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Joan Rivers Cracks MJ Molestation Joke

7/13/2009 8:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If anyone was going to crack the first Michael Jackson joke, let it be comedy legend Joan Rivers.

Joan Rivers: Click to watch
The question is ...


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Would she also speak out loud such a joke in MJ's face if he'd be standing right in front of her? Kinda cheap and low to make jokes about someone who can not defend himself anymore, while even that wouldn't be necessary anymore as judge and jury found him NOT guilty. Or has the USA changed into a country where the new law is "guilty until proven 200% innocent"? Too many judgmental suckers on this world...that's a fact!

1873 days ago


no class

1873 days ago


Talk about a tacky loud mouth who should just shut up.....and not just about MJ

1873 days ago


yall notice she has had plastic surgery too? wow incredible how MJ isnt the only one huh?
That is soo old and im tired of people talking like he was convicted when he never was.
and It wouldnt have been any more funny if someone else said it
Why don't people just shut up about that crap

1873 days ago

Over It    

Many, many people made jokes about Michael Jackson before be died. And yes, they will go back to making jokes about him now that he's dead. Did all of you who are so outraged about Joan River's comment get outraged every time someone joked about him before he died? If not, why? And if so, how did you have time to do anything else with your life?

I agree with eattrn. Joan River's joke was too soon onl;y because it wasn't funny. But then I don't think child molestation is a funny subject, nor do I like Joan Rivers. At all.

1873 days ago


The QUEEN of Plastic Surgery has spoken ! Ha, Ham ur a human joke ya old hasbeen. Ur face is funnier than the words that come out of ur mouth :) Go crawl back under the rock u crawled out from under :)

1873 days ago


I liked Joan, but with this comment it turned into hate. How DARE she. That joke is SO stale and NOT funny. Michael NEVER molested any children and was acquitted on the charges. I think there should be a law against people claiming someone is guilty, when he/she was acquitted.

1873 days ago


Good fou Joan, keep up the great work and thanks for the laughs!!

1873 days ago


what's funnier is the fact that her husband killed himself to get away from her. Good job, Edgar. Ha ha ha ha ha ha

1873 days ago


#51(Jamal) Check the stats before you post your commenst here. MJ has millions of fans all over the world who have stood by him through his toughest times. None of us have ever left him. I bet you have never visited his fan sites so you have NO IDEA how much people cared of him.

He was very controversial celebrity so for sure there is much talk about him at the moment. MJ had millions of lovers and haters. More lovers who always cared for him and always will!

Don't you say that nobody cared about him when thousands and thousands people had bought tickets for his conserts.

1873 days ago


Talk about over doing the plastic surgery..what is she now 85?!! Her comment is Cheap, just like her jewelry line!! Then again you might be bitter and feel the need to put other's down to make yourself feel better to forget that your husband killed himself!!

1873 days ago


Shouldn't judge because I'm stooping to an unelightened level, but i have to say on this particular case only unelightence and pure ignorance can only come from the mouth of Joan Rivers when she comes up with stupid comments about Michael Jackson like the one that we just saw and heard. Leave Michael Jackson alone and stop judging him those who judge harshly or at all will also be judged. wake up and smell the coffee! sick and tired of hearing criticisms its a new millenium why dnt we start being real human beings like Michael was and stop being cruel sick aliens who's only weapon is ignorance and criticisms it negative and impure. RIP Michael u were perfect as u were, just like god created u.

1873 days ago


She is such a mean old BITCH. She has the nerve to talk about her grandson, I am sure he will be real proud of her one day when he reads the Bitch comments that she makes that are not funny. Used to be a fan, no more. She can't get any laughs anymore unless she beating up another human being.

1873 days ago


This coming from the queen of plastic surgery.

1873 days ago


she is not funny. btw, isn't it her turn? she damn near 300.

1873 days ago
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