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Mr. Jackson Goes to Washington

7/8/2009 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Not all congressmen feel like Rep. Peter King -- and yesterday in D.C., a group of Democratic reps showed their support for a House resolution honoring Michael Jackson.

Congressmen Peter King: Click to watch
Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee
, who spoke at yesterday's memorial, is pushing for a measure which would recognize Jackson as a "global humanitarian and a noted leader."

Jim McDermott
(D-WA), John Lewis (D-GA) and Shelley Berkley (D-NV) are in -- with Lewis making a point to call King's comments "out of line" and "unnecessary."


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He walked on water and performed miracles. Let's declare him Jesus.

What a ridiculous, over-the-top circus, and all the clowns are out there, trying to make a name for themselves or glorify the race that MJ himself rejected. You can't make this crap up.

1832 days ago

Bill from Denver    

Oh please! Give this hero worship thing a rest. How bout the "big shots" in Washington giving awards to the military families etc. He was no hero he was an entertainer period!!!!!!!!!!!!

1832 days ago


Politicians...are this type of people the same in every part of the Universe? That must be a virus or something.

1832 days ago


I agree with Rep. King. Maybe he never was convicted, but MONEY bailed him out with the families. MJ was weird.

1832 days ago


This whole tribute is only to make money off of him! Many stars have died and the families have private services. Elvis was more popular that Michael, yet . . . .

Also, it is rumored this man was a drug addict & a pedophile. Our governmental employees want to make a hero out of him? Congress has stooped to a new low. How can anyone, in their right mind, praise him as the media has been doing? Just another news day going slow & the media needs to make their own news.

Also, our president calls to wish condolences to the Johnson family? Farrah Faucet was loved by her many fans also and died the same day. Did Obama call her family or any of the other families for those that recently passed? I think not. They weren't black enough.

1832 days ago

sparkys nemesis    

Peter King says what he thinks, whether you agree or not. Not like the Obama administration who tells us mortgages are now negotiable, that credit card debt laws will change...putting a spin on things that just aren't happening for the middle class. So, like Pete King or hate him, he's at least *real.*

1832 days ago


I would say this lady is trying to get attention and get votes. MJ was a good singer and dancer. And I am a fan. However, if he was as great as this lady says he was, then why didn't she push for the award while he was still alive? Most of these people who cried and gave their memorial to MJ yesterday are feeling pretty guilty right now and they are all hypocrites. If they loved him so much, then why is he dead? The award is too late. At this point, it is an insult. And to waste government time to talk about it is crazy. So proud I am a conversative. Let's clean up Washington and get all of the idiots (Democrat and Republican) out of office. MJ would NOT have wanted all of the attention he is getting. And I think he would be very disappointed in his family for exploiting his children. And now one of the brothers is going to use this opportunity to try and rekindle his career. It is DISGUSTING. And now the poor man still can't RIP because they won't bury him. Brooke Shields you failed Michael Jackson. Usher you failed Michael Jackson. Mariah Carey you failed Michael Jackson. Liza Manelli you failed Michael Jackson. Katherine you failed your son. Jackson 4 you failed your brother. Joe Jackson you are a POS. The nanny- she failed the kids and MJ. Security guards you failed MJ. Fans - you failed MJ. Because while you are standing by his side right now, you were not when he was brought up for allegations of child molestation. Oh, yea Queen LAT you failed MJ. Madonna - failed him. You were all ENABLERS. Not doing anything. Giving into his desires. Accepting bribes. You ALL failed him. Shame on you. Live with your guilt.

1832 days ago


global humanitarian and a noted leader? They have to me joking. Leader of what; the lost boys? Now he's responsible for ALL racial gains in this country? Some of you really need to get a REAL life; he was JUST an entertainer, but people are acting like he was Jesus Christ incarnate. This is what is wrong with the world, it's truly lost its sense of values.

1832 days ago


It's like with OJ...all the blacks want to believe is that everytime a black dude is in trouble, it's part of a giant white conspiracy.

Fine, believe whatever, but don't expect the rest of us with brains to not wonder what this guy was doing with twelve year olds in his bed feeding them wine. Hello...

1832 days ago


MJ was for the world peace. Those soldier, navy, air force, marine were violence people who kill people with their gun no matter what their reason are. And if this soldier dies, they should be aware the risk associated with their job, it will not be news, soldier do dies.

1832 days ago


michael jackson gave, and did more for various charities than every player in the NBA, and congress, and entertainment COMBINED. the man deserves this honor. stiop trying to tarnish this mans name. you've attempted it for years, and it just doesn't work.

1832 days ago


I think this is a waste of time, though a nice gesture for someone who spread his wealth. The idiots who are going on about coverage of our troops need to drop the line, they are always recognized.

1832 days ago


One wonders if Sheila Jackson Lee would introduce such a motion for a white entertainer. Methinks not. Racism is alive and well in this country.

1832 days ago


MJ is in the Guinness Book of World Records for donating the most money to charities. I think he deserves that plaque for being EXTREMELY charitable.

1832 days ago


All haters can go away and try getting educated on the stands that you take and then maybe you will also be enlighted...

1832 days ago
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