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Michael Jackson's Demerol Tonic

6/27/2009 10:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson had a habit of getting Demerol injections -- he even had a special name for them.

We're told Jackson called it "health tonic." He would have a doctor inject him because, we're told, he didn't like needles.

Our sources have told us Jackson was injected with Demerol at 11:30 AM the day he died. Shortly thereafter Jackson went into cardiac arrest.

You'll recall, Jackson also had a name for wine -- Jesus juice.


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RIP MJ...I can't believe he's gone..

I guess we'll never really know what happened to him in his final hours...I just hope the autopsy gives clarity and closure to the Jackson family..

1910 days ago


Michael Jackson will NOT be buried at Disneyland!
You can be sure that he will be buried somewhere the Jackson family can make a public shrine of his grave, perhaps even collecting a fee from persons wishing to enter the gravesite or mausoleum...

1910 days ago


Anyone who is taking daily shots of Demerol as "tonic", and doesn't have an appreciation for what they are doing, REALLY IS OUT OF IT and shouldn't be allowed to act for themselves.

1910 days ago



How did you get this information?

1909 days ago


Look, the dude was messed up, has been messed up for a VERY long time. Jesus Juice, Health Tonic...he was on a barge floating down the river of DENIAL. I blame his early life and the way he was raised and then on his choice of friends or should I say - lack therof. Michael Jackson had a very UNHealthy attraction to young kids... Lets leave it at that. I hope he Rests in peace but I hope other stars in this same situation STOP and get out of the cycle before it kills them too. We've lost TOO many like ths.

1909 days ago


Kinda of a coincidence how the KING of pop, and the KING of rock and roll die of drug overdoses. It lets us know that there is only one King. The King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ. I wonder if anyone else wants to call themselves KING?

1909 days ago


TMZ can you show a little respect? Your "writers" (and I use the word sarcastically) should be required to back up their statements with a reference, not merely throw something out there for shock value. Mr. Jackson is human and he deserves the respect that everyone is entitled to. He spent the majority of his life making music for everyone. In return he was abused by his father, the media and so called friends. Now in his death, he still is not free. Perhaps you should think and re-think and perhaps you will make the right choice and SHUT UP!

1909 days ago


wow TMZ you guys are awesome! not!! You guys talked soooo much crap on jackson if you guys look at alll ur stupid little stories, its all crap!! And what, now hes dead and its OMG MICHAEL IS DEAD! boo hoo Media sucks, critics suck, you guys suck. If u want a real story, how about talking about how our economy sucks. Not good enough? Instead you guys pick of celebritys and drive them crazy!! The medias the reason Jacksons dead. He prepared soooo much to show everyone he is still the king of pop and to end all this crazy stuff about him, that it killed him!! Good job guys round of applause for you!! R.I.P Im gonna miss u!!!!

1909 days ago


I see that so many of you are without sin---and have already casted the first stone!!!!!

1909 days ago


An ordinary day, a night's sleep. People please the body isn't even in the ground.
As we sit in judgement of a life ended.
Would venture to say PTSD is clear as well as Depression!
Mental illness is not a laughing matter nor is Child abuse. (as he was abused)
One can only wonder why this was left untreated!
Oh yeah the blood suckers may have lost control of the piggy bank.
I wouldn't walk a mile in Michael's shoes. would you?

1908 days ago


Addiction, tough stuff, no one wants to become an addict, not soemting to strive toward, when you start out it looks and feels innocent but slowly it takes over and soo your hooked. Addiction is the disease of isolation, you feel so alone and full of fear, you want to stop and you can't, you go as far as suicide, I know I tried to kill myself several times. You will not liesten to others, no one cares as you think, they want to take my drugs, just leave me alone. Michael isolated, had his yes men around, he could afford them, they did what they were told. One is not enough, 1000 too many, we get mixed up, have no idea what we're doing, taking then one day your heart stops or you become a vegtetable. I was there with all the fear, depression, anxiet, paranoia, you name it I had it, one day I woke up facing two counts of attempted murder facing heavy time. Went to treeatment, found freedom, sobriety, been (34) years now, long road home. My book tells the story and has helped many find freedom, HOPE, "MY MIND HAS A MIND OF ITS OWN and you can see more on my web site; www, God Bless

1907 days ago


I don't want to say anything bad about MJ out of respect for his family and especially his children (because whether or not he is their biological father or not) he has raised them. Seeing his daughter break down into tears at his funeral made me cry too. Anyway, I don't mean this to be disrespectful at all, but I can't help but wonder if maybe he intentionally took too much medicine? He was expected to go on tour and be wonderful and he was not that young anymore, he was what 50? If he had in fact been abusing or self medicating for years then it would be hard for him to do a tour, which I imagine would be grueling. Also, he had to know that he would be worth more financially to his kids dead and legends usually die young. So, I can't help but wonder. I hope that wasn't the case, but it does make me curious. One reason I don't think he'd kill himself was because I doubt he'd want to leave his children without a father.

