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Jackson's Kids: 'We Want to Stay with Grandma'

6/27/2009 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources close to the Jackson family tell us Michael Jackson's three children -- Michael Joseph, Jr., Paris Michael Katherine and Prince "Blanket" Michael II -- say they want to stay with their grandparents, specifically Katherine.

michael jackson Katherine Jackson

Sources say MJ's kids will continue to live with Katherine Jackson at the family's Encino home. We're told the family is 100 percent behind this -- feeling that Katherine and Joe Jackson are the only people who can help the children understand who their father was, help them grieve, and teach them to deal with life in the spotlight.

We're also told the kids are healthy but, as expected, they "miss their daddy." They have no relationship with Debbie Rowe, who is the biological mother of Michael and Paris.

All of this will be critical to the case if, as expected, Rowe fights for custody.


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I have sat here and read through all these comments. My eyes haven't been dry since Thursday. These kids belong with the family they know and LOVE. Michael showed nothing but love to the people all over the world the least people can do now is remember that and show the man some respect. There are Death Jokes and ill wishes floating around out there about all that has happened. I don't understand how so many people are so ignorant to believe the tabloids and the lies that surrounded Michael. Mr. Jackson was the most misunderstood human on the face of this earth. We fans LOVED Michael like he was part of our family. We Mourn him like he was a well loved uncle. Why can't you people get off your high horses and do the same. He was a wonderful man. He gave his soul when he preformed for us on stage, He gave everything to helping other people and all you want to do is still rip him to shreds long after hes dead. You all should be ashamed. Where is the love for a man who showed us nothing but love?

1945 days ago


SCREW YOU DEBBIE! You gave them up now keep on walking and do not stop. This is just terrible. What a huge mess. PRAY PEOPLE FOR THOSE BABIES!

1945 days ago


being raised by Grand Ma Jackson means being raised by the ENTIRE family! Michael's kids will have Rebe and Jackie Jackson to support them. Lets not forget Jermain, Tito, Randy and Marlon and of course Janet..not so sure about that crazy azz LaToya tho

1945 days ago


You people on TMZ are sick. You think Joe is gonna try those "tactics" again?...anything for the media,etc to run with and make them look unfit. Since when did half of you give a damn about those kids? Rowe gave up her kids and since there's a "loop" all of a sudden about her giving up her rights...she cares now? Why wasn't this found out earlier? I would feel more comfortable with those kids being around Jackson's family like they were before durr. You don't even know Rowe's parenting skills.. stop dragging MJ's name & his fam through the mud. People take this as an opportunity to bash every single one of them

1945 days ago


these kids should go with their grandparents........for goodness sake they dont even know debbie rowe......and lets not forget the fact she didnt want them to begin want them now for what? nothing but $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ she a greedy money grubing b**** and then that would mean separating them from blanket nobody knows who his mother is but i would guess one person and he's no longer here.....lets see if blankets mother pops up out of nowhere claiming shes his mother

1945 days ago


Some posters evidently do not understand DNA.

Those kids are WHITE - they are not even remotely related to the Jackson clan. DNA will undoubtedly prove that.

Debbie R may have turned the kids over to Michael BUT sheis the biological mother of at least two of them. Those two should go with their own mother.

1945 days ago


Its wrong and unfair of you TMZ, to quote the kids - they wont be able to speak for themselves either to deny or confirm this, and you are just adding to the media-machine around them which will, let's be frank, ultimately play the biggest hand in deciding their future.

1945 days ago


let's not forget that Joseph Jackson has a love child... google it and you will see her with him... Katherine has probably lived a very difficult life with such a controlling husband... but in all due respect, she should have left him years ago. I don't doubt for a moment that she loves these children. But in the big picture, I would NOT want them around Joseph

1945 days ago


Definitely the best thing for the kids would be to stay with the grandparents. Debbie Rowe has never done anything put have the children knowing she was giving them to Micheal. It was a business deal the whole way. She keeps running out of money and going back for more using those kids are her leverage. She is one of the reasons Michael was hard pressed to do the concerts and the ridiculous legal stuff he went through all those years drained him and I am tired of reading how his lavish lifestyle was the reason for his debts. He made plenty of money to live that style but had vultures in life circling all the time. I am hope he had a will that provided for the grandparents to be guardians of the chlidren.

1945 days ago


If anyone on here is a believer in Christ then you all know there is a DEVIL. This is an evil mess and it is very sad for those who loved Mr. Jackson and i pray everyday now for all of those near and dear to him to have peace and to be very strong. Nobody can stop your evil posts about Michael it is free speech.....but slander is another thing. PRAY FOR THOSE LEFT WITH THE BURDENS..........his are over or are they???

1945 days ago


Jackson or Rowe its just aname.Who cxan give these kids the love and support they need?That is the question.I am sure that M.J. left a will and the kids had a a care taker named.He loved his kids and left them to be raised by who HE felt best.That will be released later. Right now Grandma is a good choice.Keep Grandpa away from them though.His record in child rearing speaks for its self.I clearly remember the interview M.J. did. Fear does not give a child what they need. This is Joe Jacksons way .I think Grandma is full of love for those kids.As for Debbie Rowe no one knows what happened behind closed doors with Micheal.No sense in judging her.Time will tell when the will is revealed.

1945 days ago


Has anyone thought of DNA testing the kids? the photos that I've seen certainly don't look like bi-racial children. They look white. Genetically Michael had dark skin, so if he is the father, you would think that would be obvious in the kids. If he did not donate the sperm for the kids, then the grandparents have no legal right to them. Moral and ethical rights, yes. Legal rights, no.

1945 days ago

TMZ Visitor    

One thing everyone seems to forget is, these are the JACKSONS, a family of master manipulators and control freaks. I'd like to know how everyone seems to think Debbie Rowe ever stood a chance of keeping those kids in the first place or ever seeing them after the fact. This is a family that, as we've seen and heard over the years, fights tooth and nail to keep their lives private and paint a rosey picture for the public. If any of them speaks against the family, as we've seen (La Toya), they are shunned and attacted publicly by the other members. So, come on people, see it for what it is. They prey on the weak. She's a nobody and easily pushed around - just about like everyone else the Jacksons use and abuse.

1945 days ago


It looks like the Jackson family has their PR people posting here. It's up to the courts to decide whre the kids go.

And if Debbie wants her kids back she has more rights to them than Michael's crazy religious freak parents.

1945 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

It is unusual for me to lean towards the kids not being with their natural mother. In this case, I feel that the three children should stay with the grandparents. We'll probably never know for sure what Joe Jackson may have done or not done to his children but this whole scenerio is different. They will not be pushing these three children to be performers. The entire Jackson family is grieving the lose of their son/brother ~ the children need to be with a family who loved their father. Yes, I know about the distance (not as in mileage) between the parents/siblings but at a time like this, families tend to come together. They will all love Michael's children and the fact that it is such a large family is also great for the kids. As far as Debbie Rowe, she got her millions when she gave up the kids. I don't know if she had visitation rights or if she ever spent time with them, but I, for one, am not so sure that she will fight for custody. I do not think that the grandparents (grandfather) will do any harm to the children ...they just lost one of their own ... if any of you have ever lost a child, I can tell you it is a life changing experience. I feel for the children who just lost their father and I believe that the best thing for them is to be raised by the Jackson family.

1945 days ago
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