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Jackson's Doc -- I Am Not Responsible

6/27/2009 3:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray -- the personal physician to Michael Jackson -- is certain he is in no way responsible for the death of Jackson.

dr conrad murry

TMZ spoke with one of Murray's lawyers who told us Dr. Murray will meet with the LAPD today at 4:00 PM. Murray's lawyer, Matt Alford, says Murray is NOT considered by cops to be a suspect, and at this point it is not a criminal investigation.

Alford tells us cops want Dr. Murray to help piece together a timeline of the day's events.


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Remember that scene in Batman, when the Joker calls in the TV show, then everyone in the world is after that guy.

1914 days ago

Cory (yes Feldman)    

I agree with #44 100%


Jackson was an extremely talented by tortured soul possessed by the DEVIL.

As much as he tried to break away from the DEVIL'S grip on him he couldn't.

Child after child suffered at the hands of this man who is no dead.
They will suffer their whole life also.

I feel the fact that he was so sick, so demented, so into little boys...that totally over shadows any thing he gave to the music industry.

Well Said.

1914 days ago


What I would expect is the drugs administered by the cardiologist had an adverse interaction with drugs Michael was taking but which the cardiologist did not know about.

Michael had a great performance the night before. Did he have any performance enhancing drugs, illegal or not, to help him get there?

Toxicology will tell in 4 weeks. But that is a long time for trails to dry up. Hey TMZ, check out if Michael had a pusher, maybe on set.

1914 days ago


HAHAHA "not considered by the police to be a suspect" Hello Dr. Murray welcome to 2009, it does not matter a 3 turd flush what the cops think, it is what WE think and post and put on youtube and in blogs. Hope you are enjoying your "chance of a lifetime" say hi to the cameras.

1914 days ago


why did he leave the house? Did he hide something? Why did he leave his car behind? He should have either gone with the ambulance or stayed in the house. Why didn't he do cpr on the floor as he should have done? Etc

1914 days ago


"I am not responsible" ? Is this all we get from this doctor? Where's the public support for the family? Where's the public sympathy statement on the death of Michael?

Is the doctor completely innocent but terrified of a contract he signed with Michael? I know the doctor was hired through the tour production company but Michael was big on having contracts with everybody, I wonder...

1914 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Look. I am truly sorry for the Jackson family. Now having said that... this doctor was in Michael's life for about a week. The reason MJ is dead is because his family would never sit him down and explain the facts of life to him. In other words say NO... HELL NO to this self destructive nonsense. Look Jacksons... you are ramping up a fight with Debbie Rowe??? Forget that crap... pay her off at pennies on the dollar... and get your collective asses moving forward. This is YOUR FAULT along with all those Islamic kooks who were "watching out" for him. Do you fools even HEAR YOURSELVES???? Your son is now in front of Jesus or Allah or Abraham or whoever explaining how he plied those poor boys with "Jesus Juice". Oh my sweet God almighty... DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID TO THAT POOR MAN?????

1914 days ago


Not a criminal investigation ''yet''. Piece together a timeline? what a line from the LAPD to get the quack talking.

1914 days ago


As tragic as this is I wonder when we have to take responsibility for our own actions. I am afraid that this is a result of decisions that Michael made in his life. It is a shame to see such a talented man do this. It is natural to want to blame someone else for this, I hope they don't blame the Doctor unless it is for sure true.

1914 days ago


"why did he leave the house? .. Why did he leave his car behind?"

He went with the ambulance.

"Why didn't he do cpr on the floor as he should have done?"

Despite my first thought Jackson's bed would be big and fluffy, I would now bet money that Jackson's bed is like a firm hospital bed, given his chronic back problems. Like administering CPR on hospital beds on TV, firm enough for such treatment.

I would also be money on an adverse drug reaction, as I noted above, between what the doctor administered and drug/s the doctor did not know Jackson was taking.

Also, face facts, Jackson pushed his body to beyond its limits for decades. RIP Michael.

1914 days ago


Ya know what's funny. this guy runs off on a "vacation" conveniently after mikes death. and he expects not to be investigated?

1914 days ago


Like Liza Minelli said ''When the toxicology reports come in all Hell is going to break loose''. Watch out Doc!

1914 days ago

Cory (yes Feldman)    

53. "why did he leave the house? .. Why did he leave his car behind?"

He went with the ambulance.


. Like administering CPR on hospital beds on TV, firm enough for such treatment.


Posted at 4:09PM on Jun 27th 2009 by Jeff

1914 days ago


One more thing about his back, IIRC he has spoken about sleeping on floors.

That's an indication of back trouble.

1914 days ago


I do not think the Doctor wanted MJ dead. we really do not understand what happened. He must have been as confused as we all are. I pray he can get out of this mess. He will needs lots of prayers and the grace of God to prove his innocence and enable him go through these trying times of his life. I believe he never bargained for this when he signed up for the job with MJ. If he had seen it in a dream, he is likely to have turned the job offer down ,staying on in his clinic quietly.

1914 days ago
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