1900 days ago


number 298. a.g. ....Okay, first of all I don't think Debbie should get those kids, because SHE SOLD THEM TO MICHAEL JACKSON. I am not saying he was a pedophile, but there were allegations. So, what mother would knowingly leave her kids alone with someone that had been accused not once, but twice of pedophilia? Even if it isn't true, would you take a chance with your kids if you cared anything at all about them? Not only did she leave her kids alone with him (if they are in fact even her kids, just because she gave birth to them doesn't mean she is their bio mom or make her a mother in any way shape or form). I think it is ironic that Debbie has suddenly had a change of heart since MJ's death, I think it is more likely like you said, she is trying to get more money. She certainly isn't trying to protect her kids. However, I don't think Debbie was just using Michael, I think they used each other. He wanted children so he used her to get them and she used him to get money. I can't understand why he married her though, I mean he was married to Lisa Marie for goodness sakes, look at her and then look at Debbie. Maybe, making MJ marry her was her insurance plan to make sure she got money out of him after the kids were born? IDK, but I think it is so weird that MJ would marry her. However, this may of been one of the only women he could get to carry kids for him to raise by himself? If MJ is not the real father of the kids, then I also think whoever is their biological father shouldn't have rights to the kids either, I mean can you imagine having someone donate sperm/egg and then when you die they come around wanting your child? That is just insane. At the same time it does make u think twice about donating sperm/egg because what if a pedophile ends up with ur biological children to raise. (Not saying MJ was, but we don't know for sure) I do not think Debbie killed Michael. It does appear that Michael was a good father, at least according to his own daughter and for those kids sakes I hope he was. They (the kids) seem heartbroken and now they don't even know who is gonna raise them. It's just sad and on top of that, they are finding out that MJ may not be their biological father and that Debbie may not even be their biological mother either. Then on top of that, those kids will grow up reading terrible things in the tabloids and on the internet about their father. Was he a pedophile? I don't know, but I really hope not...If he were just some average person then I'd say probably so because what would anyone have to gain by accusing him, but since he is MJ and rich and famous then it is possible the boys were trying to get money, but it is also possible they were really telling the truth, I guess we will never know.....If he was a pedophile was he a good father? I think so and I hope so!.There are a lot of pedophiles that are good parents to their own children and only abuse others children and then their are parents that abuse their own children too. There are so many arguments that could be made like some say he wanted kids that weren't biologically his own to molest so he brokered a deal with Debbie to have kids and make the media think they were his own. I don't believe that at all. I think he wanted children of his own and maybe he couldn't biologically have kids so he then got Debbie to carry the kids? I know the kids don't look mixed, they look white so I am guessing MJ is not their bio father. On the other hand, I don't think MJ's mom should be raising the kids at her age either. Why doesn't one of his (MJ's siblings) take the kids? During his funeral the little girl was glued to Janet's side, so why doesn't she adopt them? At least that way you would know she wasn't after the money because she has her own money. I do not think Joe Jackson should help raise the kids at all, it has been proven that he wasn't a good father to his kids and pushed them into the entertainment industry to make money off of them when they were just babies. So, I'm afraid that if MJ's mom get's the kids that Joe will have a part in raising them and since MJ's mom didn't stand up to Joe when it came to her own kids then I doubt she'd stand up to him when it comes to MJ's kids. I do think the kids should be left with family, MJ's family to be exact, but not really his mother and father because 1. their age 2. because of how Joe Jackson is. However, I do think one of his siblings should raise the kids. To me it looks like MJ would of left the kids to one of his brothers or sisters, it would of been a smarter choice on his part. Diana Ross is 65 years old and that is also kind of old to be raising young children. Any of his brothers/sisters are younger than Diana Ross so they seem like the logical choice? Janet is only in her early 40's and I thought her and MJ were pretty close, it looks like she'd be the obvious choice? Macauly Culkin is the oldest children's god parent so I thought godparents

1900 days ago


TMZ, when I don't think you can get in lower, you prove me wrong!

1851 days ago



Could these "sources" be Murray, his $2 attorneys trying to confuse the situation! He is a murderer and he killed MJ PREMEDITATED, he'll pay! If not in the court, in People's court, Murray will pay, PERIOD!

1623 days ago
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