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Joe Jackson -- 'I Do Believe It Was Foul Play'

7/10/2009 2:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Jackson continues talking to anyone who will listen -- and last night on "ABC News" he said he does believe there was "foul play" in the death of his son, Michael.

Joe Jackson: Click to watch
As far as drug use is concerned, Joe says he didn't know anything about it but said whatever Michael took he did so he could "relax and sleep."


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Ugly man inside and out. He needs to be completely ignored.

1896 days ago

Mr. Attitude    

Joe Jackson is a douchebag to the nth degree. I never was a fan of MJ, or his music and I fully believe that he bought his way out of the child molestation charges. However, one must have some empathy for him in how he was raised. The absolute worst thing that could happen is to let Joe have any say in how MJ's kids are raised. All he'll do is attempt to exploit them like he did his own kids. I hope they are kept out of the public eye from now until they are able to deal with all the publicity of being MJ's kids. The entire focus should be on their having a stable upbringing now. They are the innocents here.

1896 days ago

Nicolas Modena    

joe is an excrement!... it does not deserve a son like MJ. Argentinecries by you

1896 days ago


This guy gives me the creeps! He only thinks of his kids as "cash cows'. Don't let him get his hands on Michaels kids. He was saying what a good dancer Blanket was.......

1896 days ago


GOD help those kids. Please dont let that ass have custody of the children. The courts better step in. Debbie, where are you?

1895 days ago


Psychiatry Kills.

1895 days ago


I can't stand this man, never did, TMZ, PLEASE DO NOT COVER ANYTHYING IN REGARDS TO HIM!

1894 days ago

I Love Joe    

Oh please. I think I'm gonna puke right about now. This ugly ass, bulldog face, POS really has never to come on television for interviews. If anyone is ugly, it's him. Telling Michael he had a big nose and he was ugly. You ought to look in the mirror your damed self. When I look at your face, I just want to hand you a doggie biscuit. You old, stanky ass, over the hill, money hungry bastard. Get your old, black ass out of here.

1894 days ago

I Love Joe    

With a knick knack, patty whack
Give the dog a bone,
This old man came rolling home

1894 days ago

I Love Joe    

I don't know what the hell is going on here but TMZ is full of crap not posting my comment. I will try this again. First off, you guys need to lay off Joe Jackson. Give him a chance. Hell, nobody is perfect here. All he said was that he believed it was foul play in Michael's death, which I believe is true. LaToya said the same thing. Someone did kill him. As soon as he speaks, you guys wanna call him all kind of nasty names, etc. What happened in the past is over. People can change. At least he did come to the memorial service. Who cares if he didn't remove his hat. This is 2009. And at least he did show up at court with Michael. If he didnt' care that much, he wouldn't have even shown up. You could see the sadness in his eyes in those interviews too. He misses his son.

And to all who's wondering what color Joes' eyes are, they are a hazel-greenish color. I think he looks very good for his age. Alot better than Debbie Rowe. At least he does dress nicely and keep himself up. He was even saying how nasty looking Debbie looked. And to the smart A$$ who said that he wears Depends, he wears silk boxers. I ought to know. I'm a showgirl in Vegas and he came to one of my shows. And he probably performs in bed alot better than any younger man could. So for the last time, lay off my sugardaddy.

1894 days ago

Tina Pruitt    

Damn, I wish I were Joe's mistress. The man is fine as f#ck. I love his sexy, light eyes, that earring in his ear and that sexy ass pimp hat and suit that he wears. I would love the chance to sleep with him. He could pimp me anytime. I've always been attracted to older men. I wish I were you honey. You are lucky.

1894 days ago

I Love Joe    

Joe, I believe you need to shut the hell up. Nothing you say matters anyway. You are partially to blame for his death as well so quit talking out your ass already.

1889 days ago
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