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Jackson/Rowe Not the Biological Parents

6/30/2009 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've learned Michael Jackson was not the biological father of any of his children. And Debbie Rowe is not the biological mother of the two kids she bore for Michael. All three children were conceived in vitro -- outside the womb.

Multiple sources deeply connected to the births tell us Michael was not the sperm donor for any of his kids. Debbie's eggs were not used. She was merely the surrogate, and paid well for her services in the births of Michael Jr. and Paris.

In the case of Prince Michael II (the youngest), we're told the surrogate was never told of the identity of the "receiving parent" -- Michael Jackson. Three days after Prince was born at Grossmont Hospital in San Diego County, Jackson's lawyer came to the hospital to pick the baby up and deliver him to Michael.

We do not know if Jackson chose the sperm or egg donors or if he even knew who they were.

Although Rowe is not the biological mother, it's not a slam dunk that she would lose a custody battle. This type of case has never been litigated in California courts. Since Rowe was married to Jackson when Michael Jr. and Paris were born, there's a presumption that she's the biological parent. That presumption can be rebutted by other evidence.

We know there are documents outlining the whole arrangement for the birth of all three kids. Nonetheless, it's still an open issue with the courts.

Michael Jackson's kids


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People, Seriously. How can you think for a moment those were his biological kids, they are white. Michael is black, bleached skin or whatever he did, his sperm still carries black DNA. His kids would be black, no matter what race the mother was it would be the prominent gene. How could you ever think those kids were his biologically. Ugh. Some of you guys scare me. In the end, no matter what, they were his children, he was a loving father and I hope they continue to be loved and cared for from here on out. I just wonder why he would want them around his father though, given how he abused and used Michael when he was a kid. Hopefully he is not really around much, Sumors have it Ms. Jackson has been living seperate from abuser Joe for a while. Hopefully it stays that way so she can raise Michael's kids. Dont know about this Debbi character. She's been a no show for years, probably best for kiddos if she stayed that way. They've been thru enough.

1936 days ago


I feel sorry for the children. Just think of how hard it will be for them to deal with...everything. Suddenly losing their, the man they THOUGHT was their father. Finding out he wasn't their father. Finding out their mothers were basically just incubators. Learning about the drug abuse/addiction...and plastic surgery...and skin bleaching...just all of it.

Anyway, I feel reasonably sure that Rowe is the bio mom of the two older kids, not only because they look A LOT like her (especially Paris--her chin is definitely Rowe's chin!), but because she has said she'll gladly have DNA tests to prove it. I don't think she'd say that if she knew it wasn't true, because the DNA tests would reveal that.

But if Rowe gets custody of the two older kids, what about the youngest? Splitting them up would be unfair to all of them, but she has no claim whatsoever to the youngest child. So I don't know how this is going to play out, but I hope the resolution is in the best interest of the kids.

1935 days ago


I do watch your show with my daughter and had to ask my daughter if you "guys "were paid for this show.In light of Michael Jackson's death,I guess you "guys "were right on the money.As for paternity of the two oldest kids,I agree with Bla they do look like Debbie and Michael.Paris has Debbie's chin and Michael lanky like his father and giving birth does not a parent make,but I guess where money is aplenty it matters

1935 days ago


the kids honestly look like their parents, so i can't say i agree with this.

1935 days ago

Tired of all the bs    

OK,OK THINK ABOUT THIS PPL, THOSE KIDS WERE BORN after THE FIRST SO CALLED MOLESTATION CLAIM, So don't you think that when Michael went up for custody that the judge would have ordered a paternity test on them, he wouldn't just hand over children that aren't biologically connected to anyone with "suspected" child abuse claims against them, also if you look closely at prince he has his fathers eyes totally and paris has a tan complexion,as for the blonde hair on prince when he was little obviously it was dyed,it was almost white, not to mention MJ went to great lenghths to cover his children up, that would mean yes alternating their appearence and finally my son os QUOTE half black, and yes there was a paternity test cuz well he doesn't remotely look it, he has "WHITE" ppl hair sandy brown,green eyes and white skin,you can tell through some of his features that he has something in him, soo that being said unless you were there when those children were created don't judge one day your child could come out not looking a dam thing like their father and you won't be feeling very comfortable with all the doubt around you, MJ is gone wth does it really matter, let his family ie children grieve without ppl making them question the only stable person in their life who loved them more than his own life,all anyone needs to know about MJ IS THAT HE WAS ONE HELL OF A MUSICIAN ARTIST AND DANCER, he broke sooo many barriers and that is that

1935 days ago


It seems to me that as long as a gossip tobloid or t.v. uses the words " our sources say" they can say anything they want no matter how untrue it is. I think you are pretty stupid if you believe anything from tmz or any other gossip t.v.

