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Debbie Rowe -- Full House?

7/4/2009 4:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While we wait to see whether or not she mounts a battle for custody of her possibly biological children, Michael Jackson's ex-wife Debbie Rowe was spotted out at her mother's house yesterday after running errands.



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God bless you Debbie!!

1939 days ago


I have no problem with Ms. Rowe seeking guardianship of her own children. What I do take issue with is the over used word "SPOTTED". Every time I hear or read that someone was spotted I expect to see that they have spots all over their bodies. Whatever happened to "was seen"????

1939 days ago


With all the 'millions' she received from Michael, you would think she wouldn't look like and dress like a homeless person!

1939 days ago


My god MJ could of had just about anyone birth his children this women is so unattractive and not even classy looking why did he choose this baby selling thing?

1939 days ago


She looks more grounded and sensible than anyone in the Jackson clan. I hope her children can at least get to know her, hopefully they have a long future ahead of them, and they will need someone to be there for them all the way, and I am thinking graduations, weddings, children, I don't think it will be the Jacksons.

I also wonder if the media and fans will always continue their interest in the children if they know for sure that they had no bio connection to MJ, but they are Debbie's.

I followed this from the beginning, and know that Debbie was forced out by the Jackson machine.

1939 days ago


What difference does it make how Debbie Rowe dresses? I am sitting here in my living room in a pair of ugly green over-sized shorts, a peach colored top that is too big, too loud, too old. But inside is a decent, nice and generous human being. So let's not judge a person by their clothes. I am not homeless, I can afford to go out and buy new clothes, I just choose not to. Maybe Debbie Rowe chooses to spend her money on her animals instead of on designer clothes. After all, it is HER money. Yes, Michael gave it to her in return for something he wanted, but it is HER money.

1939 days ago


Got a TON of cash to birth 2 kids~looks like a homeless person!!!

BTW~You signed away your rights as a parent to those kids...why would you think the family would let you anywhere near them?! Money Whore!

1939 days ago


I would like to know what her shirt says, it looks like shes trying to hide the words. Maybe it says something sarcastic about getting money from men lol. I would want some kids too if I was no longer going to get something to the tune of $750,000 a year from their father, but now the kids were in line for all the money. No wonder why he said in his will that he doesn't leave anything to Debbie Rowe "no matter what she says", she would be expecting her money to continue rolling in. Seems like it's okay for her not to care to keep her kids with her as long as she's being paid, but as soon as that money runs out she wants the kids back? Or possibly just another way to get money. Problem is she has ruined her character for selling her kids for money and now she should be believed for her sincerity? hhhmmm

1939 days ago

Yolanda Nixon    

If she's the mother of two of those kids, shouldn't she be the LOGICAL choice for raising them? I also think they should all go together. Blanket may not be hers but he's part of the deal the way I see it.

1939 days ago


Considering how she looks, I think it's a safe bet that MJ was gay.

1939 days ago


Is that Debbie Rowe's face??? CAN'T SEE IT FOR THE GIANT DOLLAR SIGNS IN HER EYES!!! Back off those kids, money grubber-no one with sense thinks you should get them!

1939 days ago

chicken head    


1939 days ago


When someone has a ton of money...they can pretty much get what they want, I am sure Debbie did not even have a chance to fight MJ to have her own kids. She might not of wanted to put the kids through all the legal battle. I do agree on some points, if MJs dad is around, don't let those kids be in a home around him. He is only looking to promote himself and money...what would he push those kids into doing...?? Same as MJ. I think the kids need a normal home, away from all the stardom of their father....or supposive father. Give them a chance to have a normal life. I love the Jacksons, have listened to them since I was young, but as a mother now myself, you only look out for the kids, and what is best for them.

1939 days ago


Can You say UGLY?? My goodness, not only is she UGLY, she looks like an angry, bitter woman. And for being 50 years old she looks haggard, neck and face all wrinkled up. No class, No Style, No shame !! This is not a woman who wants, nor ever wanted to have a family. It was all about the $$$$$$$$$ !!!!!

1939 days ago


#2 LMAO...she does have spots, you just can't see them

1939 days ago
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