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Kate Plus 8 Minus Jon and His GF

7/13/2009 6:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While her estranged husband is smoking with his new girlfriend on the yacht of the designer to the douchebags of the world, Kate Gosselin picnicked with her eight kids in PA this weekend.


To not upset her adorable brood, Kate covered up her bi-level porcupine reverse mullet weave.


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Jon the Jerk.

1894 days ago


I am really tired of seeing these people everywhere. All they are "famous" for is having more kids than they could afford. Kate complains about people taking pictures of them, yet she makes sure they are always in the front yard rather than in the back where there is acres of land. She is such a money whore and Jon is just a wuss. The kids are gonna have a rough time when they get older and realize that people are not gonna just hand them all kinds of freebies just because of who they are. They are all going to need counseling sooner or later to understand why their parents sold them out for money. When they resume filming they should rename the show Jon and kate plus 8 plus girlfriend plus let's see how much free stuff we can scam. They are a disgrace and I hope they just go away!

1894 days ago



Thank you. I wonder why you are poppin' a gasket? Are you insecure, or is this how you usually behave when others speak their intelligent opinions?

1894 days ago


Chris is 100% correct. Amen to that.

1894 days ago


Now it start's folk's. As you recall Joh & Kate will be taking their turn's with the kid's. When it's Joh's turn now he will make sure he park's out front with the kid's to get pic's taken. And all can wonder where is Kate. She's sly so she won't be got out in public with her bodyguard.

It will turn into a competition with the kid's now. Who spend's more time with them, who buy's them more, ect. you get where I'm going here. And I'm not going to watch this train wreck. It's just starting folk's.

I am Joh team thou.

1894 days ago


Darya, I agree. It seemed Jon was always the one doing the big jobs(with her nagging him the whole time). I also agree, those little kids always seem so happy when Jons around. I stopped watching the show for a long time but, I remember how much Jon cared for them when they were younger. He did things for them, that other men wouldn't think about doing, and seems to be the same person today that he was then. The big difference is, having to put up with Kates nagging insults on a regular basis. I think maybe she gave herself too much credit for everything, not realizing where it was going. I stopped watching for a long time, up 'til the coupon episode, and then a bit of the solar panels episode. She was simply too ovrebearing to watch(might have been the same episode). I haven't watched since, and have no desire to ever tune in again, without her doing a complete turn about, and possibly her and Jon getting back together. They neither one seem all that happy now. I suspect Jon truly misses his kids. Hopefully, she'll realize what she had, and learn to appreciate it a little more.

1894 days ago

Make them go away!    

Oh what a surprise! Jon is photographed with his new woman, so Kate rushes the kids out on the front yard for the so-called "great mommy" p-people picture.

There are 2 douchebags in this family.

1894 days ago


Hmmmmm where is Jon...OHHHH YEAH he is smoking on a yacht with some skankzilla.

1894 days ago


Say what you want about Kate but she is the one who has raised those kids to the ages they are! Most people with one or two kids don't behave anywhere close to the way hers do! She can take all of them shopping and they arent tearing the place apart..and there is something to be said for that. She is the one running that ship now and the one who always has been. I hope she does have someone on the side. At least if she does she is NOT out showing it off to the whole world so later on her kids can see it in pictures. Jon is an dumb lazy ass and always has been. He didn't quit his job to be home with his kids so NO he doesn't get credit for that .... he was fired from his job!!! Why...can we say lazy?? He has spent his life living off people (us) and is in France looking for a new way to do it again!

1894 days ago


I think Jon is going to realize what he is giving up. He says he doesn't want the publicity but that is a lie. I love this show and still watch it and I think people are forgetting that this show was not taped 24/7 and it was edited so like all reality shows it will show what TLC wants people to see. It they wanted to show how Kate was yelling at jon a lot that is what they are going to see. I think that most people are only remembering the bad stuff and not the times when they had a lot of fun as a family. I feel bad for Kate because I feel that she didn't want the divorce but it is also hard to live with someone who is so mad at your and won't talk to you and that is what it seems like Jon was doing. I hope she can move on and find someone who will love her but I see her taking her time as her main concern is her kids and Jon's is going out and being 32 but acting like he is 22.

1894 days ago


This is a total photo OP for Kate. In the front yard, really??? So she can flaunt her wedding ring. I can only imagine what she is telling these kids about their dad and they are probably thinking "Can we go too? Please mommy dearest??" She has always known how to work the cameras and this day is no different! Love you JON!!!

1894 days ago


do you not remember on one of the episodes she explained that she loved picnicing out side with her kids that they always do it during the summer

1894 days ago


I am so sorry that personal mayhem between the two parents got in the way of the show. It was really good while it lasted. On the other hand I think Jon should have faught a little harder for his wife and his life. In every relationship be it friends, parents, children ....... problems arise, sometimes you can't stand the individual but it takes nothing away from your love for that person. I just hope she can maintain financially w/o the backing of the show. I also hope that she was smart enough to "pay" cash for the house and tuck college money away for the children. Because if the show never happens again how will she pay the bills? ...... I have known millionairs to go under .... I hope this does not happen to the Gosselins ....

1894 days ago


I must admit, I was team Jon at first, but, in my eyes, the tables have turned dramatically, while I'm still not a huge Kate fan, she seems to have proven herself to be the more responsible adult in this no win situation

1894 days ago


I really enjoyed watching John and Kate when it began. The children are adorable - how sad they cannot work things out. I wish them all the best. As usual the Mother is always the main parent there for the kids. I wish Kate all the best.

1894 days ago
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