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Delivery Man: I Took Rx Drugs to Jackson Home

7/1/2009 9:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Photogs tracked down a guy from Mickey Fine pharmacy -- the pharmacy that sued MJ in 2007 over a $100,000 bill -- who says he made deliveries to the Jackson family's Encino home, where Michael frequently visited.

Delivery man: Click to watch
The guy said he didn't know if the deliveries went to Michael because different names were often used on the packages.


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Hmm, different names...sounds like another Anna Nicole situation! If this freak would have eaten right and excercised, oh yeah-and not molested young boys, he would probably would have been able to sleep at night.

1909 days ago


He could have been paying he bill for the family RX needs. My son pays my bill; which runs $2,000/mo for 11 RXs. What is funny is I do not have a serious illness. No heart, diabetes,kidney conditons. So why does my doctor prescribe all these. Each one is for a different ailment. Some taken daily, some not. U cannot determine drug usage of a person by how many RXs they get.

1909 days ago


There has to be a better way to verify names on prescription drugs or these problems will continue. Drug pushing doctors need to be penalized just as an illegal drug dealer. Money talks and these people believe they get away with it......until a death occurs.

1909 days ago


And of course the pharmacist thought nothing of all the different names on scripts being delivered to one home....I get that in the end the person putting the drug in their mouth is responsible however I do not get that these drug dealing Drs and pharmacists are not held accountable for anything. Yes Anna Nicole and countless other star types but what about us? What happens when we make the mistake of using this irresponsible , if not incompetent, pharmacist to dispense our medications? Can we trust his judgment on what drug interactions might occur, if he is choosing the appropriate meds etc.
It is not just about the damn stars with the yes men around them it is about us too and it hacks me off.

1909 days ago

Fools Rush In    

OK, delivery guy needs to be fired, that is a major violation of Federal LAWS for HIPPA, patient privacy and confidentiality. .

1909 days ago


His doctors could be drug addicts.

Doctors should be drug tested.

It's pretty crazy that people let surgeons they know nothing about knock them unconscious and cut them open. No one's really regulating these guys. Not the insurance co, or the state agency, or the hospital.

Just because a doctor has a "clean record" is meaningless. Doctors get away with the most heinous acts and it doesn't go on their record.

People think they would've "heard" something bad about their doc, but they wouldn't. Even lawsuits are secret if it's through arbitration. Any doctor that demands binding arbitration should be avoided, or don't sign it.

Hospitals keep unfit doctors on staff as long as they are bringing in money.

Sometimes the doctors with the best reputation are the biggest danger because they hide behind their impressive resume, and no one would believe the truth.

1909 days ago


That is the same pharmacy that Anna Nicole's drugs came from OMG!!!!!!!

That "Mickey Fine Pharmacy" is where Anna Nicole Smith's drugs were purchased.

This is a drug ring in Hollywood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1909 days ago


Wonder how much this guy got paid. People coming out of the wood work saying how they warned him and he begged for drugs and they delivered all sorts of drugs. We get it. He took a lot of rx drugs for a lot of different things. All these people he was surrounded by gave them to him. Yes he is an adult and can make his own decisions, but when you start out so young with people giving you all sorts of stuff it kinda sticks with you. If he had never been famous would he have been addicted? Probably not. But when you are a celebrity and have money you can get all sorts of stuff that normal people can't. And instead of these people around him trying alternative methods of pain management or helping him sleep, they just pushed a bottle of pills in front of him. There is always someone there with their hand out willing to say "Yes" to any demand. If they know that they will keep trying untill they get what they want. If the people who surrounded celebrities actually cared about more than their bank accounts and what they could get out of it then they would do everything they could to not let this kind of thing ever start.

1909 days ago


He should be fired.


1909 days ago

who gives a shit    


1909 days ago


This man is driving on prescription medication

1909 days ago


Pharmacists have a responsibility to turn in doctors who are over prescribing or prescribing outside their field of expertise. For example, a dermatologist would not be writing prescriptions for general anesthetics, a plastic surgeon would not be writing prescriptions for prenatal vitamins, an oral surgeon would not be writng prescriptions for birth control pills. Some physicians have restrictions on their licenses. They cannot legally write for Class II narcotics, for example. Another physician may have a restricted license regarding writing scripts for stimulants, etc. Pharmacists that are aware of these restrictions have an obligation to notify the state medical board when they receive a prescription written by a physician with a restricted license. I had to do this once and the doctor's license to practice medicine was pullled permanently.

1909 days ago


That is the same pharmacy used by Anna Nicole Smith's doctors.

I followed her case closely and remember it was the "Mickey Fine Pharmacy" that was used by her doctors to fill her prescriptions.

1909 days ago

Cory (yes Feldman)    

no it's not the same drug store
that was Key Drugs on Ventura Blvd.

1909 days ago


Not's the same pharmacy!!!!!!!!

Look up and you'll see the owner of Key Pharmacy was the same person.

Do your research before you blurt and sound ignorant.

1909 days ago
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