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Debbie Rowe Almost Goes Kung Pow on Pap!

7/6/2009 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson baby bearer Debbie Rowe was swarmed by paparazzi outside a Lancaster Chinese restaurant yesterday -- and when one dude got too close, she flipped, screaming "Are you ready to have your butt kicked? Don't f**king touch me!"

Debbie Rowe: Click to watch
According to reports, Rowe will attend the Jackson memorial ceremony at the Staples Center tomorrow.


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Oh, where did you get that information from? I guess
Loser! Do you know that MANY ppl involved in the case said that the boys description did NOT match MJ's genitals.
MJ had to go through a strip-search because the kid said he was molested. That's the ONLY reason and if MJ refused, then he could have been arrested.

Its interesting that you dont mention that the D.A presented the case to two grand juries, one in Santa Barbara and another one in L.A. Both cases got tossed out!! Why dont u mention that NO singel collaborative witness was found? Huh?

1944 days ago


Go Debbie! Ya'll leave her alone!

1944 days ago

The Truth    

You go girl... Stand your groud....Good for you.......Proud of ya

1944 days ago


She's right!!!! Leave her alone!! If she's going to fight for her kids you 're going to find out.. you don't need to follow her around. And i think she did love MJ in her own way.

1944 days ago


To anyone that has posted a comment on here in respect to her just wanting her kids!! Are you really that stupid?? She WANTS THE MONEY that comes along with custody of the children. It has always been about the money!

She is one classy chic!

1944 days ago


What a foul mouthed ugly heifer Debbie Rowe is... she is so butt ugly. Debbie Rowe is revolting beast who sold her children for a fistful of dollars. This stinking troll must never get her hands on Michael Jacksons' beautiful kids.

1944 days ago


Even If MJ was not the biological father of his kids!! THEY STILL HIS KIDS he loved them!!! This Debbie is just a b*tch She doesn't know her own kids she's just interesting by money!!! Go in hell bitch!! R.I.P Michael From France

1944 days ago


You know she loves it though.

1944 days ago


I don't blame her for wanting to be left alone. I honestly don't think every celebrity and their family believe this is how life will be. I don't think because they entertain us & make alot of money we are entitled to be in their face 24/7. Ya'll intend to get into the casket? Don't forget to check & see if they've returned the brain.

1944 days ago


I would of done the same! I think she restrained herself well. She's not a celebrity, she deserves PRIVACY!

1944 days ago

Seb from France    

Feel safety Debbie, I would NEVER touch you! lol

1944 days ago


And what's up with not burying Michael WITH his Brain??? They should have waited for the Brain, my goodness...weird!

1944 days ago


You don't expect to be harassed by paps out in the middle of the desert in Lancaster!

1944 days ago


Michael Jackson shouldn't have died. Now, all the crazy media that was around him is going to spread around the other people related to him. I think Blanket is going to suffer the most...I believe he is Michael Jackson's only biological son.

1944 days ago


I wouldn't be used to paparazzi in my face either. I'm mean come on, they were in her face. I'd probably clock one of them if they touched me. My purse would be flying at them and my hands would be grabbing the cameras!!! At least she didn't go full on Kanye West on them. LOL!!!

1944 days ago
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