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Jackson Family --

Demerol Shot Caused Death

6/26/2009 10:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson demerol shotA close member of Michael Jackson's family has told us Jackson received a daily injection of a synthetic narcotic similar to morphine -- Demerol -- and yesterday he received a shot at 11:30 AM.

Family members are saying the dosage was "too much" and that's what caused his death.

Story developing ...

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My son died in December at 38 of a morphine overdose. My ex-boyfriend died of a morphine overdose at 49. I knew yesterday when I first saw that Michael Jackson had been found not breathing that it had to be morphine or something similar. If I am ever in pain, unless I know I am terminal anyway I will suffer from the pain, these drugs are so dangerous. Maybe they help some people, but they build up in your system and eventually a normal dosage is too much. RIP Michael, no matter how messed up your life was, you sure were talented to say the least.

1915 days ago


I can't even find the words to express how saddened I am over Michael's passing. I'm in shock. I feel as if I've lost a family member. My heart goes out to his family and children.

1915 days ago

Lovely Cork    

I cant begin to say how truly sad I am that Michael has past. I have listened to his music my whole life. This man has had a very trying life. He was loved for his music and dancing but he was ridiculed and the punt of many jokes which were very sickening to hear. I LOVED MICHAEL for the man he was and what he did for children with the HEAL THE WORLD FOUNDATION. I am very sad that soo many people saw him as a freak and not for the loving kind hearted person that he really truly was. I am sad that people took his kindness for weakness and tried to get over on him. BUT I am HAPPY that he found peace in his NEVER NEVER LAND! and I know that he can finally rest without the stress of reporters and journalists and all the bad media always around trying to get a million dollar photo. His song "MAN IN THE MIRROR" was and always will be my alltime favorite. RIP MICHAEL JACKSON !!!! MY PRAYERS GO OUT TO YOUR MOM, DAD, SISTERS, BROTHERS AND THOSE 3 CHILDREN!!!!

1915 days ago


lets just wait till its offical before u start reporting what happend...enough is enough!!!!!
MJ we miss u!!!!

1915 days ago


I am still in total shock. We have lost one of the greatest musicians and style icons of the past century. I am reminded of the fragility of life, and that we must live our best lives each and every day.

My tribute:

1915 days ago


Michael Jackson's Prescription Drug Addiction And Weak Heart

Last Year Biographer Warned He Was Very Sick, But Reps Denied It

1915 days ago


the children mother of the two may get full custody but i dont know who would look after them, as for demerol it probably was that kill him, feel sorry for him and his family.

1915 days ago


Michael wasn't a rapist, the parents who sent their kids to him, what do you call them? This county is built on rapist, vent about that, George Washington -rapist, murder, Michael Jackson symbolizes the strength of a real brother-look how his presence alone affects the world-are you haters mad because you WISH you had that type of effect-ELVIS PRESLEY WAS A RAPIST- he had sex with a minor -who lived with him, whats her name-and HIS daughter married Michael, Michael was b%$tch slapping 'you' and others like 'you' he was mocking yall- Debbie Rowe, he did not touch that woman, she was artificially inseminated- and if Micheal's family lawyer is smart, if that woman comes after the kids, DNA- test-NOT the daddy- they would not be entitled to a damn thang.....

1915 days ago

Funny Though.    

MJ I DON'T MISS YOU!! I hope you didn't rape your children like you did those others.

1915 days ago

Terry Sherwood    

What a terrible waste. The soundtrack to our generation's life events. Well I remember listening to his music in the background with friends, family and singing along on occasions. Does anyone remember trying to emulate his Moonwalk on the dancefloors, just to say you could do it? It was sad when we lost John and then George, but imagine if all of the Beatles had been lost in one fail swoop? We all woke up in a little sadder world today.

1915 days ago


Michael Jackson revolutionized music. The music video the way it is now is due to Michael and the "Thriller", among many of his other small movie/music videos. Poppin' and lockin' and all of these other dance moves that came from it have Michael to thank for a large influence. Singers and songwriters alike were encouraged and challenged to do and be better artists because of the smooth lyrics and effortless delivery. Michael's live performance were like no other - just ask anyone who has been to a concert. He will be missed. The world has lost a bright light, no matter what people have said in the last few years to dim it.

At least you don't have to hear it anymore, Mike. You finally found a way to get away. RIP

1915 days ago

Funny Though.    

I certaily hope you aren't implying that, because the parents of the raped children dropped them at MJ's house they DESERVED to be raped? The parents are guilty of neglect. MJ is guilty of rape.

1915 days ago


Michael's death should prompt us all to think about our lives. We should live everyday as our last day; loving God, serving him, loving our neighbours and doing good. Death is something that awaits every living soul. Money, fame and all that is not all about life; it is vanity upon vanity. May MJ's soul find peace.

1915 days ago

Tired of reading comments from Funny Though    


We've all read your comments. We get your point. Everyone's entitled to an opinon. But your redunancy & speculation (unless of course without a shadow of doubt & proof beyond consideration--you can prove that MJ raped children) is growing tired & losing it substance. If you're lashing out like this because you've been raped as a child, let us know & we'll say a prayer for you. Otherwise, give it a rest & move on.

1915 days ago

Mister Jimmy    

Musical genius? I thought of this dude mainly as a child molestor. I guess it all went over my head and I see the films of people acting like there was something to the fellow. He didn't play an instrument, thus couldn't have been a musical genius. I like to compare him to, let's say, the Allman Brothers or Muddy Waters or Hendrix. What would the reaction have been if the lights went up and any of the above walked out on the stage, and--started 'dancing?" Me, I'd have demanded my money back.

1915 days ago
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