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Michael Jackson Doctor

-- MIA

6/26/2009 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson MIA
We've learned law enforcement is looking for a doctor who lived at Michael Jackson's home -- and the doctor is nowhere to be found.

Law enforcement sources tell us a BMW belonging to the doctor was towed from Jackson's home last night.

Cops are looking to interview the doc.

A law enforcement source says the doctor gave Jackson an injection before he died.

Jackson reportedly may have OD'd on Demerol. As we first reported, family members were concerned that Jackson was taking too much morphine.

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Mary P    

Fox News did a story on him in March about some threats... someone in a suit named Tohme as a partner in an ad agency... here's from the story:

"I wrote about this Tohme R. Tohme in this column last week. Although he refers to himself as "doctor" and lets others do so as well, he conceded to me that he is not now a licensed physician. He refused to say if he ever was one, what kind, or where he received a degree.

On the website for TRW Advertising, Tohme — who is Lebanese — asserts that he’s Ambassador at Large to the country of Senegal. Yesterday I spoke with a representative for that country at their Washington embassy who said he’d never heard of Tohme R. Tohme. "There are two ambassadors at large," said Mr. Mansour Gueye. "He isn’t one of them.

"At that time, Dr. Tohme" — Julien didn’t know Tohme was not actually a doctor —""

It would seem all the media calling this man a doctor are wrong as well.

Another outlet is saying that Tohme Tohme (who was his proclaimed spokesperson last month denying skin cancer reports) is that he's saying he was NOT there at the time. He's now claiming to be his manager (manager? A doctor?) and that he never saw Jackson take pills. However, Jackson's officially listed publicist is someone named Baine. There is a picture of a press conference he gave yesterday apparently? Then he vanished. This guy sounds as shady and Howard K. Stern... What the hell does he ACTUALLY do for a living?

1942 days ago


Michael, Gone too soon....I still cannot believe the loss and the impact his death is having on everyone. Deservedly, In the Uk Michael is getting wall to wall coverage. Rest in Peace Vikki

1942 days ago

Melvin aka Rossi Mobis    

There are Angles among us and when they depart the whole world cry
Michael you are gone but your legacies will never die
We mourn you,all your friends,family and fans will never be the same again
For all the lives that you touched,they will never be the same
You were the greatest and it was hard to forsake you
Many who tried to hate you found a million reasons to love you
I grew up like many others loving you
In the arms of God is the safest place for you
Though we grief not knowing that you are smiling from above
God numbers each of our days and at his time he takes his choice

Chorus:The world mourn your departure while Heaven and it's host rejoice at your arrival,it will always be a sad day but God knows better than us that is why he chose you on this day,Michael we will miss you forever and there will never be anyone to comfort us like you.

You healed the world,made it a better place for you and me
For all the lives that you saved and the mouths you fed
They will never be the same again
It was a certain call you had to heed because you are among his children
Though you contributed to make this world a better place
But when you are down and out there seems no hope
Heaven smile at your arrival as we bid our farewell

There's a choice we making
But you made one of the best by giving so much
You touched so many people in so many ways
Your dancing skills,your voice,your make over and transformation
Michael you are a Mega star and no one will fit in your shoes
You started with an ABC and made it to the highest
We all love you but God loves you most
Though the Liberian girl and Billie Jean are in grief
History will always remember you for the love you save

Chorus:The world mourn your departure while Heaven and it's host rejoice at your arrival,it will always be a sad day but God knows better than us that is why he chose you on this day,Michael we will miss you forever and there will never be anyone to comfort us like you.

It is too late to change the time so we will keep the faith
Love is here and now you are gone but we will remember you in our small way
If our wishes will come true right away,we will wish you one more chance
Because as we remember the time we rock with you and a little bit of you
We can never say goodbye as we scream at your departure
Knowing fully well that they don't care about us
The smooth criminals and the ghost that luck at night
We will all be scared of the moon and the thriller

Though we will all be speechless for a long time
But heaven chose you because it need you
You are not alone Mike
Though you are far away
We can still feel the world you created
You wanted to make it a better place for you and for me
So every day from this moment we will all pray for your soul
Have your rest in the Lord
Heaven is your safest place from the bad folks and hypocrites
You are not alone and our love is unbreakable

Extract from my favorite of Jackson's..........R.I.P
"But you are not alone
For I am here with you
Though we're far apart
You're always in my heart
But you are not alone"

1942 days ago


Come on Public. Mr. Jackson was an Entertainer. His art and music will be missed but he is in no way someone or something to IDOL. He was a man that God had made. We should celebrate his lifes works. We should remember that all he was was an Entertainer and not God. Get over yourselves. "Oh he was part of my family" give me a break. I grew up with his music but I dont pretend to have known him or pretend he was more than an Entertainer. The public is like a bunch of stupid lemmings following eachother off a cliff. Get a grip. Farrah also passed away and she was a gorgeous woman. Ed also passed away and he was a television icon. Were is the equal "mourning for them". No wonder this country is going to HELL in a Presidential handbasket. Lemmings all of you are lemmings.

1942 days ago

Funny Though.    

RUN DOCTOR RUN!!!!! You did the world, especially small boys, a HUGH FAVOR!!! RUN!!!

1942 days ago

Funny Though.    

greylines I agree. NO radio station was playing his songs. NO television show had him on. NONE of his "friends" were around him. SUDDENLY his songs are ALL over the radio and his praises are being sung ALL over the T.V. What a bunch of hypocrits!

1942 days ago

Funny Though.    

Melvin aka Rossi Mobis There's a life out there.................try to find it.

1942 days ago

Funny Though.    

Actually, his death DOES mean he is lost.....................It's dark where he is, but he will never be cold...............

1942 days ago

Keith Oberman    

I applaud the missing doctor for causing the death of that pathetic excuse of a human being.

1942 days ago

Funny Though.    

^5 Keith Oberman!!

1942 days ago

Shannon West    

If he received an injection everyday...HOW COULD THE DOCTOR????? overdose him if he knows what he is doing!!!!!
and why is he MIA ?????????

REST IN PEACE MICHAEL an American ICON for 5 decades....

1942 days ago

Vietnam Vet    

Where else but the USA could a poor black boy grow up to be a rich white woman !!

1942 days ago

Funny Though.    

Thank GOD there won't be another MJ!! Who would want another? One was more then enough.

1942 days ago



1942 days ago



There is a report that Lidocaine was in MJ's sytem, and the doctor may have injected that instead of all these unsubstantiated rumours from the family who were NOT on site, or attended with paramedics. Why doesn't everyone just sit back and WAIT for the official cause instead of all this BS !!

1942 days ago
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