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Jon Gosselin's New Habit

7/12/2009 9:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin and his new +1, Hailey Glassman, enjoy a smoke while aboard Christian Audigier's yacht in Saint-Tropez.



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She looks like a snotty Biatch! I wonder if Jon ever changes his clothes. Hes always got the same shirt on. I bet he smells! I think the Ed Hardy creator will lose money if he uses this ass to endorse his product. I for one wont buy anything.

1936 days ago


Wow! Great that all those that responded do not smoke!
Congratulations! No one in America smokes but these two nobodies on the picture. And heck, they aren't even in America, they are in good ole France, where they all smoke and don't shower, right?

How come the cigarette industry is still so large in the US, when no1, absolutely no1 smokes?

Holier than thou again huh?

1936 days ago


Kate didn't abuse him.
He was useless and no help. His kids were a drag and a job for him. It was so obvious that he hated helping his children. I don't blame her for yelling at him. He's worthless and had to have instructions on what was appropriate .
Kate should be thrilled that he is now being true to himself and"standing on his own two feet" as he put it.

1936 days ago


WTF??? I can't stop laughing. This is too funny. I don't know why it's funny...but it just is. I guess after allt he sadness in the world re: MJ...I needed this LAUGH! Thank you Jon! U Rock!

1936 days ago


What hes going through, he put himself through. I think the reason we are all disgusted is because there are eight kids that will somedsay see what their father is. He has always hidden behind his kids. All you ever heard him say it I want whats best for the kids, Im here for the kids, blah blah blah blah. I see him and his little homewrecker, but where are the kids hes there for?

1936 days ago

Edith Martinez    

Is it just me or does this girl look like Jaime Murray from MTV's The Real World, New Orleans? The resemblance is kind of crazy!

1936 days ago


omg she may be younger than Kate, but she looks like an older & used up Kate... Jon's a kid with 8 kids. GROW UP!!!!!

1936 days ago


Enough with the "Good for him, Kate was Biotch". NO Kate was a Mother NINE children! How is is it taking a Man's balls by asking him to help with the children he created?

Those of you that are on Jon's side are either Men who feel like their wife is abusive because she asks you to take out the trash. Or you are teenage girls that wishes she could find a man to latch onto to be on TV and enjoy the perks the show offers. Once his 15 minutes of fame are over and the money is gone, Hailey will be gone. But not before Jon sees that when you're a loser, every woman you date will eventually turn into a bitch.

1936 days ago


What a disgusting habit.

1936 days ago


Jon is a closeted homosexual who is hanging with this chick to hide his TRUE identity. He is one of those Christian most likely Republican hypocrites that cheat on his wife and kids and hide behind another skirt to exude his manhood.... While he has a SECRET relationship with a MAN..... God Bless him....

1936 days ago


I watched my mother die of lung cancer and my father of emphysema. Seeing someone you love deteriorate like that was living a nightmare, and I will never be the same. Jon needs to put his kids above this nasty habit.

And as far as the woman, she looks like a trashy 45 year-old. What kind of example is this for his kids?

Time for Jon to grow up! Especially since the TV show is down the drain, and Jon and Kate will have to get regular jobs to support themselves and their kids.

1936 days ago


Go Joh !! Kate is the one who was so gun hole on exploiting the kid's. America need's to wake up and stop watching the show, for the kid's sake.

What kill's me is everyone is so worried about MJ's children. What about these eight kid's ????? What mother is away 21 day's out of the month ??? I stopped watching after season 2, I felt so sorry for the kid's being exploitied like this. You could see with Kate it was all about the money. Say what you might about Joh, but two season's ago he said he wanted to end the show, Kate should of thought of her family first before the $$$$$$$ & being a movie star. Who would buy one of her book's ??? UNREAL !! Who would want to hear her speak ??? Again UNREAL. Who all of a sudden made her Miss know it all, to do book's and speach's ?? Something wrong in this country that people will also pay $20. for her autograph.

They both need to lose all the money they have made and work real job's and raise their own kid's & clean their own house, beside having chef's, maid's & nannies and traveling the country. That is no reality show. TLC should be ashamed !!

1936 days ago


I'm sure she'd be with him even without all the money that Kate made for them. Right? Right? Okay, definitely not.

I think he would make an excellent spokesperson to sell more Ed Hardy clothes to the people who already wear them. Who better than the head douche bag to sell stuff to other douche bags?

1936 days ago

nikkis mom    

If he was PW by Kate - maybe there was a reason. He is the slimiest piece of dirtbag around. He has 8 children - not an easy job. He is living off the rewards from having those kids . Kate carried them and she takes care of them. Jon just lives off the notariety.
How is a REAL MAN PW'd by anyone? He is playing around - did not wait for the divorce - embarrassed his kids because they will be able to look all of this up or have their friends laugh at them. He is sssssssssssoooooooooooooo ME oriented. He thinks of himself and not his children. What a douchebag.
If he was unhappy, get a divorce and then start dating.
WHAT A PARENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1936 days ago

Just sayin    


1936 days ago
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