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Jackson Family --

Demerol Shot Caused Death

6/26/2009 10:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson demerol shotA close member of Michael Jackson's family has told us Jackson received a daily injection of a synthetic narcotic similar to morphine -- Demerol -- and yesterday he received a shot at 11:30 AM.

Family members are saying the dosage was "too much" and that's what caused his death.

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The slowing and then stopping of the breathing sounds highly similar to Elvis Presley's near-death on a Demerol overdose in October 1973, as described in Peter Guralnick's biography of Elvis.

1759 days ago

Allana Larae    

okay i just read alot of these posts, im 14 years old and appauled at some of these things. How many of you are perfect?? NONE OF YOU!!!!! Yes the man had his problems but which one of you doesnt. How many of you are a icon, father, MIsunderstood, having everyone depend on you having everyone expect you to be nothing but perfect. He may or may not have molested those kids, He may or may not have overdosed. Michael was put in the spotlight as a young child and had to endore all the hard criticism for many many years. How many of you have done that, Michael has touched the hearts of Many souls out there. And he will be missed. Poor Michael. We ALL love you

-love, Allana LaRae

1759 days ago


HEY WHYUHERE- you make ALOT of sense, yes Funny Though is a hater- 'the little boy said he did it' the little boy is a child demon, an emp- like the woman who said she was kidnapped by Black men, and was at Disney World, I am sure her daughter wold of lied too-tired of little whitle lies..........MICHAEL IS ALRIGHT NOW_ANYBODY that has true ancestral connections, I KNOW you feel what I feel -our brother is making a smooth transaction-last days are here, and the saints are gearing up to judge the earth, especially the wickedness and inequality in AmeriKKKa-note the WICKED not the RIGHTEOUS, who are of all races, the WICKED like, Funny Though...............

1759 days ago


I would like to know if MJ was place on a heart monitor after being given the Demerol. I know whenever I've had to get Morphine or Demerol I am always place on a heart moniter and they also monitor my oxygen levels for at least two hours after being given the shot/s. And it will be interesting to find out if it's even legal for doctors to give these shots outside of a hospital environment for this exact reason....? There are a lot of questions that need to be answered because this doctor could eventually be known as the person who killed MJ (even if it was accidental)! So sad and tragic! My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. He will be missed!

1759 days ago

Dr. William Patrick MacLean    

A close member of Michael Jackson's family has told us Jackson received a daily injection of a synthetic narcotic similar to morphine -- Demerol -- and yesterday he received a shot at 11:30 AM.Family members are saying the dosage was "too much" and that's what caused his death. Having followed his life for sometime now, I am not suprised that his death could have been induced by synthetic narcotic such as demerol. Was the injection self inflected or did the Dr. presiding over him, who is currently M.I.A. do it? If so is he guilty of murder? I hope and pray that he was ready to meet his creator and maker the Lord Jesus Christ. My heartfelt prayers and condolesences go out to the rest of his remaining family members.

1759 days ago


I love you may you BE the best angel ever! R.I.P. love you, Brianna

1759 days ago


The Doc's gonna pay the price if its the demerol.

1759 days ago


Michael Jackson's "cardiologist" was the only witness with him. He probably administered the fatal injection. That sounds to me like reckless homicide. When he is found again for interview I hope the police do not release him. He knows everything about Michael's death. I wonder did he watch him die before he had a 911 call placed. It would appear that way. I am GRIEF STRICKEN!! I LOVE MICHAEL and his entire family and I pray they be comforted at this time. LAPD please do not bungle the investigation even though it is high profile.

1759 days ago


May you rest in peace Micheal. My heart goes out to your family. Everyone keeps saying "What will happen to the kids?". and "How do we know that they are really his?" Well we don't but at this point it doesnt matter he has been the one in their lives since each one was born and he will continue to be with them in their hearts. And for all of that who's to say that Debbie is really the biological mother of the two for that matter. I hope the kids stay where they are most comfortable at.


1759 days ago


First, let me give respect to the family of Michael Jackson. I hope everyone understands that this is a hard time for anyone to go through. Remember him with GOOD words, kindness & love. I didn't sleep last night; I watch several channels and heard all sorts of things. I cried because I couldn't find my MJ CD's. I cried in the shower. For those that feel the need to make money, go ahead. For those that loved him for being a child of God, go ahead. MJ is only sleeping and when he awakes in the new systems of things he would know. My Jehovah God continue to bless the family.

1759 days ago

Tina A    

This is such a horrible tragedy and loss. He Was so unique and talented. I hope he rests in peace and that his children are taken care of.

1759 days ago

Debbie D.    

I grew up with Michael and the Jackson 5. I remember the first television appearance they made and how important it was in the African American community to see successful black people on TV at that time. Everybody watched in wonder as they sang and lit up the screen. After that all the boys wanted to be Michael. This is so shocking! It makes people of our generation think long and hard about our own mortality because if Michael Jackson can leave just like that, all of us can.
RIP Michael I love you with all my heart.

1759 days ago

Modesto, CA    

To: Laure H
Keep your "opinions" to yourself, there is no need nor reason for your HATEFUL post. Were you not raised to show love and compassion towards another human being? Did you give it any thought before you wrote your post that Michaels family could possibly read your nasty comments? Have you no common decency? NO ! YOU DON'T. Sad....very sad.

1759 days ago


To ALL my sister's & brother's that I have never met. Pick up your bible and start reading. Michael Jackson WILL BE ALRIGHT. He's from a background that MOST of you haven't been introduce to. We don't need to worry about MJ. We need to worry about ourselves and our family. Michael Jackson has a better chance in living in the new system of things. Let's get it together and just maybe, we can meet & greet him.

1759 days ago


jackson you are a rock and a back bone of music honestly a world without you is like a world without water i miss you as my soul long for blood. i wonder what daeth see in you that make it take you off from us. that proof your uniqicness and how valuable you are in this world and life afar off death see your value and he took you how i wish it wait for the world to feel you once again before he come to pice you but you are still there though you are no more on earth but your spirit still live on in the next world that proof for life a life living again.mic jackson i miss you my family miss you my eyes miss your present but my spirit is still with you rest in peace waco jacko

1759 days ago
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