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Debbie Rowe -- Full House?

7/4/2009 4:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While we wait to see whether or not she mounts a battle for custody of her possibly biological children, Michael Jackson's ex-wife Debbie Rowe was spotted out at her mother's house yesterday after running errands.



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No way she should have these kids. She knows nothing about Michael. Shes hungry for money. Thats all.

1876 days ago


Debbie Rowe may not be the most beautiful woman in the world but she is the woman that carried those two children for Michael Jackson. Someone on here said that she was so ugly Michael wouldn't touch her with a ten foot pole and that's why he chose artificial insemination with someone else's sperm. The bottom line is that he chose Debbie Rowe and someone else's sperm because Michael Jackson wanted his children to be WHITE. There.

1876 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

Don't get me wrong though. I'm a fan but I believe if you have the money you can get what ever you want no matter the cost to people around you.

Posted at 5:10PM on Jul 4th 2009 by christine


I'll say it again ... if she really wanted to see or spend time with the children all she had to do was walk into any high profile attorney's office and say so. Without a doubt the attorney would have taken that case pro bono b/c of all of the publicity it would have generated and she would have won b/c there would have been no reason for her to not have rights with her biological children. If MJ tried to block the visitation, back to the attorney and again she would have won and MJ would have been smacked down. Did she do that? Nope. Even a public defender could have gotten her visitation rights. She didn't want that. Why now? They will settle out of court and the children will stay with the Jacksons. At this point, I think the most intelligent remark that I've read was to give the to Brad and Angelina ~ how sad is that?

1876 days ago

I Love Joe    

17. Can You say UGLY?? My goodness, not only is she UGLY, she looks like an angry, bitter woman. And for being 50 years old she looks haggard, neck and face all wrinkled up. No class, No Style, No shame !! This is not a woman who wants, nor ever wanted to have a family. It was all about the $$$$$$$$$ !!!!!

Posted at 11:53AM on Jul 4th 2009 by Jenny

LMAO!! You couldn't have said it better. I was looking for a good laugh and I finally found one. This money hungry cow is just hideous isn't she? The kids would probably be ashamed to be seen in the public with her. Michael was for sure much more better and younger looking. I wonder if she has a penis and a vagina. Obviously, she's been eating too many Mc Donald's big macs and too many ho hos. Maybe that's where all the money Michael gave went. In her belly. LOL! I can't believe some people are actually defending her. I have no remorse for a money hungry, evil person.

1875 days ago

I Love Joe    

2. With all the 'millions' she received from Michael, you would think she wouldn't look like and dress like a homeless person!

Posted at 10:58AM on Jul 4th 2009 by Coryj

That's what happens when you spend your money on nothing but food.

1875 days ago


I do not see how any of you people could ever say thank God for Debbie, the lady sold her kids to the highest bidder. Now that the money is gone and he is gone she seems to think she deserves those children. We all know that it has already came out that the children may not even belong to him at all, so does that mean that if it came down to her taken the children with no money would she still want them at all????? Ask yourself within, well would she??? I seriously doubt it!!! If she did not think nothing about selling them before, she will not want them without the money attatched!!! It does not take a rocket scientist to figure that one out!!!

1875 days ago


Who cares what she looks like and her appearance. People are so f**king superficial. Stupid idiots.

1875 days ago

Another Comment    

Lovely photo's of a beautiful family. It is my hope that Debbie and Katherine can put their differences aside and do what's best for the children.

1875 days ago


Best thing she can do is stay away now. They counghildren 1. Dont know her. 2. She will take the two eldest and leave the youngest. They just lost thier father why seperate them. NO NO NO. Im sorry im a single parent and i fought in court for four years to keep my kids. no amount of money would have kept me away ever. Debbie was happy to not have them for 8.3mill, so leave these poor children alone. Just like Tiger Lily she is a lovely long girl now. these babies need the family they have known.

Put everything else aside -- they are just children and they have lost the only father they have ever know infact the only parent they had.

1875 days ago


Michael removed the mother from his kids life because he wanted to have total loyalty from his kids. Most children are more attached to the mother. If they loved their mother more, he would have been devastated. He had to get her out of the picture. He wanted to be the one they loved and depended on.
It seems to me that if he really wanted what was best for the kids, he would have wanted to keep their mother in their lives.
We all know that kids benefit from having both parents.
When you are rich and powerful you get what you want, no matter who you hurt.

