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Jon Gosselin's New Habit

7/12/2009 9:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin and his new +1, Hailey Glassman, enjoy a smoke while aboard Christian Audigier's yacht in Saint-Tropez.



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What an a-hole. The ink is barely dry on the divorce papers... At least he finally grew a backbone. Too bad its at the expense of his kids. They will see all of this and its them who I worry about. Money changes people, Pray for the kids!! 15 mins hurry up and end, im sick of him and Kate both!!

1869 days ago


Wow, I wish I was that cool!!!

1869 days ago


They don't smile 'cuz they're i said, they're cooooolll!!!!!

1869 days ago


Given a chance, why not escape to St Tropez with a tight bodied hottie? Who's financing this? John, wise up, get a vasectomy so you can enjoy your freedom.

1869 days ago


It was more than obvious on the last episode that JON was the one who had better things to do than marriage and children. When he said he was excited about his NEW CHAPTER most new exactly what he meant. Kate had to be the adult in the marriage, she had 8 children to care for. If she had not deligated to Jon he would have done nothing but play. As for his young girlfriend...she looks way older than Kate. Living a rough lifestyle can age one fast. Hopefully Jon's need for a fling will be taken into consideration during the divorce. He certainly has proven he is no role model for those 8 children. If I were Kate, with the girlfriends record, my children would be nowhere near her. Good going, Jon...your children will see just how much daddy wanted to be with him when they are older. No example of a loving father.

1869 days ago


She looks like "KATE GONE BAD"

1869 days ago


I do admit she looks older then what she is and I am sure Kate is just going to love that Jon is smoking.

I do wonder with her dad being a surgeon how much surgery she has had, if you look at pictures of her in college she was kind of plump

1869 days ago



1869 days ago


Doesn't she look like a long haired, older version on Kate? Both have that you-give-me-gas look.

1868 days ago


I used to root for Jon because I thought he was the underdog of his marriage. It turns out he's just a tool. Dating some hooker looking 22 year old who has no respect for families. If she thinks that he won't cheat on her in the future, she's got another thing coming. Once a cheater, always a cheater. And what's with the smoking. He looks so trashy now. Better buy himself a truck and a softball bat so he can fit in better.

1868 days ago


So what - he has a girlfriend...and how do we know that he hasn't smoked all along?? from what I've read, jon confided in Kate's brother many many months ago that she was having an affair....I mean honestly, does she really need a bodyguard when she's traveling by herself? Hull-lo and hell no. who cares what either of them do - they are average america - nothing special - quit giving them the attention which perpetuates this.

1868 days ago


Enough already, Jon says over and over I only care about MY KIDS, what exactly is your KIDS , "kinky idoit does sluts?"
His actions speak volumes of what a true jerk he is. So what Kate is a little irate with him, he really acted like a dumb donkey on the show.

1868 days ago


It's called peer pressure. That is why a lot of kids start smoking!!! Someone mentioned "famous for being famous." Had anyone besides family and friends ever heard of little Miss Glassman before she started hanging out with Jon? You don't it couldn't be...could it? She wouldn't just be with him for publicity would she? No... Maybe she just likes seeing her face all over the internet and magazines and everything. The caption says they are enjoying a smoke. She doesn't appear to be enjoying anything!

1868 days ago


She looks like an old leather handbag. I hope she realizes shes just a rebound girl -- he can't be with her for that long.

1868 days ago

Missy R    

So what? Jon is relaxing with a cigarette on vacation!!! It's really nobody's business what he does on his down time. He has been at home taking care of eight children for a couple of years. Not to mention, he has ALWAYS bathed them and gotten them settled down for the night. He keeps them occupied during the day, letting them have freedom to play and do what makes them happy. He has been with them when Kate is travelling and doing all the publicity for books, shows, etc....... You really think Kate doesn't schedule her spa visits when travelling?..........think again. Just the spa treatements she had on the show (Hershey) cost about $300.00 a pop. She has ridiculed him in front of the camera for years, telling him he can't speak, never letting him finish a sentence before cutting in, etc. If anyone has watched the show you would know that Kate has been verbally and mentally abusing him for years. If you are told day in and day out that nothing you do is right, you will get to a breaking point. I give Jon a lot of credit for not leaving a long time ago. A person can only take so much, and obviously, Jon had enough. If there is any blame to be had, all fingers would be pointing to Kate..............she pushed him right into the arms of the other women!!!

1868 days ago
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