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Obama: Baby Got Barack

7/9/2009 8:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While in Italy for the G8 summit, President Barack Obama checked out the, er, sights.


The Prez should know you never look back, only forward.


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he wasn't looking at her butt you idiots. he was helping the black female behind him down the steps. TMZ is full of it

1940 days ago


The Obanana Rise is a result of Italian's "air" and Berlusconi's influence !

1940 days ago


Good reporting TMZ. He wasn't looking at her.

1940 days ago


Well black men luv the booty what can i say? its obvious. a girl with booty is in black man's paradise. and Sarkozy is so obvious about checking out this girl. oh my the french!

1940 days ago


If I had his ugly wife I'd be looking too...though hard to tell the difference Michelle's face and the young girls a.s.s

1940 days ago


I am not a fan of Micthele Obama but those making those old woman jokes or making fun of her Physical appearance should stop.It makes me laugh when make comments like u dont Blame him its better than looking at his old wife.Men seem to forget dat they too are old and that there body isn't what it looked like when they were 20.I hope that if i look at a young stud ,they will be just as understanding'

1940 days ago


I don't think he's checking her out, its gonna turn out to be a bad angle! But who cares if he is looking? He's looking not touching...don't we all do this? He should know better just b/c of the cameras.

1940 days ago


Damn you American's are gullible... Haven't any of you seem the video of this yet??? He clearly didn't even have the Brazilian girl's butt in mind at all... And when you see her face, you'd understand why too!!! hahahaha
Looks like site's like TMZ are trying to cash in on how stupid and dumb you all are by once again spinning this into something taken totally out of context...

1940 days ago


See, I knew it. I just saw the video and he's not checking her out! He was turning around to help the other girl down the step.I don't know about the other guy though.

1940 days ago


but i just wanna emphasise that barack obama is a good guy. he has the best possible intentions even if you dont agree with him. but i do believe he is moving america in the right direction in almost every respect. you have no idea how low the world thought of you guys for re-electing bush. and i'm just talking about the attitude towards you guys coming from here in england, you "allies". it was blair and that who were your allies not the people of britain as a whole. but since you guys had the sense to elect barack obama, there's been less ant-american feeling here and its more pro-america. listen to obama cos he's the best thing you'll ever get. he talks a lot of sense from what i've heard and i truly despair at you stupid idiots who watch fox, beleve their lies and then come and abuse him here. This is the 21st Century, you must have got an education, so how can you not be smart enough to see past the fox's lies? instead, dont watch abc or cnn etc - read impartial news like from the bbc website etc. impartial = no spin. and its near enough guarenteed over here cos its bound by law.

1940 days ago


wow, a one second glance in the wrong

1940 days ago

The man    

I think he's looking at the ground. His eyes actually looked closed in that pic. But in the vid he helps the lady behind hom get down....hell I'd be looking at that booty too! lol

1940 days ago

christina lupica    

The reason our country has free speach and freedom of every god darn thing is because it is America... I love the fact that our president is African American and the mere fact that he is a full blooded American male no matter what color he is!!!! We all look at the other gender, you can either admit it or not... that's fine but we all take a look here and again.. ain't nothing wrong wtih this.. it is human nature... Let's stop treating it as something else!!!! Let's embrasse sexualllity just like europeans do and there may not be such a stigma!!!!! god bless the faxt tht we have such a human form of a president!!!! BY The Way I am a caucasion american..... Who has full bloodede white children, but I believe in a change!!!!

1939 days ago

What the Hell?    

Now that the real story is out due to a video on "Inside Edition"!
I'd like to say "not every man "looks" and to the ones that do-you may use that as an excuse to say you are a man-but you are the same ones that do not want your women looking at other men-once you look, you keep looking and expect your loved one to be like the ones you are looking at-and eventually you will stray and /or be in unhappy in relationships!
It is both disrespectful to your women and to the mother that raised you to be a "descent man"-my guess is that is why 1/2 of all marriages end in divorce and 1 in 2 people do not know that they carry the "HIV Virus"- to the ones that are involved in a relationship go ahead and look- your the ones that get the tables turned on yourselves!
To the women that say it's ok for their man to look-you are fooling yourselves-or don't care for yourselves-
why not show some class-like the (President )did in helping the young lady down from the stair/ledge!
I may be a prude-but sexualizing everything in society-gets a little redundant!

1939 days ago


Must have steped into something, maybe one of his native kin will eat him

1939 days ago
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