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Michael Jackson's Doctor -- Free to Go

6/28/2009 11:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson, Conrad MurrayDr. Conrad Murray, the personal physician to Michael Jackson, is free to travel if he wants to -- but he plans on staying in town "out of the goodness of his heart."

A rep for Murray's lawyer tells TMZ there is "no need for further questioning" of Murray, but says the doctor "wants to help out as much as possible."

Murray was interviewed by LAPD yesterday for three hours. He is not considered a suspect.


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just me    


1909 days ago

owl legs    

There is nothing unusual about this public relations tactic.

This Dr. might as well go on a luxury vacation now.

He ran the first time and he was brought back in custody.

There will be more than a first in this high profile tragedy certainly not adjudicated by the LAPD.

This is so sick, so sad.

MJ is always loved.

1909 days ago

Winsome Davis III    

If you want to be an expert at forensic evidence, go to university.
Most of the posters here probably haven't been able to get past grade nine,
which is about the level of intellect Michael Jackson attracted as an entertainer
so I'm not surprised.

1909 days ago


Actually, the very first thing I thought when I heard the news was that he had had enough of it all and commited suicide. I still think that!

1909 days ago


Yeah, he's free FOR NOW! He better enjoy freedom while it lasts. I'm not believing the nannies story. She said she had to buy birthday ballons b/c MJ is broke, but is renting a 100,000/month estate and can't afford $2 balloons. Not making sense

1909 days ago


About the Nanny and the money is in people

1909 days ago

owl legs    

20. I think this poor broke down nappy headed azz bitch will say whatever the Media wants to hear, to get a few nickles her gravey train is gone.....She didn't speak up before hand so why say anything now people like this should have their azz kicked I saw this Isaw that but hell I liked my job so much yet he was broke as hell and couldn't pay me.

Posted at 11:01AM on Jun 28th 2009 by Dilemma

I think the Nanny contributed some good things in both the kids and MJ's life.

But I think just like MJ they may not have been able to recognize slick vulchers in their lives, to some extent.

I've actually read different accounts by different journalists of this Nanny's testimony- versions of a story told by the Nanny, and it is clear that even some journalists were out to put their story out with their slant on it to make a buck in such a lucrative industry. Not thinking or just comfortable with the way a system works to exploit misfortunes.

So the Nanny like MJ may not have been schooled on systems of capitalism, corruption, extortion and those kinds of ideological related things, and many have just took whatever was given because that was all they knew.

There may be some truth and slants to all these stories which I do not think it should be blamed on the nanny nor said the Nanny to be flawless.

MJ is loved.

1909 days ago

just me    

29. If you want to be an expert at forensic evidence, go to university.
Most of the posters here probably haven't been able to get past grade nine,
which is about the level of intellect Michael Jackson attracted as an entertainer
so I'm not surprised.

Posted at 11:14AM on Jun 28th 2009 by Winsome Davis III

And why don't you write and speak proper ENGLISH! GET IN LINE AND KISS MY AMERICAN FEMALE @ss! I'm surrounded by Forensic Experts, Lawyers, Doctors and Law Enforcement all day, which my family have chosen as their careers.

So watch the innuendos regarding Americans and levels of educations! Did your country offer you an education for free!
The TERM *UNIVERSITY* gave your ignorance away!

1909 days ago


"out of the goodness of his heart."...? LOL

1909 days ago


31. Its no telling what he stole at Michaels house before he left!! Of course, only to be sold later on!!
Are you serious? When would he have had a chance to steal anything? While pumping Michael Jacksons chest? While in the ambulance on the way to the hospital?? He didn't even go back to get his car which was still parked there! I know Dr. Murray too and know that he would never do anything to harm anyone.

Posted at 11:16AM on Jun 28th 2009 by blackwidow


Okay if you know this "DR." Murray like you say & claim he will never hurt anyone, ANSWER ME THIS----Are you a CELEBRITY? Do you roll with FAMOUS CELEBRITIES, associate with CELEBRITIES or were you just one of his "regular" patients? YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT ANY HUMAN BEING IS CAPABLE OF, WHEN THEY GET INVOLVED WITH CELEBRITIES, & ESPECIALLY CELEBRITIES WITH SUPERSTAR STATUS SUCH AS THAT OF 'MICHAEL JACKSON'. Therefore, all you folks on here posting that you know this "Dr. MURRAY" & how he would never hurt anyone---BULL S**T!!

If that injection proves to be the LETHAL dose that STOPPED MICHAEL JACKSON HEART---the man will be taken into custody on HOMOCIDE charges. Because in that case the so called Dr. would have been the one that KILLED MICHAEL JACKSON. He would be held 100% RESPONSIBLE in his death. So lets save all the "HE WOULDNT HARM or HURT anybody".

And for all the people who are SICK of hearing about Michael Jackson all over the news, radio, & tv stations---STFU & turn off your TV/RADIO/ & COMPUTER & TAKE A WALK OUTSIDE SOME PLACE!! wtf? The man was a GLOBAL ENTERTAINER, he s going to be discussed & celebrated in every corny of the world & its not going to go away over night so get used to hearing about it.

1909 days ago


If this doctor shot him up with enough demoral to kill him then murder charges need to be filed my doc would never shoot me up with dope because i am in pain

1909 days ago

sparkys nemesis    

LAPD always seems sooooo lax in any investigation regarding a star. Slaps on the wrist always handed out. Why on earth wouldn't they probe a bit deeper with this doc????? Bill Brattin, are you listening?

1909 days ago


Did first of all anyone notice that she was in England ??? She was in England days before Michael's death talking to a journalist named Daphne from times UK.. waiting for Michael to arive for the This is it concerts and start a negative campaign against him!
Grace is an american citizen living in the US. Her story has several contradictions.. she almost admits blackmaling Michael and his familly and she was not terminamed last December but long time ago!

Wake up people!! Even if it's late, do not believe everything you read!

1909 days ago


Given all the speculation about his death, I find it ironic that the forensic department found nothing conclusive leaving the toxicology reports to provide some answers but not all, who gave him the final dose? If toxicology reports come back inconclusive, then there may be reason why the Doctor wanted to continue the process of CPR because Michael may have been given a sever blow to the chest enough to stop the heart, the Doctor was yet to be paid and he may have been there looking for money. I know we can't changed what happened but ,we are very sorry it happened let this be a wake up call to other celebrities and high profile people if you love your family please keep them close and keep a guarded watch.....RIP Michael...........

1909 days ago


The doctor is no good, but all doctors are no good.

Don't paint this guy as an exception.

Any of you who think you can trust your doctor will be deeply shocked when that doctor harms you, which is inevitable as negligence by doctors is pervasive.

Your doctor will turn on you so fast your head will spin.

He will lie, he will falsify medical records, he will do anything to ruin you so he won't be sued. It's not just "shady" doctors who do this, but "reputable" doctors too.

The whole medical profession has become a swamp, and there's absolutely no regulation. It's out of control.

1909 days ago
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