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Jackson's Doc -- I Am Not Responsible

6/27/2009 3:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray -- the personal physician to Michael Jackson -- is certain he is in no way responsible for the death of Jackson.

dr conrad murry

TMZ spoke with one of Murray's lawyers who told us Dr. Murray will meet with the LAPD today at 4:00 PM. Murray's lawyer, Matt Alford, says Murray is NOT considered by cops to be a suspect, and at this point it is not a criminal investigation.

Alford tells us cops want Dr. Murray to help piece together a timeline of the day's events.


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Michael Jackson touched a lot of people.

1947 days ago



1947 days ago


You spoke with "one of" Dr Murray's lawyers..? How many lawyers does an innocent doctor in the U.S. need? He has rushed for lawyers because he felt guilty, knowing he committed a fault. He rejected the EM to call for coroners to pick up the dead body of MJ because he tried to get out of the mess he created.
Sorry, but this doctor - and the other doctors who have constantly prescribed medicines to an addict - are responsible for the side effects MJ had.

1947 days ago


Look! Let us question the doc. Unless LAPD is covering something this should be a CRIMINAL Investigation anytime someone runs from a scene then hires a lawyer!!!!!!!

1947 days ago


if thats the case where was he all this time knowing they was lookin for him? and if he didnt do anything wtf do you need laywers for damn how many lawyers does someone inocent need?

1947 days ago


He took off after the death leaving his car behind
He was giving CPR while MJ was on the bed (proper way is on the floor)
Now he has a lawyer
Doesn't look good....

1947 days ago

A-town girl    

Why would an innocent man go in hiding for 2 days? Then hire a team of lawyers. I beginning to think like the long was he not breathing? For all we know, Michael could have been Killed or Murdered for hours before he unidentified caller came into the room. This man should have stayed at the hospital and talked to the families. As a person who have lost a family member it is critical to know what happened. I was on the phone with a RN hours before my nephew died in ICU. I had questions after questions. The nurse and doctor spoke to me and my family. They went into detail telling what happened. We still had an autopsy done.

My point.....a family needs to have peace. They need to know what happened. If Dr. Murray was the only one there he can ease this family pain. Why is he hiding behind his lawyers if he's innocent?

1947 days ago


well why did he prescribe him OVERDOSE?? Every doctor in the world knows that an overdose of a medication can cause death....

HE is Guilty!!

1947 days ago


Not Responsible???? How easy it is to wash your hands when the only 2 people in that room where you and Michael and he is dead!!!!! And you were the one Licenced to prescribe and inject??!!!! And even if the drug thing was not true, who performed CPR on a bed???? I can not wait to see you behind bars! and to see all of us fans! chasing you forever!
Also aren't you deep in clients lawsuits for over $400,000??? What a MD you must be!!!! So Reliable!!!! and the rest of us Stupid I guess!

1947 days ago


Jon, hiring an attorney does not prove guilt. You would have done the same, this is Michael Jackson we're talking about here. I listened as closely as I could to the 911 call and when the caller asks the doctor if he witnessed anything, Dr. Murray's reply was "yes, but they need to come." That's just for anyone interested.

1947 days ago

alanis flores    

he is responsible for his death and they should arrest his stupid ass he killed michael jackson .. if he didnt than who did ..? michael ackson was a ledgend and willl allways be remembered in our lives .. ps . the girl that said jhonny depp was ugly is a hater and is jelouse...

1947 days ago


Pray I don't seethat sob... Im heading to L.A. soon as plans are made public!!!

1947 days ago


Lawyering up sounds about right. In this day and age, plus add a celebrity's death, you're guilty before proven innocent.

1947 days ago


So far I have not seen mention that it was Dr. Murray who gave MJ his demerol injection that day. For all we know, it was his personal assistant. What I have read is that MJ was taking numerous painkillers and tranquilizers, any one of which was potentially fatal if taken in the wrong dosage and in combination with other medications.

1947 days ago


Michael nie wiem jak to możliwe. Z dnia na dzień stałeś się jedynie wspomnieniem. W tych ciężkich chwilach chciałabym wyrazić swój ból oraz smutek po stracie takiego geniusza.idola,ikony. mam nadzieje, że teraz jesteś w lepszym świecie i w końcu odpoczniesz od przykrych chwil w Twoim życiu. Zawsze będe z tobą i mam nadzieję ze kiedyś spotkamy sie na tym drugim świecie. strasznie mi przykro;(

Love, fanka111

1947 days ago
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