1934 days ago

lawry, from France    

Hello, reading you all from france i'm very surprised that the skin colour seems to be such a problem.
Wether or not MJ children are genetically his, he was their father and so think the kids.
I (and people i talk with, i'mnot tlaking baout frend medias) never believed MJ was pedophile, it's just impossible due to his psychological construction.
but i wonder about the kids: being raised by grandma & grandpa: so old people, and with strong beliefs (jehovah as it's said?) and so involved in making money of their dad's talent...
Hope this kids will be fine, some day.
MJ didn't deserve such a doom he had.
I'm not a real fan, but just looking at his life & music/dance with good eyes.

Sorry for my english, i didn't practise for 25 years.
RIP MJ, may your children be blessed.

1934 days ago


This is BS....TMZ you're full of it before MJ died you were dogging him calling him all these all of a sudden its like you are his best friend all respectful.......YOU'RE FULL OF IT....

1934 days ago


These poor children. W either or not this story is true, these kids are going to through more then any child should have to. They’ve lost their father and now their absent mother is going for custody, and what will happen to the youngest if the mother gets custody. My heart breaks for them.

1934 days ago


Just wondering if the "Rev." Al Sharpton is considering these poor children as "us". I want follow-up stories. I think they can be a true test of the victim thang that most "minorities" claim. Despite not knowing what $20 mill. put in their hands means right now, will they be on welfare in 3 years playing the race card or will they put this all aside and move along? Inquiring minds want to know. Let's see if they can dance or not. That will be the true test.

1933 days ago


I have a question for all of you "WONDERFUL" fans of Michael Jackson. The last several years, his record sales have gone down. He was in finacial ruins. He actually had to go to another country to stage a come back. Now, since his death, his record sales have risen, and just like roaches, you have all come out of the wood work proclaiming how much you ADORE him and how BIG of a fan you are. Sad thing is, this is doing him no good, now that he is dead. Where were you wonderful, adoring fans when he was alive?

1933 days ago


DNA tests will tell it all.
Many people buy eggs, buy sperm and hire a surrogate mom.
Some just buy eggs and use their sperm and hire a surrogate.
Debbie's chin would more than likely be inherited by a male son.
Most girls resemble their dads and most boys resemble their mom's.

1933 days ago


To answer the question - "why didn't Jackson use his own sperm."
It is obvious he did not want any black genes in his children as he did not in himself and did his best to eliminate any evidence of appearing to be black.

1933 days ago


does it realy matter that he is not there bio father...he was there for them, he took care of them, when they were sick he was there, im 21 years old and i have a bio father but my whole childhood he was in prison i dont know him as far as what is his favorit food or color, i almost didnt call on fathers day cause i didnt really fell like it...i did call him but my heart wasent realy in it i just felt obligated and thats because he wasnt there...i always wished i could have had a father a real father someone to take me to the zoo or even rember my father never did that one year he didnt call me...i would have loved to have a father even if he wasnt my bio. father at least someone was there.....and micheal was there father he rembered the day they were born he loved them and they loved him it didnt matter what he looked like what he done they loved him because he was daddy and thats all that matters even though he wasent ther bio father they were so lucky to have a man who said he was there father and loved them so much and it sad cause they lost that they will never fill that love from another man like that far as i see it those are his kids and that is there father whom they will never see, hold, kisses, love them again....

1933 days ago


None of the kids look like Michael Jackson did while he was in the Jackson 5. As for who their mother is, I cannot say. One thing is certain, those kids are not biologically Jackson's kids.

These people posting comments about how the youngest one is a spitting image of Michael are insane. The kids sort of looks like Michael did after 1989, when he turned himself into a white woman.

1932 days ago
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