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Charlie Sheen Foots the Bill

7/12/2009 1:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie SheenIf you take care of Charlie Sheen's feet, he'll take care of you.

Our spa spies tell us Sheen dropped by to get his little piggies a pedicure -- and when all was said and done he dropped a $100 tip on a $50 bill. We're told he was "one of the nicest clients ever."

Considering he reportedly makes $800,000 an episode for "Two and Half Men" ... he's probably one of the richest too.


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This Dude is Awesome...

1899 days ago

my 3 cents    

bang zoom

1899 days ago


nice to read this stuff about him.. WTG charlie :) you can't always believe what you read about these stars but i always believe the good :)

1899 days ago

Ut Oh    

Charlie has made me laugh for years.. Glad to see he is a nice guy too. Not sure how he survived Denise all these years, but I am sure a big chunk of what he makes goes to her. Poor chap!

1899 days ago


like charlie, love the berta
nice tip.....

1899 days ago


Dont care what anyone says I think he and Denise made a great pair...they are both a little crazy AND they made two beautiful little girls!!

1899 days ago

Lippy Loo    

Stupid amount of money for a stupid show! It is based on his numb nuts life. His best friend is Vince Shlomi.. you're gonna luv my nuts!

1899 days ago

Dropping $100 bills in front of women is something Charlie has done a million times!

1899 days ago


I'm sure he's plenty used to 200% tips considering all of Heidi's prostitutes he's gone through over the years-he even married one. Nice guy Ha Ha! Just another overpaid douchebag. That show royally blows too.

1899 days ago


That's nice. I'm sure our military, fire fighters and police, who don't make anywhere near that for endangering their lives for us, will be thrilled to hear that he makes that kind of money for acting! No wonder we're the laughing stock of the world.

1899 days ago


I cannot stand this guy, he rejects his Spanish heritage.. makes me sick to reject your own heritage, or anyone elses!!!

1899 days ago



You must have been living under a rock..... Charlie's salary is cheap compared to a lot of other celebrities. Oh about those baseball players? And football players? YES - we ALL know celebrites AND sports figures make way too much money and the soldiers, police etc are way underpaid.

Go stand on your soap box somewhere else.

1899 days ago


Like , who the f--- cares

1899 days ago


i think it should be an unwritten law for celebrities who are worth $$$$$$ to tip 100.00.

i remember when i was 22 and was surrounded by mega millionares..... i was asked by my friends father if i would take his personal limousine to give a ride to his buddy to the airport..... off cource he needed to be picked up at 7 am on sunday..... i stayed home saturday night and got a good night sleep..... and arrived at 7 am sharp.... when i droped the old man at the airport, he handed me a folded up bill..... i did not look at it - simply placed it in my pocket thinking ...........easy 100.00 ...... on my way home i reached in and opened up the bill ........... A LOUSY 20.00 DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!!! i could not believe i stayed home on a saturday night and woke up on a sunday morning at 6 am to shower and look nice.. for 20.00 DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! next day..... i went into my buddies dads office and he asked how did you do????????? i told him................that rich s.o.b gave me 20.00 dollars............. TELL HIM TO TAKE SUPERSHUTTLE because thats the last time i do him a favor.

the old man was the founder of a fortune 500 company and his company did 9,000,000,000 billion in sales anually......... i figured he was worth around 210 million.... easy.........

that same year............ he got divorced from his wife and got married to some other female............. i made a comment to my friends he should get a pre-nup ........... i was told... she drafted a pre-nup.......... 5,000,000,000 for the first year being married, 5,000,000,0000 for the second year being married, and 5,000,000,000 if she could not hve a child by him............... so as you can see I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN THE 20.00 DOLLAR MAN.....


1899 days ago


So what does the fat kid - the "Half" - make per episode? Maybe MJ shoulda hooked up with him.

1899 days ago
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