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Sarah Palin a Quitter? You Betcha!

7/3/2009 3:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Failed vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin sure likes to finish what she starts ... she just announced she's stepping down as Governor of Alaska later this month.

Sarah Palin: Click to watch
Palin also said she won't seek a second term in 2010 -- Lieutenant Governor Sean Parnell is set to take her place.

It's not clear exactly why she's turning her back on the citizens of Alaska, but people suspect she has her sights set on the White House in 2012.


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Whenever someone calls Sarah Palin a "b" all I can think of is the fact that they must be pretty jealous of someone so good-looking, smart, successful, who appears to have a happy spouse and kids. And I wonder what's missing in their own life?! Mrs. Palin should be the type of grown-up woman we want our daughters to look up to - Forget your political leanings or whether you believe moms should stay home or work, she's an all-around successful person and I admire her.

1935 days ago


This one time mayor of Wassilla was not prepared to be governor, not prepared to be vice president. She is an ambitious woman who is given much opportunity but incapable of managing anything to its fullest. She can't even complete her term in office as governor. This says everything about her priorities. Conservatives are crazy if they fill she is prepared to be a candidate in the next presidential election.This is a bimbo plan and simply and any intelligent person knows it. I wouldn't be surprised if she resigned rather than face a scandal. Wonder what was coming her way?

1935 days ago

ordinary citizen that is held accountable for his actions    

She's resigning AND not running for re-election. She IS a quitter, but Alaska will be better off without her, so it's okay.

1935 days ago


Ummm her term isn't completed, so therefore she's a QUITTER. She is not completing her term as Governor of Alaska she's ending it at the end of the month.

She has no hope for being a Presidential candidate in 2012, she didn't complete her term.If she was sick she would have anoounced it, something more image damaging must be coming out. They were in the process of investigating her ass during the Presidential election, maybe they have evidence of wrongdoing.

1935 days ago


Wait a minute: can she sing? can she dance? With shorter hair, a flatter chest, and a pair of Ray-Bans she'd look just like MJ! The show must go on, after all. Has anyone seen choreographers arriving in Wasilla?

1935 days ago



1935 days ago


Yea she's crazy alright, crazy like a fox!

1935 days ago


i really hope palin runs.. seriously.. then we will have the DEMS for another 4 years. So sarah.. lease run.. Please!!!!

1935 days ago


WTF does Michael Jackson's drug use have to do with being a QUITTER. Usually when you stop using drugs, you are labelled a QUITTER which is a good thing. He was working until the day before he died, so he couldn't be called a quitter.A druggie, yep, quitter no.

1935 days ago

Some Faustkateer    

Palin's 14yro is preggers! That is where Letterman's joke originated. Betchya a nickel.....

1935 days ago

Miss Bu    

Next on tmz Willow Palin is pregneant.

1935 days ago


Finally a woman president!! Go Sara Palin!! Shred up the liberal sheep and their socialist media!! I wonder if all you liberals can handle our next President Palin??? I love that sound!! President Palin!! Woo Hoo!!

1935 days ago


Again, it's not for Dems to decide who the Republicans choose as their candidate. I was hoping beyond hope that the Dems would pick anyone but the inexperienced mulatto O-bow-ma. So Palin could very well be the Republican nominee and it will all by about how much O-bow-ma sucks and not on her. Just like McCain had to take all the garbage about Bush. The Black(mulatto) Jimmy Carter is sure to lose to any Republican nominee if unemployment is above 9 percent. I remember when O-bow-ma was bitching in September when it just hit 6 percent.

1935 days ago


She must have done something pretty bad that she knows is going to hit the fan ... otherwise, it wouldn't make sense that she would abandon this job as Gov. this early, even if in her dillusional mind, she thought she had a shot at running for Prez in 2012. Watch for more to this story!

1935 days ago


Thank Goodness she is outta there! Couldn't stand looking at her or worse yet, listening to her for the last year. BE GONE ALREADY... Don't wait until the end of the month! JUST GO!

1935 days ago
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