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Kate Plus 8 Minus Jon and His GF

7/13/2009 6:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While her estranged husband is smoking with his new girlfriend on the yacht of the designer to the douchebags of the world, Kate Gosselin picnicked with her eight kids in PA this weekend.


To not upset her adorable brood, Kate covered up her bi-level porcupine reverse mullet weave.


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It is clear than Jon never wanted to be a father let alone the father of eight. He should have stepped up to that fact before he started procreating his brood. He was lying to Kate from the very beginning, his lack of care for those babies left Kate w/o options. It is a very bitter and lonely position to be in when the father of your children refuses to parent unless you ask him to. Kate will be fine once she adjusts to the fact that she was never with the man she thought she was with. Jon will not. He is quickly becoming the "bad daddy" that Kate had been hiding for Jon all these years.
What a loss for Jon.

1891 days ago


I have been watching the show from the first, and truly, if you saw how clueless Jon is around the house, you would understand why he gets nagged. Yes, she is harsh, but really, if your partner was as useless as he is, you'd nag too. He needs to be directed step by step on what to do....and that gets tiresome....when was he going to clue in and do what needs to be done without being told....he acts like a 9th kid.....and she always did apologize to him when it was over the line, but really, to be a grown man and father of 8 and still not have a clue 8 years later on what a child needs?!?!? Get over yourself and your mid-life crisis......
And I truly defy anyone to raise this many well-behaved kids, and not be shrill yourself. As for her hair, it suits her, it's always done, and she looks let it may not be the hair style you like, but it's not of your concern.

1891 days ago


Why would Jon not go to France? There is the possibility of a lucrative contract with the Ed Hardy company and he met with the owner there. He's not neglecting his kids. It's Kate's turn to have them. REMEMBER they're switching off. He can't stay there WITH Kate!!! People are allowed to travel are they not? They're not together anymore, not sure why people are getting so anal about Jon starting a new life. He will sooner or later, why not sooner. Life is short you know.

1891 days ago


Kate was always fussing about using coupons to buy everything with.I wonder if she used a coupon for that awlful hair cut and did she use a coupon to but that house,new car and clothes.I use to watch this show everytime it was on.Now I hate it and I will not be watching on August 3.The parents should be charged for child abuse.I hope these kids grow up to hate their parents for what they did to them when they were little.

1891 days ago


This is so phony! Maybe in preporation for the show to go on. A simple case of damage control, so the show can go on without Jon? Take notice, not one kid in this pic. is smiling. They look like they're on pins and needles with this woman. Sorry, we already know the type person she is, and she's not going to change overnight. Those little kids ar not her first priority. So far as Jon goes, the only thing I can say for him is, at least he's honest.

1891 days ago


Here, piggies, piggies, piggies!! Douchebags all of them.

1891 days ago


Everyone complains that Kate nagged Jon to death and was bitchy. Well, damn, look at the guy! He probably left her no choice. She's dealing with 8 very young kids and he's off in f'ing St. Tropez with a trashy 23 yr old. She probably HAD to nag him to death to get him to do anything. When you have that many kids, are at your wits end, and your husband isn't helping out, you don't exactly think about his feelings. You snap. He's a pansy and a passive aggressive douchebag.

1891 days ago


Leslee Brown - Don't try to redirect your own relationship problems on someone else. You sound very bitter. Seek therapy.

1891 days ago


I wish people would lay off of Kate. I mean I get it she pushed him too much and demanded that they do the show. They were in love at some point in their relationship. For Jon to already be in a relationship proves that he was cheating. I feel really bad for her. Yes she did put herself in the media, but here is a woman who has lost her husband who was probably was a security for 10 years and more if you count for dating. She is being thrown under the bus, because she was demanding. Look what he is doing!! He does not want to do the show, but certainly does not mind spending the money from it. Going to France with his new girlfriend, buying a loft in NYC. He is acting like a child on vacation instead of a responsible adult. He is dating someone that is the same age he was when first had childre. He is having a like mid lift crisis early or something. She has always either been working or with her kids. She was not sleeping with her security guard and I love how people are coming out of the wood work to say how bad of a person she is now. Five years later... She is a human and needs compassion during this really sad time.

