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Quoting Quincy: MJ 'Didn't Want To Be Black'

7/2/2009 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Quincy Jones reacts to Michael Jackson's DeathHe knew Michael Jackson better than anyone (he says their souls were joined) -- now record producer Quincy Jones is speaking out about the singer's death ... and some of Jackson's "issues."

In an interview with Details mag, Jones says Michael never accepted his race: "It's ridiculous, man! Chemical peels and all of it. And I don't understand it. But he obviously didn't want to be black ... You see his kids?"

Jones also reveals Bubbles the chimp once bit a hole in his daughter's hand ... who knew?


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Just because Quincy Jones married and had kids with white females doesn't mean he also hated being black. Quincy never had numerous operations on his face or bleached his skin and straighten his hair just to try to look white. Quincy did none of that but MJ did. And his kids are at least 50% black and consider themselves black. Michael Jackson became the poster child of black self hatred. He took custody of three white children claiming those were his biological kids. The Jackson family may have no legal right to those kids if they never were adopted because they are definately not his biological and if they are not even Debbie Rowe's then that's a bigger problem. Nobody has a right to claim custody of the kids. Why did this nut go around trying to pass these white kids off as his biological kids?

1936 days ago


Did people really need someone to state that? If you did not realize Jackson did not want to be black and wanted to be white you are living under a rock or are complete idiot. I am not even a Jackson fan and new he wanted to be white.

He bleached himself, did chemical peals, all his girlfriends/wife's were white and his kids are white. There are rumors stirring those kids are not even his that he paid someone to use there sperm and I honestly do believe that because look at his kids, take a very good and close look at his kids threw the years. They look 100% white, they do not look a bit bi-racial nor do they even look a bit like Micheal

1934 days ago


Sheila at 186,

Nina Simone did an interview before she died where she said that Quincy Jones constant parade of white women destroyed Michael's psyche.


Quincy Jones is doing to Michael what he got so upset that Tupac once did to him. An so the world turns.

How disrespectful.

Everyone should look up Quincy's daughter Kenya (he loves naming his white children African/black sounding names) and see how much she looks like Paris. LOL.

He also wrote about how much he loved blue eyes in his autobiography.

1934 days ago


Michael didn't want to become white,he has vitiligo,just like me..

1933 days ago

mother truth    

Mr Jones is in the same damn boat, He has never been married to a african amaerican woman. So thats the pot calling the kettle black.

1932 days ago


Umm... Quincy, have you seen YOUR kids? 'Nuff said.

1883 days ago


When I was younger I was a dead ringer for MJ.
If you look at a picture of him when he was 14, thats me all the way.
If a person saw me now they would say I have no resembles to him.
If you listen to the lyrics of "Man in the Mirror"
and "Jam" where he says Quote( I told my Bothers, don't you ask me for no favors, Im conditioned by the system, dont you talk to me dont sream and shout).
I dont think he wanted to be white at all.
I think he wanted to be lighter and at a younger age like me, he was teased about his Nose, andhow big it he thought it was so he changed it and kepted changing it until it was to small, but who cares I liked MJ and his music and to me he will always represent a positive black man and a credit to his race.

385 days ago
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