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Michael Jackson's Will Surfaces

6/29/2009 2:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonWe've learned Michael Jackson's lawyer has a copy of the singer's will and he intends to file it with the court.

We're told the Jackson family doesn't have a copy of the will in attorney John Branca's possession. It's unclear how many wills Jackson made but Branca believes it's the most current.

Branca has a long history with Jackson. In 1985, Branca brokered the deal for Jackson to purchase The Beatles' publishing catalogue.

Branca and Jackson stopped working together in 2006 but the singer hired him back just three weeks ago.


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The will reads: I leave everything I owe to my family.

1942 days ago


Do they even still own Neverland? You know they will push for Michael to be buried there and then turn the place into a muesum/amusement park.. charge $50 a head and have their own 'Graceland' money maker. I hope the will specifies that the kids get everything tied to his name and image as well as his worldly possessions, and that the court appoints some sort of overseerer to make sure their inheretance isn't sold off for years so they are left with nothing once they become adults.

1942 days ago


Legal types -a question
Once a will is filed is is private or public meaning places like umTMZ can get a copy or only those named in it or what?

1942 days ago


Jacksons don't have a copy

Oh to be a fly on the wall in the Jackson home right now, phone lines are burning up and the spin machine is frying the gears. The main goal will be to keep Jesse and Joe quiet until the will is filed but good luck with that.

1942 days ago


John Branca and Michael have a long professional relationship. He got some of the best contracts for Michael.

If the attorney is not allowing the family to know the will it is probably because Michael has not left anything to them. He probably led instructions to the guard of his children, the will must be all about his kids and his '"Heal the World" foundation.

I just hope the family bury him before they get to know the content of the will, otherwise they will probably through the corpse on the garbage...Joe is going to be so mad we're not going to see him laughing and dancing anymore.

1942 days ago

who gives a shit    

AND SO IT BEGINS...........................

1942 days ago


Keep Joe Jackson awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay from that will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1942 days ago


Joe and Katherine Jackson have been seperated for years now they no longer live together so any guardianship that Katherine is granted would not be transferred to Joe as a result of them living toghether.

1942 days ago

nikkis mom    

Everyone is blaming everyone else. Michael Jackson was a great entertainer.He was talented - I do not know anyone who could surpass him. Many of you are making him into Jesus Christ - get a life! He was a real man with so many problems and HE is the one RESPONSIBLE for his death. HE WAS A JUNKIE - I do not care if it was prescription - HE WAS A JUNKIE. HE KILLED HIMSELF...
All of you just want to blame everyone who has ever crossed his path. We are in charge of our own bodies. If he was so wonderful, so Christ-like - why would he have 3 kids and take drugs every day? Is that being a good parent?
I am sure he had many problems - but most of those problems were of his own making after he was of age.
He gave an interview - where he stated that he allowed younger boys to sleep in his bed. He surrounded himself with small boys , being told repeatedly - that this action could be taken the wrong way. HE STILL DID IT. and now...he is called a pedophile? AND THE PRESS MISTREATED HIM AND MISUNDERSTOOD HIM? He did this to himself just like he killed himself because he was a junkie.
In closing...Michael Jackson was a rare talent - he gave all of us some magical times to remember - but he was not Jesus Christ, he was not a Saviour, he was not a martyr. HE WAS A MESSED UP - VERY TALENTED - ECCENTRIC MAN. A singer, a writer, a dancer, a showman, a child, a junkie and WACKO JACKO. He was a man............................

It is not anyone fault - stop passing the blame - the blame is rested on his shoulders.

1942 days ago


55.....these children should have no contact with either Joseph or Katherine Jackson....Michael made sure they had very little contact with these two up until now.

1942 days ago


The problem is that a Will CAN NOT appoint guardianship or custody of his children. My father passed away last year and it was in his Will that i was to have guardianship of my 1/2 brother. But it had to go to court because the Register of Wills stated that a Will can not leave custody of a minor child to anyone. The courts are the only ones that can appoint guardianship. This is going to get UGLY !!!!

1942 days ago


OF COURSE Michael Jackson has a will! If he didn't, then hundred of lawyers in my opinion should have been held us as fools as this man has had countless lawyers over the last 40 plus years -- as a child through to adult -- and he's a huge corporation unto himself. One of the first things his lawyers surely did after every large change in his life -- such as the addition of children -- was to update his will! As a grown man, his parents may not have known about his will. Why would they unless they were involved in his businesses, which it seems they were not. Mike cut Joe out long ago, and I didn't think his mother had much to do with his businesses much at all -- and certainly not since he reached adulthood.

1942 days ago


Chris, wills can let the court know of the wishes of the deceased. That will aid the court.

I remember that Natalie Wood's will said that she wished for her girls to be raised together. Robert Wagner was biological father to Courtney, and Richard Gregson to Natasha. Because Natasha had lived with her mother and Wagner since she was about a year and a half, her biological father worked out custody so that she remained with Wagner, but that he had visits whenever he and Natasha wanted. They all got along, even sometimes celebrated holidays all together, and the kids were helped because of it. It would have been worse to have suffered the loss of their mother, then for sisters to love each other and Natasha the step father she had grown to love.

I think that if Debbie Rowe sees a healthy environment -- she'll allow physical custody to Katherine. They surely can pay her off if her concern is money. But, I do hope that Ms Rowe seeks a relationship with her children. The Jackson children -- ie Katherines and Joe's -- have been mostly successful but not necessarily emotionally the healthiest! If I were Rowe, and I believe she cares as she had her parental rights restored -- I would not let Joe Jackson raise my children without supervision. He was violent and emotionally abusive to his own kids, and no way should he be allowed free reign with his grand children.

1942 days ago


Good Lord..did i reac one is sure how many wills he has ? LOLOLOLOL leave it to Michael! I sure hope this doesn't turn into another James Brown frenzy-- people are already saying he isn't really dead... it doesn't take long for them to come out the woodwork lolol I love ou Michael.. you always were a prankster! funny how he just hired this man 3 weeks ago isn't it? Well he just hired ME this morning...lololol Rest In Peace sweet brother and son!

1942 days ago


None may want to believe it.
But MJ could have committed suicide...

He hired a Lawyer that Helped Him buy the Beatles Catalog, It has been reported that MJ has been living on the
made from Owning the Beatles songs... So He hired Him again to Draft a Will... Maybe He had something on His mind..
Maybe He just had enough..

It is Clear that He was Not a Mentally Well Person...

1942 days ago
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