1891 days ago


I have watched every episode of Jon and Kate and contrary to #21 Loritis, Jon is NOT useless around the house, far from it. He has put together outdoor structures, put together several bunk beds and regular beds, cooked for the children, cared for them in a kind and caring way and all with his former wife nagging and degrading him as he accomplished all these tasks. If only all husbands and fathers were like Jon. Those kids adore him. Unfortunately despite all his efforts, Kate chose to treat him horribly, humiliate him in front of the children and disrespect him at every opportunity. The coupon episode was almost too painful to watch as was the dressing down he got in a store with her yelling at him across the aisles. He probably took it longer than most guys would have.

1891 days ago


Neighbor of Kate, how is that glass house you live in? You are the one who sucks. I think you are jealous because Kate is doing what she needs to do to support and take care of 8 kids. She is having to be the man and woman of the house because although Jon may have finally physically left the house he checked out a long time ago. If Jon wanted to be treated like a man, he should have acted like one...stepped up and went to work every day like real men do. Instead Jon quit his job and sat home while Kate traveled for her book tours.

1891 days ago





TEAM JON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1891 days ago


I suppose after the chef's made the picnic lunch they were gave order's to start working on the next meal. The maid's are getting the house cleaned up & maybe she gave the nannies a couple hour's off. She was ALONE and out shopping the WHOLE day the day before.

Now Pic's had came of Joh in France. So I know I will sit with the kid's " OUT FRONT " and have a picnic. I will show everyone I'm the goody two shoes one here. I Don't buy any of it.

Kate played the public long enough, and so many sucker's bought into it. It was Kates doing and not Joh's. He wanted out of the show for a long time.Joh went along with her & the show the last couple year's to try & save their marriage. But now everyone climb's on Joh. They are legally seperated, he can date. She with be off doing her thing with it's his turn with the kid's. She's just a lot more sneaky about it. I feel sorry for the body guard's wife.

If TLC know's what's good they will not oick the show back up. They both act like trailer park parent's. Poor kid's, but hey, Kate made a lot of money exploiting them to get her mansion, maids, chef's, nannies, book's, speaking engagment's ( So she can be away from 8 kid's 21 day's out of the month. ) Joh was in France for the weekend on a job interview, not just a vaca with the ho.

Seeing most woman do wear the pant's in the family, I blame her. They should of never did more than a couple show's a year after the first couple of year's.

1891 days ago


OK so freakin what. Shes having a picnic with her kids while the soon to be ex/baby daddy is off in San Tropez with the one chich holding her hand when a while back he claimed her to be JUST A FAMILY FRIEND. Hes dating again so what his choice. Most of the cooments are about the hair do. So what. At least she is at home with them. Another thing whats the big damn deal with them sitting in the front yard. They will find ways to get pics even if they were in the back. Its their property they can sit where ever she wants them to.

1891 days ago


We live nearby to a wealthy community. All of the homes are zoned for over two acres each, they have over 4,000 sq. ft. in the homes, all have backyard in-ground pools. I have lived near these homes over 17 years. I see a bus stop where kids have gotten off to walk home, from time to time as I pick up my own kids nearby (this neighborhood is a short cut for us).

In over 17 years, I have NEVER seen a kid playing in the front yard, never seen a toy outside in the front and NEVER seen kids riding willy nilly down the streets. These people keep a tight rein on their kids, and they must ONLY play in their backyards. Until you see a yellow school bus stop in that area, you'd think there were no kids living there at all! Easily, there were 15 kids that get off of the bus there.

I am appalled that JK8 put their kids on display on the front lawn for show. They have a bigger back yard then most, go use it, let the kids be kids and play safely in their BACKYARD. No one does this. I have never had a picnic on my front lawn, and I live on a very quiet street. Who stands outside in the front in a bikini, and who picnics on their front lawn?

Exibitionist - neurotics, that's who.

1891 days ago
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