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Clooney Caught in Bogus Celebrity Death Craze

6/30/2009 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

George ClooneyGood news everyone -- George Clooney is alive and well ... just like Jeff Goldblum and Natalie Portman.

For some reason, some seriously messed up people at dropped some evil rumors that Clooney was the latest star to croak this week ... and now, we've learned the fake stories have caused some serious concern within his circles.

TMZ spoke with Clooney's publicist, Stan Rosenfield, who told us he's been bombarded by frantic calls from legitimate media outlets and some of Clooney's friends who were genuinely shaken by reports of Clooney's death.

With the rash of actual celebrity deaths in the last few weeks, "death pranks" are at an all-time high -- but the people who are starting these terrible lies ... they're still the lowest of the low.


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who would start such rumors like that? Obviously people that are seriously messed up, insecure, have no lifes and need some help.

1943 days ago


Ok, Now im hearing rumors that rick astley is dead. Can sick ppl please stop with this nonsense

1943 days ago


I thought tha same thying: The people who lies about the death of someone is the worst of the worst ... criminals, because they don't think about the family and friends who don't know anything about their loved one and starts to worry if don't receive a call.
(Hope you can understand me I speak spanish not english )

1943 days ago


just above your rock bottom, tmz.

1943 days ago


TMZ why don't you post a clip of Jamie Foxx's "Michael Jackson is a
black man ~ he belongs to us" rant at the BET awards. Foxx and Diddy were
making comments they didn't think out. When Elvis died there was not
24 hour news cycle, therefore TV stations were showing constant
coverage to the point of making up stuff. CNN was not founded until
1980, there was no cable news. There was no internet! The Enquirer,
The Star, and People were the weekly "rags" gossip mags. There was
no twitter, facebook, myspace. It took several days if not weeks to
find out how Elvis died. And Elvis' photo in his coffin was
published in one of those mags. Lets hope MJ doesn't have to endure
that..... So, technology has changed and therefore we are exposed to
constant media. Elvis died 4 or 5 years before MTV, and before the
first personal music player (The Sony Walkman) was even made. So, we
eventually learned Elvis' dirt back then it took longer. So I hope
those two a$$ shut up!

1943 days ago


darn, that overrated whore goes on.

1943 days ago

who dat    

Many people have been more traumatized (from the wide variety of high profile people that have passed) lately. So how about lighten up on the pranks. Allow those whose need healing time to do so. Then feel free (after a period of time) to continue on with the games.

1943 days ago


OOOH NOOOOOO Not the token WHITE BOY of course not. RIP Michael Jackson! We love you!

1943 days ago


If only this whole thing with MJ was a hoax. I would forgive him. Anything just to have him back!

1943 days ago

wat a fool    

wat is wrong with people?? who would say that somebody died do they thnk there funny??? damn seriously people need to grow up!!!!!

1943 days ago

who dat    

btw The-highly bangable coctail waitresses throughout the nation, collectively breath a sigh of relief.

1943 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Putting an end to Hollywood may not be a bad idea. No really. I'm not kiddin',

1943 days ago

ole man    

Finally, something other than Michael jackson....was beginning to think this site was just about MJ, BTW.....let the man rest in peace, but, keep the low life family outa the news, they gonna milk this for all it's worth.....

1943 days ago


man there has been too many was deaths last week who ever started this rumor needs t get a life

1943 days ago
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