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Cops Interested in Another Michael Jackson Doc

6/30/2009 2:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold KleinWe've learned the LAPD wants to talk to Michael Jackson's longtime dermatologist Arnold Klein about drugs he may have prescribed or given Michael Jackson.

We're told Klein has already gotten a lawyer but as far as we know the LAPD has not spoken with him.

Michael Jackson was seen repeatedly going in and out of Dr. Klein's Beverly Hills office in the months before he died.


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49. Check this out.... What do you think Klein was looking at or thinking about when he came into a vile for MJ's future progeny?
You know how couples like to "Make Love" when they're trying for kids... so the kids will be conceived in "love" vibe.

Can you imagine what was going through this Doctor's mind when he Kerplunked into a jar for MJ?

Posted at 2:26PM on Jun 30th 2009 by Blondie
What makes you think he kerplunked in a jar. Didn't she work for him a one point. Maybe they made MJ kids the old fashion way!!!!!

1938 days ago

Michael Madsen    

I haven't heard this much chatter about sperm since Richard Simmons last hottub party.

1938 days ago


LOL. This is the guy the media are saying fathered MJ's first two kids. Expect the media to cash in for all it's worth, as they did during MJ's life.

1938 days ago

Cory (yes Feldman)    

Yesterday I posted Dr. Murray's Medical Record.
It was full of malpractice judgments, settlements and felony convictions and MANY of the same offenses that this new doctor coming to surface has.. check it out---why did he hook up with doctors like this except for pills. This is what pill doctors records look like.$LCEV2.QueryView?P_LICENSE_NUMBER=24719&P_LTE_ID=782

License Number: A24719
Public Record Actions: NONE AVAILABLE ON WEB SITE (To find out what information is and is not available on the Web site, please click here.)
Original Issue Date: JUNE 26, 1972
Expiration Date: FEBRUARY 28, 2011
Administrative/Disciplinary Action
No information available.

Administrative Action Taken by Other State or Federal Government
No information available from this agency.

Felony Conviction
No information available from this agency.

Misdemeanor Conviction
No information available from this agency.

Administrative Citation Issued
No information available.

Hospital Disciplinary Action
No information available from this agency.

Malpractice Judgment
No information available from this agency.

Arbitration Award
No information available from this agency.

Malpractice Settlements
No information available from this agency.

1938 days ago

nira k    

Good old Arnie Klein supposedly "brokered" the deal for Debbie Rowe , who was in Klein's employ at the time, to act as surrogate for Michael Jackson. Now we hear that MJ's first two children are mot the biological children of either Jackson or Rowe. The Klein connection thickens.
Also, Doctors, such as Klein, who perform surgeries in their offices or surgicenters will have Demerol on hand for post op pain, shivering, etc. No need to write nasty old TRACEABLE prescriptions when the drug vials can be passed hand to hand. Check out drug purchase records for Klein's office.

1938 days ago


There is NO PROOF that Klein gave him the Demerol!

1938 days ago


Michael Jackson was HOOKED ON DRUGS, to everybody he was a "celebrity addict", regular folks are "drug addicts".

I blame Michael and the doctors, he went from one doctor to another, he spent more time going in and out of the dermatology clinic, now we know why.

His family is pathetic, they knew he was on drugs, talking about they wanted a second autopsy, HELL HE DIED OF A DRUG OVERDOSE IDIOTS.

1938 days ago

I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

Please read post #59 - after all, that person spent two hours concocting and typing it.

1938 days ago

first hand knowledge    

I have first hand knowledge and dealings with this doctor.... yall need to stop speculating and guessing, He is a good doctor and an all around gernerous and kind guy. Seems like everyone is looking for a someone to blame. Think about it... going to see a dermatologist 4 weeks before you make a 50 concert tour in Europe... like all of yall wouldnt be there yourselves. Stop hating and wait for the facts. People need to stop trashing others ans let law enforcement do their job. And who gives a rats ass who the bio dad is... I'm sure lots of folks have kids and they arnt the bio parents...

1938 days ago


Klein is supposed to be Prince and Paris' biological father...according to US Magazine.

1938 days ago


*** "no whining"

You need to shut your ignorant mouth. That is EXACTLY what happens EVERY time some idiot celebrity lands on People Magazine.

Maybe if you were educated and worked with ill people and knew the truth about what goes on, you wouldn't run your mouth off. So keep your ignorance to yourself and shut it.

1938 days ago


Now all doctors are going to deprive suffering patients who actually have a medical need for painkillers because of this bizarre situation. All doctors are evil. They are supposed to put patients first, but that is a crock. They are out for themselves first and foremost.

1938 days ago


Hey #40, instead of lurking around this site why don't you visit message boards of chronic pain victims. Doctors absolutely withhold legit rx treatment. Once people like Jackson make it a high profile thing, it becomes hysteria in the medical community. Obviously you're lucky enough not to have any disability other than stupidity but this point can't be overstated.

1938 days ago


60. Tiannia--
It is not just celebrities who take prescription drugs. There are plenty of everyday people. Moms and Dads. People you'd never expect. To the addict, the addiction always comes first. Opiates are a very very common dependency. It is just that celebrities have access to more money and connections.

Posted at 3:00PM on Jun 30th 2009 by Viv

Excuse me but, I already realize that regular everyday individuals are also battling addictions to prescription MEDS. I was not talking about "EVERYDAY" people. Michael Jackson is a Celebrity, Heath Ledger-CELEBRITY, Anna Nicole Smith-CELEBRITY, Elvis Presely-CELEBRITY, Marilyn Monroe-CELBRITY & they all DIED with prescription drug addictions. Who doesn't know that teenagers & adults in the world acquire these same addictions. Find somebody elses post to comment on. I spoke about what I wanted to speak about...CELEBRITIES that died from prescription drugs. Stupid.

1938 days ago


Perhaps he died directly on OD, BUT what REALLY killed him wasn't it! It was the greed of the BIG PLAYERS, those that FORCED him to sing for 50 SHOWS, while he wasn't up to the task physically and mentally. He said publicly he wanted to do 10 SHOWS, at most. He felt he has the power for that, only. Not for 50! He doesn't wanted to look weak on stage! He doesn't wanted to disappont us! Those who organized the 50 shows handled MJ like a DOG! Why there is no a single word on it??? They want to seek for some poor scapegoats, and in the end they will blame his death on his own addiction...

OR, if it turns out it was his heart, they will blame his sickness. They won't tell his sickness (Lupus) is the kind that gets seriously worse by too much stress and exertion. BTW, it worsened first by the time of the lawsuits. Do I need to tell you the symptoms of lupus? It's f.ex. PAINS and inflammations in the whole body...

So to speak you people almost punished your idol, and now these businessmen ended the work.

1938 days ago
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