MJ's Animals Won't Flock Back to Neverland

6/30/2009 4:16 PM PDT
If Neverland Ranch is turned into a memorial site for Michael Jackson, don't expect MJ's once beloved animals to make a triumphant return.

We spoke to Tippi Hedren -- who runs the Shambala Preserve in California where MJ's former tigers (Thriller and Sabu) live -- and she said, "The animals will not be going back ... they're staying with me at the sanctuary."

We also talked to Freddie Hancock -- the owner of the Voices of the Wild Foundation in Arizona which houses MJ's giraffes, birds and reptiles -- and she told us, "These animals have become a part of our lives as they were a part of Michael's ... [the return to Neverland] would depend on a variety of circumstances."