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Nicole Richie's

Plus-Sized Beach Body

7/13/2009 8:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pregnant with her second child, Nicole Richie showed off her growing baby bump with buff boyfriend Joel Madden on the beach in Malibu this weekend.


Nicole's healthy glow has nothing to do with the sun.


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I think she is just adorable and always looks better prenant. I sure hope their marriage lasts. It seems like these are the only two of that group who have grown up and taken the responsibilities of adulthood.

1929 days ago


I think she looks beautiful. She is carrying a new life and she should be able to express it anyway she likes. ( I can't have children and would give anything in the world to walk along the beach in her condtion)

1929 days ago


'Buff Boyfriend'? He looks like a thug wannabe. She could've done so much better.

1929 days ago


PLUS-SIZED????She is carrying a child! No, this is NOT what I would call Plus-sized at all. BTW, why can't you idiots find something else to bitch about? there is nothing wrong with her walking on a darn beach in a bikini, she has the body for it, even if she is pregnant! wish I could do that!

1929 days ago

Michael Madsen    

17. I think she looks beautiful. She is carrying a new life and she should be able to express it anyway she likes. ( I can't have children and would give anything in the world to walk along the beach in her condtion)

Posted at 12:53PM on Jul 13th 2009 by pregnancyisbeautiful

Oh you mean a mentally deficient, talentless, Daddy's famous, leech, alcohol soaked skank?
Yah... me too.

1929 days ago


"13. This might be a part of life, but it is unnecessary to subject the public to a view such as this. Not everyone views pregnancy bellies as "beautiful". If this were a french canadian in a speedo with a beer belly, we would be telling him to get off the beach. This is the same concept and it doesn't matter that the big belly has a child inside.
It is NOT pleasant to look at. If she wants to walk around like that, do it in the privacy of your own home. And for the love of god, stop giving her the attention she is so desperate for and STOP taking pictures of her!"

I completely agree. Couldn't have said it better.

1929 days ago


TMZ how tacky of you to refer to a woman's pregnant body as "plus-sized"!!! She's pregnant, NOT fat you insulting can you be?

1929 days ago


She is just adorable!!! I love this pic... Great moment captured. They look happy, she looks healthy. Enough said..

All you retards out there posting stupid comments need to get a life.

1929 days ago


How is being pregnant a "plus sized" body? Her legs and arms are still super skinny... she has a pregnant body, not a plus sized one.

1929 days ago

Michael Madsen    

This is disgusting... another pregnant human... seriously... aren't there enough garbage makers in the world? Do we really need another one... especially fro0m this geen pool of drug addicted skanks and pimps... my god...

1929 days ago

lisa lee    

I know she is excited; however, seeing Nicole in a two-piece binki with a huge stomach - is not appropriate for everyone to see - I could have gone all day without seeing this picture - keep somethings behind closed doors.

1929 days ago

lisa lee    

I'm happy for them; however, I could have gone throughout the year without seeing her in a two-piece binki with a huge stomach - somethings are meant to keep behind closed doors. Looks kinda of trashy.

1929 days ago

Alligator Purse    

Every since Lionel & Brenda Richie bought that little ugly thing into their lives she has been trouble....

1929 days ago


She's about to pop...cute tummy. Shes carrying pretty low, i wonder if its a boy or girl?

1929 days ago

Wanda W.    

So what ? Shes pregnant, big woop. Are we all supposed to applaud her condition and/or her ability to reproduce?? Some of these comments are stupid. For christs sake, EVEN FRUIT FLYS CAN REPRODUCE!!!!!!!!!

1929 days ago
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