1874 days ago



1872 days ago


i think debbie rowe should not have the kids. she is after more money. she said on tv that she is broke. i don't know about anybody else but i could live the rest of my life on what mj paid her. if mjs mother does not get the kids then they should go to diana ross or the nanny that they know. mjs mother would be wise to hire the nanny to help her raise the children.and the shuld get a pfa to keep mjs dad away from them.

1872 days ago


OMG look at this beef-a-rillo ! I'm sure it was an artificial insemination. Imagine this pig riding Michael ? She would have broken his back

1871 days ago


To the intelligent posts # 40, 47, 57, 58, and 80, I totally agree. You all hit the nail on the head, Debbie has taken the high road and has kept quiet, when she could have raked in millions to the tabloids about all the Jackson's family sordid lives. I don't know why some ignorant and mean spirited commenters here psot such vile comments about Debbie's looks, and how no wonder MJ didn't impregnate her??!! At his age of 50 years old, and never having a biological child of his own, doesn't that tell you something? Why do so many of you believe that Debbie received millions of dollars!!? Is it because you read that in the Enquirer, or somewhere just a "reputable", so therefore that has to be true?? Also many of you spout off how Debbie is greedy, or money hungry, and wants more money......blah blah blah...If that were the case, and she got so many millions from MJ, then why isn't she living a lavish lifestyle like all of the other Jackson's? She chose to leave the "glitz and galmmour" of being around plastic money hungry celebs, and relocated to a peaceful quiet rural area where people don't care about fame. You put her down for how she dresses like a homeless person, then bash her for only being after more millions because she's already gone through millions of dollars!! If she had gotten millions of dollars, which I believe to be propaganda b.s., then where's all the "bling"!? She dresses like a normal person would who owns a small ranch, with a typical middle/upper class home, she drives a p/u truck, and is not afraid to get her hands dirty. She doesn't have maids, chauffers, or bodyguards surrounding her either, not does she jet set around, or have manicures, pedicures, hair or makeup stylists. I could go on and on about what she doesn't where do you come to the conclusion, or fact that she was paid millions!?
The posts that I numbered and agreed with, have sense knowing that if the children were raised with Debbie, they would have some normalcy in their lives, plus the fact that she is their only blood relative. What she did for MJ by allowing him to be a "father" was an act of unselfishness and her love for him. If she did that only for money, she could have gotten almost everything he owned, because he was that desperate to be a "father". In all those years, she stayed out of the limelight, living a low keyed normal down to earth lifestyle. Yes, she did try to visit her children but her attempts were blocked by MJ's crew. As mentioned in a previous logical post by another poster, with MJ's money being able to buy anything, she didn't stand a chance from being barred from even getting close to her children. She has been slandered, and obvioulsy so many of you think so badly of her, the Jackson camp probably paid rag mags to write untrue "stories" about her, making her out to look like a calculating money hungry seeker. But to me, her actions, or should I say lack of actions against MJ, speak louder than words.
Debbie definitely should get custody if she and the children all agree to it, and she sure isn't doing it for the money. Katherine is an enabler letting that vicious child abusing Joe terrorize their kids. He is disgusting wearing all that "bling", strutting around being a media whore, and trying to get more publicity as soon as his son died. Katherine is way too old to raise any more children, and even if she weren't, she didn't do a good job in protecting them when she was young. As for Miss Janet or Latoya!!??...they obviously neve wanted kids, by never having any, so why would they want kids now at their age? Latoya's up in her fifties, and Janet's not to far behind. At least with Debbie raising them they would get a chance to see how normal people live, and they might even have to do chores- oh my!. I think they'd become stable, grounded, and responsible adults if she raised them.

1871 days ago

Just a fan    

First off the ones that don't know Debbie personally, some of you are so way off base! You can't judge rightfully by rumors. She is actually a beautiful person and also has a heart of gold and would give the shirt off her back to who needs it. She is a friend to the end. Because she doesn't like to be in the spotlight, she has kept silent most likely an agreement between her and Michael, she doesn't want to place her childrens lives in the media if not necessary... there is no reason to redicule her. I actually agree with what she is doing as I am not believing the rumors and tabloids, I have reliable sources. Okay, who cares what she is wearing as long as she is comfortable. Because you have money, born into it, doesn't mean you have to dress in designer clothing. Sheesh, I had money to burn and chose to wear jeans, over sized shirts, mens sneakers... my friends loved me for who I am, not for my clothing or money.

1871 days ago
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