmart???

1912 days ago
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