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Debbie Rowe Breaks Down Watching Paris

7/8/2009 10:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Debbie Rowe didn't go to Michael Jackson's memorial yesterday -- but she broke down crying while watching the girl she gave birth to, Paris Michael Katherine, give a passionate speech to the crowd.

For some reason, she was watching the service outside.


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#55 He bought those kids...most people who are unable to have kids themselves have to pay for their kids. Even people who adopt have to pay. Sarah Jessica Parker had to pay her surrogate to have her twins so dont act like what Michael did was unheard of and makes him a bad father. Do you think adoption is free? Adoptin is NOT all these people who have adopted, all had to pay for it, so stop trying to make MJ out to be a bad father because of it.

1744 days ago


Yeah she's crying because after seeing how much Paris love her father and was obviously being taken care of very well, she just realized that her chances of cashing in (again) by getting custody of those kids are ZERO!

1744 days ago


If she gets custody (which I hope does not happen) how about if the judge says she gets no money and all the money the children would have inherited is put into a trust that they get when they turn 18. Lets see if she still wants the kids under those conditions.

1744 days ago


You know what guys??? You don't know what was going on behind the scenes that the rest of the world was privileged to hear. And now that Michael is gone, you will only hear Debbie Rowe's version and the people who come out of the woodwork to make some money and get their 5 minutes of fame. I pray that the children will be placed where God wants them to be! People keep saying that Debbie "sold" her kids. Again, you don't know what their real agreement was, what was going on at the time, and where her head was at. You don't want to be judged so stop judging others until you have the complete FACTS!! People can be so cruel and judgmental in so many ways-yet they get extremely upset when people do the very same thing to them!!! Pray for the kids-first and foremost.

1744 days ago


Who DIDN'T break down when that angel spoke about her Daddy?

1744 days ago


Paris is one strong little girl. She had love and heart felt feelings when she said what she did. She learned that from Michael. Debbie needs to leave those kids alone and let them live their life like Michael wanted. That does not mean with her. OH YEAH he left her out of the will completely. I wonder why?? LOL NOT.. She is only after money and that is it. She wants to be the center of attention right now. Well no one cares. Let those strong willed, loving, caring children go on with their lives and be happy. Debbie would only do damage to them.

1744 days ago

Carter Forster - London, Ontario, Canada    

B-b-b-but, that's not Debbie Rowe. That looks like an obese light-skinned Black lady from Louisiana. Seriously.

1744 days ago

Money Talks    

The grandmother, Ms. Jackson, is 79 years-old. If anything happens to her, then what ? Debbie is the biological mother, her past behaviour is dignity incarnated, she never made any demands on MJ, she lived her private life very private indeed, what more can we ask of a mother ? People should stop saying she sold her children, she had an agreement with MJ which she respected, not knowing he would die so young. Also, what do her looks have to do with being a good mother ? Whether she is skinny or not, pretty or not, what are the qualifications for a good mother, a good heart perhaps and a dignified behaviour. At least Debbie should get visitations rights, until Ms. Jackson is too old to look after teens. God Bless You Debbie.

1744 days ago

London not England    

WACKO JACKO IS BACKO IN THE SOON as that estate starts Earning more $$$$ - She will say ALLLLLL KINDS of things about their relationship and getting HER kids back...

1744 days ago


Sorry folks but California law invariably sides with the Mother in these cases...if she is proven to be the biological mother and is not deemed unfilt she is going to get those kids ( if she wants them) As for her tirade towards the paps? I would think you would all want someone who is tough enough to stand up to them and protect those kids. From the looks of it she is just the person who wont take their crap.

1744 days ago


Oooo- Debbie is an opportunist and she knows it and her attorneys who are engaging her to pursue this matter know it too and most importantly the public knows it! You aren't foolin' anybody ESPECIALLY the public! She should be crying cuz when you sell your children for millions- life seems to teach you a very sobering BUT expensive lesson.

RIP Michael ( your precious children will be fine with your family )

1744 days ago


Of course she cried-- So did 100 MILLION other people when MJ's daughter spoke!

1744 days ago

Lenn K.    

This BITCH sold her kids....I can see the divorce and giving MJ custody of those precious children however, just leaving them without a mother is insane....Go away BITCH......You do not need those precious children, you sold them for a few horses..Your no good and you know it....

1744 days ago


This woman will never be named Mother of the Year. Look at her, she's a moose, she doesn't even care how she looks.
The biggest mistake would be to give those kids back to her.
After seeing her on TV with her foul-mouth, those kids don't need to be around someone like that. Grow up Debbie and act like an adult. Leave those kids alone, He didn't want you to have them, if he did you would have been put in his will. You're a disgrace

1744 days ago


She never wanted custody-she wanted visiitation.
She NEVER sold or gave up her rights for that.
As a matter of fact-she FOUGHT for her right, but the Jackson machine was too strong.
Do you people all know how many times she was tricked/fooled/ and lied-to about her being able to visit her kids???
Now Michael is out of the way.
There is NO LEGAL way that ANYONE can or should prevent her from seeing those kids.
They were NOT "adopted". She is legally the kids mom.
They will have a great time visiting her at the ranch. I think Blanket should go too.
Those kids are not orphans-they have a mother.
God help anyone who tries to deny those kids their mother-look what happened to Michael.
Visitation is all she wants, but she would assume custody if it was the best thing for the kids.
I believe that Jacksons will try to buy her off but she never gave up her rights and I don't think she ever will.
The hearing is next Monday. I think she should insist on her visitation rights.
It is a travesty that Michael prevented that.

1744 days ago
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